Thursday, December 20, 2012

Hooked up with my student's brother

Recent pic of Perfect Physical Specimen

Being a high school teacher in the small(ish) city where you've lived your entire life means public anonymity is nearly impossible. 

Every time I venture out into public, I run into many people I know such as students, parents or siblings of students and work colleagues, past and present.  I also run into friends, relatives or people with whom I went to elementary school, high school or university. 

The same problems exist on the online hookup sites.  I've been messaged by former students, closeted work colleagues (present and retired) and people I know in other capacities including a publicly-elected official.  I knew who they were but they didn't know me.

When I'm messaged by a guy in his twenties, the first question I always ask:  "What high school did you go to?"  About 25% of them are former students at my school.  The conversation usually goes like this:

Buddy Bear:   I teach at the same school  you went to.
Horny Young Dude:  cool i want to meet u.  im horny
BB:  Never!  I'm not hooking up with someone who might have been in my class.
Horny Young Dude:  wont tell anyone cant remember any of my teachers anyway.
BB:  No!
Horny Young Dude:  plz.  so hot sucking my teachers cock
BB:   Dude!  It ain't happening!!!  NEVER!

When Perfect Physical Specimen messaged me for a back seat blowjob last August,  he told me that he attended high school in another province.  Woo-hoo!  Green light for Buddy Bear! 

Although I haven't hooked up with Perfect Physical Specimen since October  (he lives too far away),  we chat using POF's instant messaging system several times a week, always initiated by him.   He tells me about his problems with girls and other drama going on his life.  He also hints about us having sex again as I posted about in my post "I'll hold my butt cheeks open for you". 

This week Perfect Physical Specimen  posted some new pics on his POF profile, including the picture in the top left corner.  (I cropped his handsome face off....)  He also posted a family group picture showing two dumpy parents and four brothers.  Perfect Physical Specimen was the oldest of the boys.

To my horror, I recognized the third youngest brother.  He's presently a student in my grade 12 class AND had been my student in grades 11 and 10.   Shiiiiit!!!   Shiiiiit!!!  Shiiiiit!!!

Buddy Bear:   Who are those other people?
PPS:   My parents and three younger brothers.
Buddy Bear:   Hmmmm... what do your brothers do?
PPS:  My 22 year old brother goes to college in town; my younger two brothers go to _____ High School. (my school)
BB:   Cool!

This means:  (1)  I won't be sucking Perfect Physical Specimen's cock, ever again, no matter how nicely he asks.  and (2)  I might have to skip out of this year's graduation ceremony in June where I'm usually on stage giving out awards.   Imagine how awkward it would be at the meet-and-greet afterwards when my student introduces me to his parents and his oldest brother, Perfect Physical Specimen.  Yikes!


  1. That's too bad! PPS looks like he lives up to that name. Oh well. Carry on! I admire your restraint. It's a good thing.

  2. It does happen that one runs into one's exs or formers (and sometimes one's current-on-the-side) in awkward situations. Wonder how I know? :-) Happening so soon after your first truck hook up, you're really piling on the experiences that come with an active sex life. Keep your head, and do what you have to do -- finessing this year's graduation sounds like a good idea.

    Gentleman #3 is fantasy material -- but speaking of material, what's he wearing below the belt in picture #2? It looks like dark colored mannyhose. Fortunately he's managed to lose it by picture #3!

  3. wcs: Perfect Physical Specimen doesn't know I'm a teacher let alone that his brother is my student.... and I hope he never finds out. But I must break it off with him; to do otherwise might cause big problems for me.

    Will: How do you know? Do tell! By the way, the two outer photos of Gentlemen #3 are the real ones. The middle one is a photoshopped blending of the two. A masculine guy like that would never wear mannyhose, I hope!

    anne marie: Thanks for commenting, sweetie!

  4. Oh man, that sucks.

    Is there even a way for you to skip out of the graduation ceremony?

    What would be the impact if he finds out? Sounds like he isn't "out" - contrary to you. So he probably would keep his mouth shut anyway.

    I wonder what would be worse: You telling him why you can't meet him again (so be clear about it and forward) or him finding out ...maybe in any school pictures or at mentioned ceremony why you cut the contact.

  5. It't not a problem; there are plenty of other guys for me to hook up with. Attending graduation is strictly voluntary for us teachers so I don't have to go. He isn't out and in fact, doesn't think he's gay.

    He and I have only been together a couple of times and it's fairly limited as to what he will do with a guy. So it's no great loss...

  6. I echo wcs. I admire your restraint too. You're in a certain situation, and have made certain decisions and set certain boundaries. I don't know you well but I have an impression from what I do know, and it's that you're a well prioritized father first. Having a successful career that you enjoy is important, and for you it isn't only about you anymore, it's about your children too. And even though they're becoming old enough, you're only just getting divorced. You're handling it all pretty honorably from what I can tell, if that means anything.

    I've had the reverse happen. I had a bad encounter with a guy back in my stripping days, and then a few years later when that was all behind me and I started blogging, boom there he was. I don't think he remembered me, but it still kind of knocks me for a loop when I see him linked on blogs I read, or whatever.

    The world is as big as it is small sometimes.

  7. I really don't get why you wont be sucking perfect specimens cock every again, its not like your sucking his brother. But then, I've always been open about my sexuality and sexual activity, including when I was on the radio which made it easier I suppose.

    1. It's hard to explain unless you're a teacher. Legally and socially, we are held to a higher standard than almost any other profession.

      While I wouldn't lose my job over it, it wouldn't pass the "sniff test" at least regarding the gossip mill. A 50 year old teacher sucking off a young man less than half his age with a connection to our school community. Ewwww!

  8. Here is a thought I had. Correct any misconceptions. You are a very popular teacher at school. You have always gone to graduation. Based on those two things, if you don't go, there might be more talk. If you are particularly liked by the brother in question and aren't there then pics might be asked to be seen. IOW, another accidental outing. With months to decide, might it be worth considering meeting with PPS and not putting him in he position of finding out then. Plus, if you haven't been seeing him, and he finds out then, he might decide to say something out of spite. Either way, it seems a meeting with him to explain things might be a good idea. It isn't like you can undo what is done at this point. Just my thoughts. Hope all goes well for you.

  9. I always go to grad because it's mainly the last time we'll see most of the graduates. We teachers have assisted in their remarkable transformation from silly 13 year old kids into the handsome young men and women going out into the world; a very special moment.

    Having said that, I missed grad in June 2010 (due to my spinal problem) and in 2011 (my daughter was hosting a swimming party of my house for 25 of her graduating friends; I had to be there as the owner of the property) I could miss it again easily enough with some invited excuse.

    As to what to tell or not to tell Physical Specimen, I haven't decided. It's not a question of me being "outed".... most people know anyway.


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