Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Nudist erections

That's about as "un-Christmas-y" a title as you can get but it will generate a spike of blog hits from google searches.  I stumbled upon this nudist erections site and it seemed just the thing to look at on this chilly,  -23 C morning.

These pictures bring back fond memories of my afternoon on Toronto's clothing-optional beach.  It was a cloudy, coolish September day but there were still many hot guys with beautiful cocks, legs and asses in view.  I can't wait to go back on a scorching hot day next summer.  

Nudists claim that nude beaches are not about sex but about "freedom", "self-respect" and being in "harmony with nature".   These pictures of dozens of men with lovely engorged cocks would disprove that .... for me, it was all about getting hot and bothered, looking at sexy, naked men. 

But I need to get out of bed and attend to my own grooming ASAP, because I'm having a man-friend visit.   He's a good-looking, athletic 44 year old divorced dad of two kids, a toddler boy and a tween girl.... and I think, fairly inexperienced with M2M sex.   We've been chatting on for months but haven't met as he lives 300 miles away.  His first stop on his Christmas visit to town is to have some sexytime with me!

So far, I've had a fantasic Christmas break!  (despite concern about my wife's latest erratic behaviour)

Christmas Eve was spent at a dear friend's open house with my parents and three kids.  My wife attended as well but we stayed in different areas of the house and didn't speak.   She refused to meet my eye, actually, when I passed by.  She looked pretty bitter and ill-at-ease.

After much internal debate, I did get my wife a Christmas present;  a boxed DVD set of her all-time favourite 70s TV show.   She didn't get me anything and hasn't yet thanked me but she might, eventually.   I very feel good about taking the high road' and hope she follows my example.   If she doesn't, it would just highlight to me and everyone else how badly she's been behaving lately.

The kids slept at her house on Christmas Eve and opened their presents there the next morning.  That's our standing agreement as Christmas morning is very special to my wife;  she's always given them lots of nice presents and made a big fuss about it. 

Christmas dinner at my parents' was fantastic.... my entire extended family was there except my ex. We had a hilarious time telling the grandkids fun stories of our childhood. 

Example:  when I was six, my father (an avid hunter) had us grind up an entire moose using a little hand-cranked kitchen grinder.  It was an old bull, too tough to eat. The idea was to save a few dollars by not renting an electric meat grinder or hiring a butcher.  Everyone was pressed into service;  from elderly aunts to little children for the full-day task. Too funny!

With some effort, I managed to arrange today at home alone so that I could have some sweet time with a hot, naked man.  It's been too long since I've kissed a guy or sucked cock and I'm craving it.

I'd like to wish all my blog readers the warmest wishes
for a happy holiday.  Thanks for reading!


  1. Erections - beach or no - just show that the plumbing works. :) And soon, when you get a partner/boyfriend/husband... you can kiss - and whatever - as much as you like :)
    Happy Boxing Day!

    1. Thanks, Jeffrey! I know that my slut phase will be winding down sooner or later as I start to seek a greater degree of intimacy with a guy.

  2. dammit, I didn't get one of these in my stocking yesterday! quelle dommage! :(

    happy 2013, dear buddy bear; I envision good things happening in your life next year!

    1. Thank you, sweetie! I wish you all the best for next year as well.

  3. I am sure that even with the LONG DRY spell you will remember how to handle things and give your sweet man LOTS of pleasure. Enjoy your man to man time and I hope there is LOTS more in the year ahead. Happy Holidays to you

  4. Oddly enough, erections at nudist places are usually ignored unless the erector is being especially obnoxious.

    It sounds like you had a great Christmas celebration, and even the soon-to-be-ex didn't dampen it. I must say, it's really great that even with your gulf of differences, you're both putting the kids first, and civility in social situations shows them perfect examples of how to be mature adults.

    Glad to hear you "got some". I got in after nearly 7 hours of driving. Ronald Palmer and his 5 brothers had to do for me. But did me, they did!!!

    Peace <3

    1. Thanks for commenting Jay and for your words of experience and wisdom. I wish you all the best for next year.

  5. What, no updates on how it went? I guess you're saving that for the next blog post. I can't wait. But I will.

  6. I love nude beaches. In the last couple of decades, prudes and religious busy-bodies have managed to have some beautiful ones closed down here on the east coast, on some particularly bogus grounds.

    Nice pictures; the guy on the bottom left has one of the slenderest dicks I've ever seen!

  7. The puzzles and paradoxes of nude beaches and places is fascinating; given the apparently sexuality yet social determination to not have any.

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