Wednesday, December 12, 2012

"I like to be tied up"

My wife and her lawyer signed our 45-page Separation Agreement yesterday.  My signature will have to wait until after New Years' because my lawyer is out of town.  I could sign it before my lawyer's final look at it but that could compromise its integrity as a legal document should a dispute occur later.

Both my wife and I are very frugal and are committed to keeping our legal fees at a minimum.  So we refused to let our lawyer-mediator print off the five copies needed for which we would have been billed hundreds of dollars.   Instead, my wife had it e-mailed it to me and I printed it out at my workplace at the expense of my employer.... naughty!  

This may seem to be an inconsequential story but it speaks to the high degree of cooperation and trust which now exists between us.  We know of many divorces in which the parties seem intent on destroying each other.  But all they end up destroying are the family finances and the emotional well-being of their children.

Monday was to have been my "week off" from having my kids living with me but my son has extended his stay until Thursday morning.  And my daughter is coming out here tonight for a few days..... I had to cancel Old Dude yet again.  Darn!

In yet another missed opportunity, I was to join an sincere-sounding, masculine 54-year old gay virgin at his hotel after school yesterday.  But he arrived very late after a 300 mile drive along a treacherous winter  highway.  I had already returned to my home, some 30 km away.   

I was disappointed but mainly for him.  We agreed that it would be unsafe for me to drive to his hotel that late at night.  We plan to get together on his return trip two weeks from now ... I hope it happens!

But I'd never gag a guy's mouth.....
In other interesting hookup news, I've been messaged several times by a 35 year old cook.   He's 6'-0", athletic build and has some handsome self-pics posted on  He seems very funny and polite and has invited me twice to his place.  Both times, I was unavailable but this is one hookup which I really want to make happen

He asked me if I liked being aggressive when I'm with a guy.  I had to think about before I answered: "Yes!"   Even as a gay virgin, I very much liked to be in charge.  If I'm with an aggressive guy, then I at least want to match his level of aggressiveness. 

Buddy Bear:  Why?  What do you have in mind?
Submissive Dude:  i prefer bottom and i like being a sub plus a lil bit of being tied up
BB:   Wow!   Hot!  Count me in!

I need to learn more about these dominant-submissive roles in sex play  ..... I know nothing about it.  But I must admit, just the idea of pleasuring a naked, handsome guy who's been tied up is quite exciting.  I'm getting hard just thinking about it.   :-)


  1. YAYZ for friendly divorces! blindfolds are nice too (just sayin')...

  2. Woof.
    Darlin', now you're singing my song.

  3. Thanks, anne marie!

    Victor: I don't understand the "my song" reference. Do you like being tied up?

  4. I just can't believe the level of maturity and smart thinking that you and your soon-to-be-ex are exhibiting. After 30 years with an American youth group, I've seen it all, and never have I seen this level of cooperation. Your children will thank you forever!

    I've always wanted to tie up a lover. I've fantasized over it many times. I have soft rope, etc. etc. etc. Come to me, baby!

    Peace <3

  5. I'm a top for the most part, but I've always fantasized being tied spread eagled on the bed with a hot, furry, muscle daddy doing anything he wanted to me.

  6. It's a slippery slope; soon it will be leather S&M or nothing !

    1. You make that sound like a bad thing! .... I'd better start shopping for my whip and ball gag. ;-)

  7. Buddy. I love a little bondage. I can't wait to get to Canada and visit.!!!!

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