Friday, December 28, 2012

Beautiful furry torso

 In recent days, I've been busy helping my 20 year old daughter buy her first car.  Since she's paying for it all by herself on a university student`s budget, we've only looked at used cars in the +10 year range.

I'm enormously proud of my three kids for their money sense, lack of materialism, work ethic at their jobs and financial goals.  These values have only intensified as they've observed my financial difficulties caused by my divorce. 

For example, all of my 16 year-old son's recent birthday and Christmas presents have involved (at his request) the purchase of tools.  These he'll need for his future career as a trademan. 

My charismatic 18 year old daughter rocked her grade 12 graduation dance this year, looking gorgeous in a little black dress purchased for $10 at a thrift shop and altered by her sister, an expert seamstress. She easily outshone the over-indulged, snooty girls in $500, parent-purchased gowns.

My daughter and I test-drove many cars, had some assessed by a mechanic and today, arranged a safety inspection, insurance and licensing on the excellent car we did finally purchase.  Exciting!

This is my excuse for not blogging about the hookup (mentioned in my last post) with a good-looking, athletic 44 year old twice-divorced father of two kids.  He had the most beautiful, lean, furry torso I`ve ever seen in my life, not just in person but online as well. I`ve included some pics of young guys with lovely torsos from fuckyeahhairyguys but none of them comes close to the perfection of Beautiful Torso Guy, as I`ll call him.

It turned out to be an unforgettable hookup for both good and not-so-good reasons. After much begging, he convinced me to take his bottom virginity.  

For the first time ever, I am starting to think of myself as a top. We started out with him riding my cock and then I pounded his ass in the doggie-style and then missionary positions.

But then, sadly,our anal fun ended rather abruptly ... is it usual for a bottom to suffer a dislocated shoulder during rough sex? I didn't mean to hurt him, honest!!

Full details to follow on my next post on Sunday morning ..... how's that for a cliffhanger?   :-)


  1. Only when you pound him right!

  2. oh my...look at all the bears! I like #1 the best, and the poster in #2's hand. smooth just ain't my cuppa tea!

    thanks, buddybear, for the fantasy fuel! ;-)

  3. Sounds hot. For a guy living in a small town in Canada, you sure do meet a lot of guys. Just curious, how big is this town?

    1. Hohoho. You provided a lot of clues to your location in that response -- I am fairly confident I know where you live now (but I could be wrong). If you are really serious about keeping your city secret, maybe you want to screen that comment?

    2. Sorry RB! After Old Lurker`s comment, I suddenly got got paranoid that I revealed too much about the town where I live and deleted my comment.

    3. I too was thinking there was way too much detail. I felt that, if I was from that area (Canada), it would have been possible to guess where you were.

      I have been reading your blog for a year now. I am 55+ and have been in deep denial all my life. Early on work and denial had kept me busy and out of trouble, during a dangerous time to be gay. This blog and others have been good therapy in finally accepting myself. It really helps reading about the journey of others going through this process.

      Thank you for doing this blog. Please keep posting and please be modest with those geographical details :)


    4. Hey Silent Fan!! Thanks for reading and commenting! I'm glad that reading my story has helped you in some small way.

      Over the past two years of my blog, a couple of clever Canadian readers have guessed my true location. But they have always been guys who have lived in or near this area or have driven through.

    5. Sorry, Buddy Bear. I did not mean to come across quite as much as the Wicked Witch of the West as I did. (When Dr Spo cackles it's charming. When I cackle it's just gross.)

    6. Someday soon, after your divorce is final, you'll reveal the big secret, right?

    7. Do you mean reveal my true location and face pic? Probably not: I wouldn't want my kids, parents, students or my employer reading about my escapades or to be looking at my half-nekkid pics.

      I could edit my blog and remove all the naughty bits but then it would be no fun....

  4. We shall now call you Buddy Brute! I think that any man who has a guy sit on his cock, then fucks him doggie and missionary in the same encounter deserves to more than think of himself as a top but to assume it! Good going; he sounds like a nice man and when they put him back together, I hope you will see more of him. OK, I mean see him more often as you have obviously seen every square inch of him! :-)

    Oh, and picture #1 . . . (Will hyperventilates)

    1. Thanks, Will! Yes, Beautiful Torso Guy looks exactly like picture #1 except that his torso is slightly less ellongated. If anything, Torso Guy's chest hair is even more beautiful than the model in the pic.

      Not to ruin my cliffhanger, but I must admit that Beautiful Torso Guy had previously disclocated his shoulder due to a hockey injury and is awaiting surgery in March. So it popped out very easily when I grasped his shoulders while we were in the missionary position.

  5. Congrats on the car purchase. I hope she is rightfully proud of her accomplishment. As well you should be, too!

    My nephew got tools for his work, too. I don't think there's anything wrong with that. Many times over the years, especially after we kids got past the "toy" ages, we got things we needed for school, or our first apartments, whatever.

    Peace <3

  6. Excuse me Buddy, I'm a bottom virgin too. Where's my fuck? Is there a waiting line?

  7. I with Cubby. I will be happy to wait my turn.

  8. A note to Anonymous: Be sure to go back and read Buddy's first posts. He has come a long way and like you, I appreciated his help in my journey. I came out almost a year ago and he was very supportive. I am very glad I came out, life has been so much better now. I have met a lot of great guys and I feel I owe a lot to Buddy. I'm hoping to meet him next year at Toronto Pride.

  9. Ugh, dislocated hockey-injury shoulder popping back out while being fucked does sound a little painful. I hope his surgery goes well.

    I knew you were a top. I'm sorry you didn't know for sure, I would have told you. lol just kidding. Fantastic self discovery journey you're on. Thanks for sharing it.

    I think raising three financially responsible kids is a phenomenal accomplishment. Congratulations to you on doing such a great job there. That's really something to be proud of. I bow to you. Namaste.

    SilentFan, your sincere comment really moved me. I'm glad you found Buddy Bear's blog here. It is a source of inspiration. Sending you good thoughts.

    Happy New Year Everyone!

  10. That first picture is gorgeous and he could teach me anything! Perfecto!!!!!

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