Sunday, December 9, 2012

Dogably Pawfect Saturday

Copyright: Stonehouse Photography
.... but a day late for Sean's weekly "Dogably Pawfect ..." feature.  All three pics bring tears to my eyes. 

Please read the story behind the first picture  which has gone viral online.  There's also an interview with the dog`s owner.  19-year-old Shep has arthritis and and finds relief in the cold waters of Lake Superior.

Not much to report as my life has been a little dull lately;  no drama at all! 

My parents and I ran into my wife at our local symphony orchestra's Christmas concert * (my daughter is a member) and she was polite to my parents:  no snubbing or spousal drama at all!  She's been appallingly rude to them in the past and then she wonders why my whole family doesn't like her.   

* Note to self:  I really must join some community group after New Years' so I can 'put myself out there' in real life rather than just online.  There were many lovely men at the concert and quite a few of them were clearly not straight.

In recent weeks, it`s been very slow on the hookup front, I must admit that.   Doug said it was probably the cold weather and the upcoming Christmas season which is causing the slowdown.  Perhaps... but it also might be that online, I'm starting to look like a piece of browning fruit that's been on the supermarket shelf too long.

Mr. Neill, who is terminally ill,  worries about his dog`s future.

My perennial problem has been that my son is here most of the time so I can rarely host.  But now, my  20 year-old daughter just told me that she's looking to buy a used car "so she can come out here whenever she wants" rather than just  on weekends.  She can't stay here during the week because we just have one car and our work / driving schedules don't match.

Yaaay! Even fewer opportunities to host!  Just kidding ... partly.  I am so lucky that my kids are comfortable with their gay Dad and consider my place as their primary home.  Soon, they will be on their own and maybe living in other cities so I need to enjoy their company when I can. 

Next week, I just have just two play dates planned, one at home with Old Dude who is, in fact, three years younger than me.  The second one is with a 54 year old guy travelling on business and staying in a fancy hotel.  He says he's very inexperienced but is eager to experiment.  He's also a masculine guy:  blue-collar job, 6'-2" and, judging from his picture, has lovely muscles and not too much fat.

I'm thinking of arranging another platonic date with Doug but I'm still unsure how I feel about him.  I had sort of an odd phone call from him yesterday and I'm concerned that he is going to become infatuated with me ....

I haven't had a message from a 22 year-old in weeks!  Darn!  Maybe that's the reality of 50 year-old-guys on these hookup sites;  everyone wants to go younger.  But there's a slight chance the young men are busy with their university exams which are in progress;  I've mainly been with university and college-age students. 

I might have to wait for the new school year for the next crop of young students to arrive, eager to experiment with old(er) men.  Sluurrp!!

UPDATE!   "A man embraces his dog as she receives saline from a drip from a veterinarian hospital financed by Sao Paulo’s municipal government. The hospital offers free health care for the pets of low-income residents in Sao Paulo, Brazil.";  FROM:


  1. That last picture is heart-breaking. All I know is that those two are very lucky to have each other. I have no doubt that if was the man who had been injured or taken ill, the dog would be standing with him all the way.

  2. I have the caption for the pic: "A man embraces his dog as she receives saline from a drip from a veterinarian hospital financed by Sao Paulo’s municipal government. The hospital offers free health care for the pets of low-income residents in Sao Paulo, Brazil."

  3. I know several men who would kill to be in your position with their kids. Too often in divorce, kids get poisoned against one parent or the other, and that parent is then neglected to the point of deep depression, etc. You're right, your sex life can wait, the kids come first!!! If only more parents, especially in situations such as yours, felt and acted that way!!! You're a great dad!
    Peace <3

  4. Will: dogs truly are man's best friend. What we get from dogs is the sort of unconditional love which we can't get from any other source in our lives, including from humans.

    Sean: Thank you! I've updated the caption!

    Jay M: Yes, I know. I am very lucky! I got misty-eyed reading your kind words.

    And I must point out, despite our split-up and my her own problems, my wife is a fantastic parent as well. Her decision to be non-adversarial was mainly to preserve our family assets for the kids. As well, she's been very wise in allowing all the kids to find their own path as to where they live etc.

  5. I just wish to echo Jay's words here, have a good week.
    Sending regards from Brighton.

    1. Thanks Jason! It's Sunday evening here. My son was to start his two weeks at my wife's tomorrow, but he just told me that he's staying an extra two days!!


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