Saturday, October 1, 2011


A young Benjamin Godfre,
My daughter has been urging me to take a break from my house-selling preparations as she worries about a recurrence of my past back / neck problems.  She offered to buy me a ticket for a production of Macbeth being staged in a historic barn, all wood beams and stone construction.  What I didn't realize that we were with a group of eight of her friends, all 17 - 18 years old and I was the only adult along;  I was very touched that she wanted to include me.

The barn was a fantastic setting... very spooky... and sitting in the front row, we were only a few feet away from the many lovely young men (20s to early 30s) in the cast.  All were slim and sexy as hell, most with scruff or beautifully-sculpted facial hair.  All the costumes were knee-length tunics with a slide slit, so I was treated to  great views of fuzzy, frat boy calves with the occasional flash of thigh when they knelt down.  Hot!  

Some of the younger actors were "cute" rather than hot.  The actor who played one of the three witches was just oozing sex!  Slim, tight body, amazing goatee, shaved head, sexy voice, perfect teeth...  he caused a tingling in my nether regions.  
Love the gray in his hair.  Hot, hot, hot.

I used to feel like such as old perv in these situations, admiring beautiful young men but not anymore;  I just enjoy it.  After losing some of my gay virginity with Hottie Nurse, I know that if any of these young men were gay, there's a very good chance that some of them might be interested in me.

No time for a proper post as my wife asked permission to spend the day working at my house with about four other helpers.  I told her there's no need to ask permission; this is her house too.  As though I would object to getting help with this monstrous task!

I expect much will be accomplished, but I need to prepare for their arrival.   I need to put away some of my stuff I've already packed so she doesn't get into it, finish lunch preparations (chili in the slow cooker) and clean up the kitchen.  Even though she hasn't lived here for eight months, she'd be embarrassed if her friends saw the kitchen in a mess.

This is sort of what I looked like in my 20s and 30s,except with skinny bird-arms and no visible abs.  Same hair colour, body type and degree of fuzziness. I love this pic as he is so incredibly hot, yet a really average sort of guy, cock size included.


  1. If you believe that is what an average guy looks like, my standards are probably too low. That guy has the right amount of body hair and muscle.

  2. Well... I think that he is "average" in terms of cock size; unless he's a grower as 80% of us are, he might be considered a bit small in that department. That wouldn't bother me a bit.

    Very few guys have abs like that, almost none, so you are right .... those aren't average. However, he does look like a natural guy, not all pumped up on steroids and overly built. Maybe what is "average" depends on where you live. Here, most guys in their 20s to mid-30s are pretty fit, so that is my idea of average.

    We were in Georgia at a waterpark a few summers ago. I was shocked to see that the majority (I think) of the young men were overweight. I understand that obesity rates are much higher in the southern US.

  3. What a sweet and thoughtful gesture by your daughter. In the "None of My Business" department, I was rather concerned about your activity vs what you have written about your medical history. Good to know that you have this taken care of. It also suggests that your daughter is going to have a very interesting and rich life - she includes people of all ages in her social circle. Lots of folks never learn this. It must be very exciting to watch her launch into young adulthood. You and you wife have done very well.

    Will J

  4. thighs? I thought we were going to talk about fried chicken...disappointed. NOT!

    I will take each hottie pictured here please. wrap them up to go.

    smooches, dear buddybear!

  5. Wow. Just found your blog. OKAY.

  6. Will: thank you! Yes, my daughter is exceptionally sweet and often arranges similar outings with my parents to their favourite fiddle concert.... she treats them to ice cream afterwards with her own money!

    She is exceptionally focused and mature has taken on almost two much responsibility when my wife's behaviour becomes erratic... such as keeping a calendar of her medical appointments making sure she leaves on time for work.

    I constantly remind my daughter that her mother is an adult and therefore is responsible for the consequences of her own actions.

    anne marie: I'll have to include a pic of my thighs just for you for this month's 5 on 5 post, theme "pleasure."

    Ron: thank you! I love your blog as well!

  7. I hope the MacBeth was a proper one, with real evil and no nasty 21st century angst to it.

  8. I think he was a proper Macbeth... whatever "21st century angst" is, I didn't notice any.

    I'm afraid I am very inexperienced in these matters. It was only the second live theatrical production of Shakespeare I've seen in my life. (the other one being "A Midsummer Night's Dream" at Stratford.

    I'm only familiar with Macbeth from being forced to go through over thirty years ago in high school and I doubt I was very attentive. It was one of the witches (described above)who really turned my crank.... a combination of true evil, masculine voice and smouldering-hot sexiness....

  9. "my wife asked permission to spend the day working at my house with about four other helpers." I think this is fantastic! And I'm really happy you did something fun with your daughter and her friends.

  10. Buddy . . . you are moving forward and that's awesome!


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