Tuesday, October 25, 2011

In Limbo


Here's a picture which somewhat resembles the "between-the-legs" bear hug given me by Hottie Physiotherapist described in my last post. The differences are that I was in my undies, lying flat on the examining table and his arm was pressed firmly against my manhood. Hot!! Also, I was enjoying the sensation far more than Mr. Blue Singlet, judging from his grimace.

While the housing market here is still a booming "sellers' market", the price wars only involve starter and mid-range homes located right in town. Our house looks absolutely beautiful in a spectacular setting but is very much "higher end" and a little way (14 minutes) out in the country. That is considered a fairly long "commute" in our small town.

I wish Hottie Physiotherapist would try this move on me, but gently.
In just over a week privately listing it on a local real estate website, just four couples have viewed it. Some were extremely interested but so far, no nibbles.

By this time next week, we might have to bite the bullet and list it with a realtor, "priced to sell." By November 19th, my wife will take possession of her new house, I will have the deed on our waterfront home placed solely in my name and we will be facing a serious (but temporary) problem with cash flow. A bit discouraging but this situation can't go on forever.

In the meantime, my entire family is in a curious state of limbo. In both of our homes, about 90% of our belongings (except furniture) are packed. Much has already been moved or placed in storage.

The house up for sale has been "staged" and the kids and I have moved into my parents' house with our two dogs. It would be impossible to keep my house neat-looking with teenagers and dogs in residence. The kids switch back and forth between the waterfront house and my parents' home according to some mysterious schedule worked out between themselves.

I have my old room which I vacated 27 years ago... and it's as claustrophobic and lacking in privacy as when I was a teenager. Like every stereotypical immigrant mother, mine is constantly urging me, "Eat, eat eat!" I must admit, she is an excellent cook and it is fantastic not to have to do any of the cooking or cleaning up. She is very much making up for lost time since her "baby" has returned home after many years.  That can be a bit smothering and annoying, but overall, we are doing just fine.

While our living arrangements are very pleasant and stress-free, we are all very anxious to move into our new homes. It would be great to feel settled.


  1. You need to make a call to Sandra Rinomato!

  2. Awww, it's cute that Mom wants to fatten you up! Don't ever refuse it. Someday she'll be gone and you'll miss it. My mom hasn't been able to cook for 10 years (due to stroke) and I miss it terribly, especially her cakes.

  3. Oh and one more thing: "Oh Tula - Eat Something!"

  4. Being "manipulated" by a therapist like the way you described, I couldn't possibly keep my manhood to inflate!!! And being the shy man I am, I'd feel soooo embarassed!

    Even when I go out, I always wear my shirt out of my pants or put on a long jacket to hide any possible "accidental" bulge, on the bus or the subway. ;)~

  5. RG: Yes, the problem is we don't want to pay a realtor $25,000 for a few days work. We've decided to try keep selling it privately as is continued interest in the house.

    "Eat something.".... I got the reference for once... "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" is my favourite movie as it reminded me a little bit of my own ethnic upbringing.

    Cubby: thanks for the swift kick in the shorts. I should quit grumbling and appreciate that my parents are still with us and in excellent health. My mother still thinks I am "too skinny", although I would have to lose forty pounds to be described like that.

    Jon: I'm not nearly as horny as you, but I do have that problem every now and while at work.

  6. Enjoy the spontaneous erections. As you age they become less frequent. Then you are conflicted because you certainly don't want to waste the gift of an erection.

    Will J

  7. I'm increasingly jealous of your physiotherapy sessions! Mine are nothing like that. They happen fully clothed (I've taken to wearing tight t-shirts for them). The therapist (not as much a hottie as yours, but not bad) just lightly massages my upper spine, left shoulder, and left arm. I want to be manhandled more (not in the sexual way, just more). I have my third session tomorrow. I'll see how it goes. I haven't made up my mind yet on whether or not it's helping (it's too early) but I do enjoy his touch. Then I feel guilty... ;)


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