Sunday, October 16, 2011

I've included the wrestler pics for two reasons.  First: for eye-candy, nothing can beat a muscular wrestler in a spandex singlet to highlight beefy thighs and beautiful bulges.   Just look at that pendulous, meaty package hanging down from Mr. Blue Singlet at left.  Surely a gay man must designed the white stripes on that singlet ...  they just draw the eye to his beautiful curves.

Second:  During my most recent visit to hottie physiotherapist, I steeled myself not to think impure thoughts as he manipulated my body.  I failed miserably and I became more aroused than ever. The reason?  This week's  involved some of the moves shown in each of the three pictures ... but without the fingering.  Hot!   Details to follow in next post.


My wife and I are now in a phase of exceptional cooperation as we progress through the various milestones of our agreement with no problems.  After a couple of months of hard work and 1 - 1/2 days of paid help for final cleaning and "staging", my house was placed on the market today.

In my "higher-end" neighbourhood, most homes are sold privately and my wife is handling all the marketing and selling.   If it doesn't sell privately within two weeks, we will list it with a realtor.

She is exceptionally good at getting the best price and dealing with prospective buyers.  (I'm not ... being too modest to brag)   For once, having a pushy and aggressive wife has its advantages!  So far, three couples have been through the house today with some more appointments in the next few days.
In the meantime, one (or both)of the kids, the two dogs and I will be living at my parents' house for a few days.  No one can mess up a house quicker than a 14 year old boy... pee on the toilet seat and dirty dishes, dirty socks, underwear and crumbs everywhere. Ugh!

Also, to deliver her sales pitch most effectively, my wife needs to be alone with the prospective buyers and not have family members listening. We tend to snicker at her spiel as it seems so fake... at least, it's not the person that we know.


  1. Has you wife thought about a career in car sales? LOL

  2. I've always thought wrestling was homoerotic... Good luck with the home sale.

  3. anne marie in phillyOctober 16, 2011 at 12:19 PM

    my my my, such nice bulges! sure that's not a sock stuffed down there? bwhahahahaha!

  4. Congrats on this milestone.

    Will J

  5. Thanks, everyone, for commenting and all your good wishes.

  6. Yes, congratulations. I hope your wife can sell the house quickly after all that work you put into it. And yes, those are nice pictures. Very nice. :-)

  7. That last pic really makes my own bulge pop!

  8. Greeks always wrestled in the nude probably to provide even more eye candy than this.
    It is curious to hear modern day wrestlers and their fans/family adamently deny there is ANYTHING HOMO about wrestling, a clear case of denial.


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