Thursday, October 13, 2011

As a 19-year old cancer patient, I would sometimes get rock-hard erections during medical procedures.  In Erections R Us,  I previously posted about some incidents which happened 29 years ago this week.* 

Recently, this has been happening during my twice-weekly appointments with my physiotherapist, but I'll admit, only semi-hard ones.

Like foolish gay men everywhere, I think I'm in love lust with this incurably straight, married guy.   He resembles the guy pictured at left but is far more handsome.  Here's a description of my hottie physiotherapist; 
  • Bear-ish and very muscular with lovely broad shoulders
  • Furry, but not overly so
  • Has beautiful, soft brown eyes
  • Has a nicely trimmed beard sprinkled with grey
  • Is French-Canadian ... French-Canadian men are the most sensual of all,  isn't that correct, Jon?
  • Has a French accent which makes my man-panties moist 
  • Beautiful smile and laugh
  • Has massive, muscular, very warm hands which he runs over my body throughout our session
  • He's very intelligent, sensitive and experienced in his profession and offers me much hope for improvement

At our first session, he asked me to strip down to my undies.  I wasn't expecting this for a neck problem.   I thought, "Thank God I'm wearing underwear!!!"  (I often freeball.)  I was wearing my skimpiest white bikini briefs, pictured in the banner.

As he ran his muscular hands over me , twisting me this way and that, I immediately felt a tingling in my balls.   He then parked his hot, beefy  hand. fingers splayed, on my hip bone only an inch away from my ever-stiffening cock.  This went on for a long time ... about a minute. 

OMFG!  I thought, "What is he doing that for?  Is he teasing me?  (He had previously asked about the stress triggers in my life and I told him about my gay journey and divorce.)  I was spared the embarrassment of a full tent-pitch by the fact that I am middle-aged, was wearing very tight undies and sheer mental concentration.  Oh, the discipline!

I see him again later today.  Gosh, I'm looking forward to it!  I think I'll need to wear a double layer of underwear ....

I love the "peek."

*  I have been cancer- free for 29 years this week.  At 19, I had a nine-month battle with a malignant, metastatic melanoma which had "massively spread" beyond the original site.  I'd had several recurrences, numerous surgeries and nearly four months of radiation treatments.  

At the time, the survival rate was 0%. Even today, only about 20% of patients with this specific diagnosis will survive.  As I go through my little divorce dramas, I think about my cancer episode constantly.  It helps keep me grounded and optimistic. 


  1. Thanksgiving for 29 years of restored health and the richness of life that it has allowed. With prayers and hopes for many more years of a rich life and health.

    PS I like the header photo, but it makes me question whether or not you are gay -- shoes up on the furniture -- INDEED!

    Will J

  2. anne marie in phillyOctober 13, 2011 at 3:33 PM

    yep, once you have conquered "the big C", everything else is a mere distraction. for those of you that don't know me, I am a 22 year survivor.

    your new banner is fucking HAWT!

  3. When my first doctor at my HMO in Boston retired, I was assigned a new, younger man and during our first meeting I told him I was gay and hoped he didn't have issues with that. He responded by coming out to me and we began a happy doctor-patient relationship.

    He did initiate a very intimate conversation on my sexual practices in the interest of making sure I was having sex safely -- so intimate that I wondered if he was moving to . . . making moves.
    Alas, no, but had he been doing, let's just say that I was more than half way ready physically to respond.

  4. Will #1: Thank you! In the end, all that matters is our health. I learned that lesson the hard way at a very early age. I must have missed the "no shoes on furniture" rule during my Gay 101 course. Darn!

    anne marie: Yes, I remembered you are a survivor ... you are so correct about the unimportance of everything else. One lasting effect on me: my colleagues, friends and bosses always comment how unflappable I am, whatever the situation.

    Will #2: What a great story about you and your gay doctor! I'd like to find a gay doctor too, although my doctor is a fantastic (extremely young) woman who is wholly supportive of me being gay. I feel that I am, in a small, expanding her knowledge about coming out as gay in mid-life.

    My physiotherapist's wife is his receptionist and just by observing their interactions, I have no doubt that he's straight. If he was gay, I know I'd consider him my "ideal" man.

  5. I know from personal experience you are prone to getting erections. When we hugged goodbye in the streets of Buffalo, I could feel it. At first I thought you had a bazooka in your pants, but then I realized it was just a big boner. Easy mistake to make ;-)

  6. Oh Cubby! The only reason my erection happened when we hugged is because you were cupping my buttocks with both hands while trying to insert a finger. Shame on you!!! ... for trying to take advantage of an innocent gay virgin like that!

  7. You're an amazing guy! By the way, my neck issue has flared up again (ugh). Is a trip to northwestern canada in my future? hehehe...

  8. hohoho
    I suspect it doesn't take much to get you going. You have more than a Touch of Tiberius! I keep thinking you are 19yo. Ah youthful lust!

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. WCS: I'm not sure what you mean by an "amazing guy", but thank you! I've received countless compliments over the years about being a cancer survivor. The fact is, I just reacted to a situation that I was thrust into; it had nothing to do with bravery.

    Sorry about you neck. That really sucks!!

    Ur-Spo: I'm sure you are right, but I've been "man-handled" by Hottie Physiotherapist more in the past four visits than by anyone else in my entire life. Details to follow.

    I googled "Touch of Tiberius" and came up with the website of some quack doctor. Sexual Deficit Disorder? I resemble that remark!!

  11. ;D

    Noting better than a positive attitude. But I admit, sometimes... it easier to say than to do!
    The difficult part is to deal with people who will deny you any influence from your attitude and say you were just "lucky". And you then start having doubts about yourself.
    I do believe that we can make our own luck!

  12. WranglerMan: I'm ashamed to say, I don't know! I hope I don't lose my gay card.

    His lab coat partially covers his ass and he sits down when we talk. I'll have to check it out at tomorrow's appointment and get back to you!!


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