Friday, October 7, 2011

Bartlebi of New Day, New Life posted about body types recently.  If I had to pick my favourite type of man, the guys in the first two pics would do nicely. Do you have a favourite type of man?

My wife phoned, sobbing and tearful.  She apologized (sort of) for her behaviour on the day our little dog became sick.  She said "I am hanging on an emotional thread, just getting by one day at a time."   Oh, the drama... it is never-ending!  While I am sympathetic,  I've always had a difficult time keeping a straight face after such statements.  

She has never been able to cope with the normal ups and downs of life but it has been an extra stressful time recently.   Her underlying stressors are our divorce, having a gay husband, her sister's psychiatric problems and ongoing conflicts with other people.

On top of that, a severely handicapped client under her charge at work had a near-death experience (not her fault).  She nearly quit her job on the spot after 28 years, but a colleague talked her out of it.  Our little dog getting sick was just the straw that broke the camel's back.

The end result:  she said that she could no longer help out at the house it is just too emotional.  I supported her on this decision and was in fact, relieved.  She was getting very little accomplished here anyway.  I get to do whatever I see fit, all the time, without have to argue about every detail.  Bliss!

The next weekend is the Canadian Thanksgiving holiday... not a good weekend to try to sell a house.  We now plan to put my house on the market in one week with open houses on October 15 and 16th.

Doggie Update:

Our doggie is still running a fever at times but it is much reduced.  He neck and body are still twisted into a circle some of the time.  When we bring him outside, he will run around and around in a tight circle about a dozen times.  

This is distressing to watch.   However, when my son puts him on a leash and with gentle coaxing, our dog will allow himself to be guided in a straight line.   It's like he has to learn again how to use the right side of his body again.  My son says he's gradually improving.
You don't see a picture of a skinny,
freeballing ginger in short shorts
with a walking cast on his foot every day.

On the positive side, our doggie is eating and drinking  really well, with assistance, and he seems to have regained his full range of senses.  My daughter asked today, "Is it possible for a dog to have hallucinations?"    Sometimes, he barks randomly at nothing .  He wasn't the smartest dog in the world before;  now we're wondering if he has all his marbles after his health scare.

Still, our dear little dog is making a remarkable recovery .... something I never expected.


  1. Have a very happy Thanksgiving and I hope you find some good time to get your house work wrapped up.

  2. Glad the doggie's doing better. Have a good holiday.

  3. With hopes for refreshment and rest at the holiday.

    PS Don't suppose the little dog got into some magic mushrooms out in the forest? With continued hope for his slow and steady recovery.

  4. It is a relief to hear your dog is doing somewhat better. Pets capture our hearts, even if they aren’t Einsteins. Have you tried massaging him? Or having your kids do it as I know you’re really busy. It could help in two ways, to relax the muscles, but also just touch can be very healing.

    I feel I may have sounded a bit harsh in a previous comment about your wife. I do truly feel sorry for her, not because she’s getting divorced or has a gay husband. Clearly she didn’t get enough attention growing up. And I realize some people are not equipped to “get over it and move on”, whether they do therapy or not. But she would be so much happier if she did make some effort to improve her over-the-top reactions. People would be more attracted to her. Her kids would want to spend more time with her. Those are the things that make people happy, but she seems caught in a very self destructive spiral. Ah well. What can you do?

    I’m glad you’re doing okay.

  5. Thank you, everyone! Thanksgiving dinner at my parents' with my kids and extended family will be extra special this year. In previous years, there was always so much tension because my wife has had past conflicts with everyone in my family.

    Also, my mother's a excellent cook!

    Anonymous: you are perfectly correct. I've long thought my wife is incapable of happiness. She needs to get her emotional house in order or she will never be able to have a positive relationship with anyone: children, family, me, friends, neighbours or a future spouse.

  6. anne marie in phillyOctober 7, 2011 at 3:43 PM

    oh dear buddybear, which one shall I choose? I want #1 and #2 NOW! #3 looks like jeebus; no thanks.

  7. See, now I feel bad that I told you, to tell your soon-to-be ex-wife to fuck off.

    I'm glad your little dog is doing better. With all the neurological deficits that plague him, it sounds to me like he ate something that poisoned him. He has many of the symptoms my dog had when she ate a bowl of chocolate Halloween candy - wrappers and all!

  8. RG: Don't worry about your f*uck off comment. I have the advantage of having lived with this cycle of behaviour for many years; it's pretty predictable. An incident like that does serve to "clear the air", so for now, all is well.

    Good point about the poisoning. The vet suggested this and asked if maybe the dog ate a mouse carcass which had died of eating Warferin rat poison. It's impossible for us to know for sure, but right now, he is recovering quickly.

    We had a little terrier who ate a whole bag of chocolate chips. When we discovered this, he had the shakes and was starting to be non-responsive. We making him throw up huge volumes of chocolate and bile and he survived.

    To get him to throw up, we forced him to eat baking soda? peroxide? a mixture? I don't remember.

  9. Hope your wife is getting some kind of professional help before she really breaks down! It doesn't sound to good from what I read.

    Happy Thanksgiving BB! And like a buddy told me today, "I'm sure wishing you a basket full of goodness and a bit of goodness in your basket!" ;)
    Take care

    p.s. Any of the two first guys will do. Both of them even better! ;)~

  10. I just notice the subject of your post: melt down, and the the first thing you talk about Was Bartlebi.

    Was there some kind of Freudian telekinesis going on?

  11. Not that I know of... I'm not sure I believe in it. We bloggers very often create post in response to an idea on another blog.


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