Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Five on the Fifth: Pleasure

I have a update on our little dog's condition  at the end of this post.  He's making progress!

Steven Chapman says:

"Take 5 photographs on the days leading up to the 5th and publish those on your own blog and then add the link to my blog,  State of the Nation UK so that others can see your images.

This month's theme is PLEASURE.  Here are a few simple things which I do nearly every day which give me greatest pleasure and much-needed stress relief.

I've noticed that my online exhibitionist tendencies tend to increase when I'm very stressed-out, exhausted and feeling blaaah.  I starting to wonder if I'm deliberately seeking attention to help me feel better.  Whatever... here is a post with a half-nekkid me, me, me in every picture.

I get great pleasure in playing with my ... er... computer.

Cuddling with our recovering little dog. Nothing gives him
greater pleasure than sleeping on his favourite black sheepskin rug.

He's so much happier at home than at the vet's.

Food gives me great pleasure every day.  Here's supper:
  crepes with strawberries and a little whipped cream.

My great relaxation is soaking in the tub.  

Eating ice cream gives me pleasure:   how about eating ice
cream, bare-assed on a sheepskin rug?

After three days and two nights at the vet, we took our little dog home.   My wife felt strongly that he needed to be among people who loved him.  His fever is slightly reduced and he has regained some of his functions such as his hearing and bladder control. All the vets in the clinic are at a loss to explain his symptoms since he has severe neurological symptoms and a high fever, indicating an infection, yet his white blood cell count is normal.  

They offered a spinal tap which we declined (duh!) as it is (1) painful (2) has some risk (3) expensive and (4) a positive result would not change the treatment being given. I said "yes" to an abdominal X-ray because eating garbage (as our dog does regularly) could result in neurological symptoms depending on the metals lodged in the stomach. The X-ray result was negative.

Our dog's head and whole body is twisted to the right, so when he tries to walk, he mainly falls over. Poor little guy... he's trying so hard! On the positive side, he wagged his tail at the sight of us and is completely pain-free. Also, he is eating (hand-fed) and drinking extremely well. We are cautiously optimistic.


  1. LOVE the nearly nekkid pics and the good news about your pooch!!
    Male skin always gives me pleasure and it is calorie free!!

  2. Re Doggie matters: I'm hoping and wishing as powerfully as I can that this nasty business will turn out to have been just a minor 'blip', though perhaps that's asking for too much. But as you're "cautiously optimistic", that's the feeling I'll have too.

    As for your pics - well, all that exposed flesh puts me in need of a cooling ice cream as well!

  3. OMG you are so naughty!!! I won't mention my body's involuntary response to seeing your hot chest... BOING!

  4. Your animal companion is lucky to have all of you and your love. I'm happy to hear that he is eating, wagging his tail, and trying to get back to normal. All are good signs.

  5. hope your dog is recovering and gets well :)

  6. Computers brings so much fun, don't they? LOL Love your approach to the theme!

    ps Keeping my fingers crossed for your little companion


  7. Hoping for continued progress with your little best friend. It probably doesn't get much better in his world than cuddled up with Papa on the black sheepskin rug. Tell him that it is my turn when he is done. ;-)

  8. anne marie in phillyOctober 5, 2011 at 12:33 PM

    I would like to lick that ice cream off certain body parts of yours...

    YAYZ for little doggie! may he continue to get better!

  9. Thank you, everyone! I had fun taking the pictures. Our little dog is doing fine; his fever is down some more and he can walk a few steps.

  10. I am glad about the pup as well. thank you for telling us.

  11. Best of luck for the little pup!
    He's so cute... ;)


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