Sunday, October 23, 2011


I don't want to belabour my crush on Hottie Physiotherapist but I've decided that he is my ideal man.

He is sexy, my age (or a bit older), intelligent, funny, handsome, muscular, sensitive, as great values and very skilled at his trade. Also, he thinks I'm funny.  If he was gay and single, I don't think I'd ever let him go.

Hottie treats the "whole person" and was the only medical person, after nearly three decades, to recognize that my spinal neck problem had caused crookness throughout my body as I compensated for the neck pain, scarring (internal and external) and lack of flexibility.  This lead to problems elsewhere, such as in my lower back, hip and knee.

To answer Jon's question on my previous post, "Does your therapist notice your... ahem... embarassment?"   ;)    How could he not notice?   While I don't have raging boner during my visits,  there is usually a nice semi going on.  During the last visit when he was between my open thighs, pressing down hard with his large hands on my hipbones, his beefy fingers were pretty much encircling my package.  I was thinking, "Oh, my gosh!"

When he was done, he pulled up the waistband of my undies a little as they had slipped down.  Again, double oh my gosh!  So funny yet oddly tender.... when was the last time a medical person adjusted your underwear?   He knows I'm gay  (I told him)... is he teasing me?

Here's Hottie's sexiest treatment yet.  Lying half-nekkid on my back on the examining table, he told me to bend my knees, spread my knees apart and raise my buttocks off the table. Wrestlers know this as The Bridge... I call it "bulges-in-the-air."  I could hardly believe what happened next.

He pressed his manly pecs against my naked mid-section and shoved his right arm between my legs with his hand pointing towards my head, underneath me.  He told me to lower myself so my full weight was on his arm.   It felt great, having my ass-crack press around his forearm!

His bicep was pressed firmly against my balls, with the crook of his elbow and forearm following the curve of my taint and ass-crack.   He reached around the top of me with his other arm and gives me a very long, tight bear hug.... a firm, warm pressure against my bulge and ass-crack.   Again, OMFG!!   (I think he was adjusting or stretching my pelvic girdle...)

A pleasant memory!  Sadly, I am down to one visit per week with Hottie, soon to be twice per month.   :-(


  1. You can look at it this way: soon you will no longer be in his care and your professional relationship with him will be over. At that point he'll be free to teach you how to play 'hide the sausage'.

  2. You have a cruuu-ush. You have a cruuu-ush! LOL Aaaaah - the lament of gay boyz, newly out or othewise everywhere - the straigh-boy crush. Everything we've ever wanted in a man; so near; so lovely and sexy and yet SOOOOOOOOOOO unattainable. Well welcome to the club newbie. LOL

  3. Hmm, he could be bi curious. But even with nothing there, you mind can have some great fun at next JO session. As I bet it already has. LOL

  4. Ok, I'm saying "uncle." I know nothing about his profession and the standard practices thereof, and, your injury may be uncommon, BUT what if he was doing these things to you and you were straight and homophobic? What if you were a woman? I can see why you're not objecting to what he's doing, but MANY others would. He knows that. I think he is getting some thrills from turning you on. What does it mean and where could it lead? Who knows. But I'm pretty sure his typical patient is not getting the same kind of treatments you are.

    Have you noticed any stirrings in his crotch?

  5. Cubby: Funny!! As to playing "hide the sausage", I'm not quite ready for that now but I plan to be, one day.

    RG: You said it, sister! I'd better get used to it as I'll be having straight boy crushes all the time ... or at least until I find a regular partner (or at least, a fuck-buddy)

    Skier: correct!

    TwoLives: I'm not sure, but there may be some truth to what you are suggesting. I've thought about it myself; come on... adjusting the waistband of my underwear? Really?

    My condition is extremely uncommon so I don't know what the standard treatments would be. I did notice that he asks his female patients to wear a hospital gown while I am nekkid in my undies. Nothing too unusual about that.

    As to "stirrings in his crotch:" (1) He wears a longish white lab coat and (2) I'm ashamed to admit, I forgot to check out his bulbous groin region.... very unlike me.

  6. Ahhh! The dream of universal health coverage...

    Will J

  7. I had a massage therapist several years ago with whom it had been decided I should have four sessions. The first two were strictly business, although the second one seemed a bit more casual which I put down to our having broken the ice and had a couple of nice conversations as he worked.

    The third session was the turning point, becoming more personal as it went on and since I was offering no resistance (yes, yes, my motives were totally impure) it finished with the classic "happy ending," as did session number four. Every now and then nice things like this happen and I hope most sincerely that they happen to you, if not now then at least some time soon.

  8. These stories are vaguely erotic and making me sort of bulge at the thought of... what did you call it a "pelvic girdle"? LOL


  9. Will: what a sweet story! It is highly unlikely that Hottie Physiotherapist will give me a "happy ending", given that his wife (the receptionist) is right outside the examining room. Thank you for your hope that I will experience something like your massage, one day.

    BosGuy: "vaguely erotic" indeed. I find my whole session with him highly sexually charged although this probably occurs only in my own mind. The main reasons: I find him so exceedingly attractive in every way, he is very "hands on" in his treatment and I am completely sex-starved, with a strong desire to be touched by a man.


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