Friday, June 14, 2013

Sleeping naked men

I love this recent post by Dan in OK City of (clothed) sleeping hotties cuddling each other.  Just adorable!  If I was lying beside one of them, I`d never be able to keep my hands to myself. 

I`ve posted pics of sexy sleeping men butnaked ones.  I`m sure that the taking of these pictures probably broke all sorts of privacy laws. By re-posting them, I am just perpetuating the violation of their privacy.   But wow.... these boys are hot!

A few random thoughts:
  1. My crushing 'end-of-year' workload is gradually easing as one deadline after another is met.  It's all very exhausting but my students will be starting their exams next week.  The end is in sight!   
  2. This workload is combined with many after-school commitments such as retirement parties, music recitals and the like.  Most unusally, I've been out nearly every evening this week.
  3. Next week is Pride Week in my town.   I am looking forward to attending and volunteering at many different sorts of events.  I'll have lots to blog about!
  4. All three of my kids and our three dogs have been staying with me this week and probably will be here full-time until September.  I should re-name my house the "No-Nookie Lodge," at least until my Love Nest is finished.  
  5. Starting next week, my ex-wife will be spending the summer at our friend's summer home a few kilometers down the beach.  All the kids will be living with me but will go back and forth freely between their two parents.  An ideal situation, really.
  6. Yesterday, my ex-wife and I had a stressful (for me) texting exchange regarding our son's car insurance but it seems to have run its course.  
He will get his driver's license in a few weeks and will put his truck on the road.  He purchased a $700 truck over the winter (with his own earned money) and has been getting it road-ready all winter long.  In his school auto shop, he has worked it every day using reconditioned parts or parts salvaged from scrap cars. 

It was a fantastic project and he learned a lot about car repair and about the value of money.   For example, instead of paying $80 or more for a new muffler, we went to the scrap yard and found a used one for $5:00.  

But my ex-wife wants us to pay his entire $2,000 / year car insurance but I refused:  
(1)  I can't afford it, but I don't want to tell her that. 
(2)  My son is willing and able to pay for his share of it.  The responsibility and need for budgeting will be good for him.
(3)  As a 16.5 year old, he really doesn't need his own car.  He would have had generous access toboth our cars and we would have paid his insurance in full as an `occasional driver`, like we did with his sisters.

But my wife was determined to "do battle" over it and threw up all the usual arguments such as guilt (He's had a difficult three years because of you!") and resentment  ("If it had been our middle daughter, you would have paid!)   As my father always said, my former wife is right all the time and has to win every battle, all the time.  But I really, really can't afford to pay the whole amount.

But we reached a compromise where each of us pays 1/3 (or so) of his insurance costs.  Another little milestone crossed!



  1. Good that you compromised on the issue. You've taught your son the value of a dollar - and it's a lesson he'll make use of for life. My sister didn't have to pay a dime - Dad gave her her first car and paid her insurance until she finished school and started working. My brother and I both had to buy our own cars and pay for our own insurance. Consequently, we both went to work at age 16.
    Sleeping clothed? That's a no-no! It could lead to damaging the Tunica, leading to a bent cock... Don't do it and don't allow your son to do it.
    (Looking forward to hearing about Pride Week activities. Oh, and don't forget to blog about the seminar!!)

    1. My former wife and I have reached agreement on countless issues other more serious issues than this, so this agreement was reached fairly easily. We still need to tally up the driver`s insurance for the three kids to see what each of us needs to contribute.

      I wasn`t aware of the dangers of sleeping clothed and had never heard of the `tunica.` I have some homework to do!

    2. I've written about this on my blog a couple times - look for tag "peyronies."

      The Tunica is a fibrous sleeve, or sheath, that surrounds the Cavernosa Spongeosum (the two chambers in the penis that fill up with blood). Basically, the Tunica is what keeps those chambers filling to the proper shape; without it our dicks would blow up like balloons.

      When we get a hard-on, that sheath can crack. The resulting scar tissue as it heals is what causes the bent boners - called Peyronies Disease (though it's not really a "disease"). This can be so severe as to impede sexual activity. Some (but typically not all) scar tissue can be removed surgically.

      Most severe damage of the Tunica is a result of overly rambunctious sex - and you'll definitely know if it happens! However, the more mild forms are a result of nocturnal boners getting trapped in clothing, and when the guy rolls over...*crack* goes the cock. 99% of the time, the guy isn't even aware it has happened - he's just got a sore spot on the shaft which goes away in a couple days. The Tunica heals, but now there's a bend in his boner.

      Never, never, never sleep - not even for an afternoon nap - wearing anything below your waist. And make sure your son knows and understands this as well.

    3. I love the freedom of sleeping naked.....Now my penis isn't trapped any more and being a male nudist too.....

  2. I will think of this as your "Sleeping Beauty" post. One doesn't know the provenance of the pictures that appear on the web. Often the unclothed gentleman looks like a perfectly ordinary man, albeit raised to the highest power, and then someone posts a comment, "Hey, that's Rod Powertool who was so great in 'Silver Daddies and Golden Boys'!" I understand your concern because you're a really nice guy, but I wouldn't worry about it too much at this point. It would seem that they surrendered their privacy when they consented to having their pictures taken au naturel.

    1. Thanks, Will, for the reassurance. As a bonus, we get to look at pics of all these lovely sleeping men!

  3. OMB! such wonderful dreaming material here for tonight.

    good compromise on car insurance and summer housing. now get your little "love shack" ready for fun!

  4. $700 a year for car insurance for a teenager is nothing. He should easily be able to earn that. I was 21 when I first had to pay for insurance (but that was so long ago that teenager insurance didn't require removal of body parts for payment), and got a REAL SHOCK! Better he ease into it now, rather than later.

    It's a shame the ex wants to battle everything. I guess she still hasn't figured out that this will eventually alienate her children from her completely (and that will also be your fault).

    Peace <3

    1. This wasn't too serious a battle. She later told me she's going through yet another "difficult time" so that made it all worse.

      It is in my former wife's nature to battle everything. She's better behaved around the kids these days because they have a very low tolerance for that sort of treatment.

  5. Boy things have changed in 35 years. I also purchased my own car at 17 -- it was a massive tank, a '67 Buick Electra. I did so under the understanding that I was solely responsible for both insurance and fuel. The was the price of having that freedom. I got a part time job on the weekends and was able to cover both. It is never to early to teach accountability -- even if you could easily pay for your son's insurance. Seems your ex-wife's unreasonable (e.g., irrational and manipulative) behavior continues. I will pray for you.

    1. Things have changed in the age of over-indulged children since you were young! I know plenty of kids (not ours) who get a new car + paid-for insurance as a birthday present.

      I will be fine when dealing with my wife. Her episodes "unreasonable and manipulative behaviour" occur much less frequently these days.

  6. I don't envy you with the son/insurance ritual.
    I am intrigued over these 'music recitals" < what is this?

  7. Maybe I should have said "concerts." One daughter belongs to the youth Symphony Orchestra which is affiliated with the professional Symphony Orchestra in town; they often perform together. As well, my other daughter's boyfriend belongs to a semi-professional fiddling group, well-know in our region.... so we go to quite a few music events.

  8. I love sleeping naked and being a male nudist too...I was wondering what I look like sleeping naked...Now I have an idea.....

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