Monday, June 10, 2013

Busy weekend

I spent the weekend recuperating from the most tiring work week ever!  I was even too tired to invite Big Red over for some sexytime. The problem was that he doesn't have a car so I would have had to make two round trips into town.

But  Handsome Goateed Guy did come over for some late-night sex in my sauna (at his request) but that will be the subject of another post.   He looks a lot like the guy pictured to the left except with smaller biceps and more hair.  But Goateed Guy has the same beautiful, lean, furry torso, slim hips, big cock and scruffy, handsome face. But Goateed Guy seems to have no awareness of how handsome he really is.

Last weeek, I worked late at school until 9:00 pm a couple of evenings and started at 7:30 am one morning.  In our business, the last two weeks of school are a crunch time, where a semester's worth of procrastination must finally be paid for... and I'm still far from caught  up. 

But this extra work was mainly to prepare for my job evaluation by our new vice-principal (my first since 1995!) which she left until the busiest weeks of school. 

She wanted to see unit plans, lesson plans, day planner, "teacher-parent communication logbook", learning goals, curriculum expectations, rubrics, samples of marked student work, success criteria... on and on. I don't know a single experienced teacher who does most of these things ...  it's mostly in our heads! 

Much of my teaching is moving into the electronic realm via classroom websites, e-learning and documents in an electronic rather than paper format.  I spent hours putting together a portfolio, a sampling of all aspects of my teaching practice. 

We had pre- and post-observation interviews with as well as the classroom observation itself.  In the end, she was tremendously pleased with what she saw and said that I did "exceptionally well."  Whew!

Several colleagues and I also supervised 120 students on a field trip to our local university.  I spent the day surrounded by lovely frat boys, delightfully filling out their jeans or wearing shorts which showed off their fuzzy man-boy legs.  I was consumed with impure thoughts all day long, imagining myself sucking their cocks.

The rest of the weekend was spent clearing out the upper floor of  "The Barn"... really, a rustic guest house on my property where I am building my love nest.  I hauled three trailer-loads to the dump, mainly musty old couches and cast-off furniture, one load to the scrap metal recycler ($) and made two trips into town to buy lumber at Homo Depot. 

I've included a "before" picture.  The interior is rather rustic now, but I will be framing in a 9x9 foot bedroom with sheet rock on two walls and ceiling, fully wired and with insulation installed in the floor, walls and ceiling.  I'm very excited by the new project; rather, having a really private space of my own.



  1. All of our teachers are going nuts, too, so I know what you're talking about. Our department (technology) is going nuts getting ready for all the work we have to do when everyone gets the heck outta Dodge and goes home for the summer!

    If you want to do some more renovating, come on down South! I've got a list! HAHAHAHA

    Peace <3

  2. It's looking good in there...

  3. Congratulations on the job review results, but in truth I don't think any of us here is surprised in the least! Good start on the Love Nest (Den of Iniquity, Sex Buds and Rock & Roll, F**katorium), whatever you decide to call it.

    The thought of the gentleman in picture #1 with even more hair is likely to send me up to the day bed in my studio with a bottle of lube and a smile on my face.

  4. Jay: that sounds like a tempting offer!

    Whkattk: well, it's just a blank slate now!

    Will: thanks for your faith in my teaching abilities and in all the possible new names for my love nest. Yes, the actual Goateed guy has more hair on his head but the same amount on his bodoy (perfect!) He's about an inch shorter than me which I also consider perfect, because as we kiss, I can still reach all the equipment down below.


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