Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Airport pat-down

A recent post by Dr. Spo about airport security and a online story, "Who Pats Down Your Privates," reminded me that I had my first ever pat-down at airport security last month heading to my homophobia workshop which I forgot to blog about.

The security staff at our local airport is largely made up of middle-aged women widely rumoured to be lesbians.  They probably hire one another in a self-perpetuating cycle.  Believe me, I have little interest or experience with lesbians;  in fact, they rather frighten me.   So, why does everyone think the airport security ladies are lesbians?  They`re:
-have really butch hairdos, kind of a short 'wedge.'

I was pulled from the line-up but through some miracle, I was patted down by an attractive young man in his mid-20s;  cute, blonde, blue-eyed and looking very nice in his security uniform. He reminded me very much of many of the 22 year old men I've hooked up with. 

To avoid the perception of inappropriate sexual touching, the online article suggested that  security guards are required to pat down passengers of the same gender.  But what about when one or both of the parties are gay?

At the risk of sounding like some sex-starved old gay guy, it was very hot  having this young man running his gloved hands over my torso and surprisingly high up my inner thighs.  I started to get slightly hard, actually.   He squatted down in front of me in an open-crotched pose and I was treated to a great view of his pants dragged tight over his thighs and bulge.  

I must admit, it was exceedingly pleasant  (more in my imagination than in reality) but was over far too quickly.  I asked him why I was picked and he said that my number came up on the randomizer.

I had hoped that he picked me because he had a 'daddy complex', that he was overcome by my hotness. Darn!


  1. I don't suppose he mentioned your burgeoning boner... lol. I got my first pat-down in March from a guy in his mid-thirties. He never even got close to my crotch...for all he knew I could've had anything stuffed down my briefs.

  2. This has nothing to do with your post... but I have to say, wow. I love Canada. Chris Hadfield, the Barenaked Ladies, Marriage Equality, not to mention all the other great stuff about Canada, including Québec, Montréal, BC, and that special place where you live... Just wow. I heart Canada. :)

  3. anne marie: No, the young security guard was exceedingly professional and besides, 30 seconds won't do it for me!

    whkattk: Well, it was just a feeling in my cock, a slight stirring. Nothing that anyone would have noticed. There have been numerous smugglers apprehended recently who have had their crotch bulges packed with drugs.

    wcs: Thank you! My Canadian citizenship is one of my proudest possessions. We're very lucky to live here!

  4. wondering how you got these photos

    1. Don't worry, I didn't take them myself! They all came from a google image search:

      airport pat down

  5. I too have a fancy to be patted down, but am timid to ask for such, lest I am seen as a troublemaker or worse, patted down by some dyke. God bless 'em! they keep the TCA running but I prefer the Colt wanna-bes for my touch up.

    1. I'd be afraid to be patted-down by some man-hating lesbian; she's been sure to give your balls an extra-firm squeeze in the process.


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