Saturday, June 8, 2013

Big Red

Big Red first messaged me both on and He's a strapping young lad, 24, 6'-0" and 250 pounds but carries it well.   He has wavy red hair, bright blue eyes and lots of lovely reddish body hair.   I always smile at his profile pictures which reveal his face and a goofy, adventurous spirit. 

We'd texted a great deal but due to work schedules, we hadn't been able to get together.  He suggested I drop into his workplace to say hello, anytime.  He's an assistant manager in a small chain food store. 

I went to the busy shop with some trepidation, worried that he would think that I was some old creeper by showing up at his workplace.  I did my shopping and proceeded to his till.  When I was just about to introduce myself, I was joined in line by my former neighbour, a pastor's wife who belongs to a bible-thumping, intolerant, fundamentalist church.   FUCK!!

Big Red rang through my purchases as I chatted to the pastor's wife, thwarted in my plan to say 'hello' and ultimately, get into his pants.   I brought my purchases out to my car and returned to pick up a few more items and made a second run through his till.  "Back again?" he asked.

I was delighted at his reaction when I introduced myself.  "HEY!!!  Great!!"  He shook my hand and greeted me like a long-lost relative;  friendly, open and delighted to see me.  In the 30 seconds I was at the till, we whispered a bit about seeing each other again;  he was more than willing.  "Well, you know where to find me!"

I told him that I didn't usually shop there because it was more expensive than their competitor, he said:  "It's not any more!"   And as if my magic, I ended up paying two dollars for my $15.00 dollar purchase.  Too funny!  He's just terrible! (but in a good way).

I instantly became rock hard in my camo shorts and had to press against the counter to conceal it but he noticed anyway.  He was just such handsome, friendly, masculine specimen but it was the intensity in his blue eyes which did me in.

I later found out that he's just a young man who's making his way in the world, fully self-supporting and saving his money to go to university.  He's fairly inexperienced but has been out since the age of 18 and has one ex-boyfriend. (who was too much drama!)  I also found out that his mother is a retired elementary principal in my school district who I'd met but never worked with, but he wasn't troubled by that.

Since then, we've been together a few times and it's been very sweet!  He's a fantastic kisser and the sort of appreciative lover who is as keen to give pleasure as to receive it;  a rarity.  Ours was the sort of encounter where the time just slips away;  "Have we really been here for three hours?"

He's a larger guy, to be sure, but that extra bit of padding feels nice when we're lying naked together.  It's rather like lying on a soft, warm water bed.  Here's where my double standard really kicks in:  I wouldn't be attracted to an overweight mid-50s man but on him, it's fine. 

We're planning future get-togethers and even a sleep-over, but finding the time is elusive.   To further complicate matters, starting next week, all three kids will be living with me full-time until September. 

I can entertain Big Red privately in my love nest (under construction) in a building separate from where the kids sleep.   But eventually, I will have to tell the kids that I'm inviting this sweet young man into my bed.  There's no way that I can conceal it from them in the long term and I no longer feel the need to do so.

But it might be an awkward conversation.  I'll need to have courage!


  1. re your double std: bigger men who are in shape are like jello - jiggly but firm. Bigger men not in shape are like pudding jiggly but mushy. Skinny men are the opposite - when they're in shape they're like fresh, crisp french fries firm but tender. When they're not in shape they're like undercooked fries - soggy on the outside but too hard underneath. :b

    1. Sean, you're a genius! That's exactly the problem I have with older, out-of-shape, fat men. It's the jiggly, mushy pudding feeling which I don't like. LOL

  2. "There's no way that I can conceal it from them in the long term and I no longer feel the need to do so."

    As I recall, you were waiting until your divorce was final before you became more open about this with your kids. Has that happened? Congratulations on your freedom!

    1. Thank you! This kids have known for some time that I have been seeing men. I won't be introducing them to any of my casual hookups, however, unless they meet accidentally as has happened twice alredy.

      Since my divorce on March 31, I've gradually opened up to the kids about having men over to the house but am still speaking in euphemisms: "I'm having someone over tonorrow evening" without being too detailed. No rush!

  3. You'll need courage -- coming out to the family is always a tense moment --- but take heart that your children love you and, from your descriptions of them, are intelligent young people who will probably embrace you as mine (two daughters and a soon-to-be son in law) did.
    I'm wishing you the best with everything I have.

    1. Well, I don't need THAT much courage! I came out to my kids a couple of years ago and it was a non-event. They've also known that I've been seeing men for almost as long.

      This is different in the sense that I will be "dating", or whatever I should call it, "going out" or "hooking up" with men much more openly and not just under the cover of darkness. LOL

  4. you know what they say about us redheads, don't you? HAWT AS FIRE!

  5. I had to laugh about your former neighbor catching you at exactly the wrong time. Is it a rule that stuff like that always happens at exactly the wrong time?

    "eventually, I will have to tell the kids that I'm inviting this sweet young man into my bed. There's no way that I can conceal it from them in the long term"

    Long term??? Wow. I know you're not talking about anything close to a commitment, but still, any mention of "long term" from you is a little surprising!

  6. anne marie: :-) Big Red can also be sweet and gentle, too!

    Two Lives: Yes, it was a classic situation. Of all people to meet, the pastor's wife(!!) She appeared just as I was about to try seduce that handsome young man less than half my age, with the goal of getting into his pants!!! However, she's a lovely person and had been my neighbour for 15 years so we had a lot to talk about; our families and my divorce.

    I didn't mean "long term" as in a LTR with Big Red! Heck no! I was using the term loosely and I really meant that I would be bringing a parade of different men into my love nest "in the long term", for the next couple of years, perhaps.

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