Monday, June 24, 2013

Groped at the Drag-a-Palooza

The transgendered young man, Ethan, has texted me numerous times with plenty of weekend chit-chat about dinner at his aunt's house, what he and his sister cooked for breakfast and a bonfire party for his cousin's b-day.   He seems to have strong family support! 

I still have no hint about the purpose of our coffee date tonight and am still rather concerned about it.  Ethan offered to buy the coffee and drive out to the country to a park just 2 km from my home.  "To spare you the driving," he said.  I did mention my age (50) and my kids' ages, referring to myself as an old fart and he responded:  "50 isn't old!"

My third local Pride event was the Drag-a-Palooza on Friday night.  A couple of hundred people attended; a much younger crowd than at the Pride Breakfast. 

It was SO MUCH FUN!  All the local drag queens lip-synched their songs but otherwise were fantastic!  Big hair, big make-up and big attitude.  What a hoot!   To my surprise, fully half of the performers were women in drag as men.

As I expected, half-a-dozen students from my school were there, mainly the GSA kids.  They were all SO EXCITED to see me there .... just a-quiver!!  We chatted briefly, with me wearing my Pride gear  (Mardi-Gras beads, plastic bracelet and Pride T-shirt) but didn't mention the pink elephant in the room, the fact that I was obviously their first and only out teacher.   This was an even bigger outing for me than the Pride Breakfast.

Another former student in his mid-20s, a masculine hottie who had been on the football team, came by several times to chat.  He just couldn't believe that I was there! .... and the feeling was mutual.  I'm sure that I contradict some people's stereotype of what a gay man should be:   fairly masculine, dishevelled, formerly married and the father of three children.

I saw numerous lumpy, middle-aged couples in attendance, decked out in Pride beads or pins.  A puzzle:  were these mixed-orientation marriages?  Which one was the gay spouse?  Then I realized they were straight parents attending the event with their queer teenaged son or daughter with other siblings in tow.  It was fantastic and heart-warming to know that those LGBTQ kids had such strong family support. 

I also saw a few groups of 16 - 17 year old boys.   After careful deduction and some eavesdropping I realized that they were straight boys attending in support of their gay friend in the group.  Again, wow!  Well done, boys!

I had the most fun of all volunteering for a couple of hours at the door, partnered with a cute gay university student:  checking for hand stamps on those re-entering and preventing anyone from taking liquor out to the street.

It was a chance to chat with everyone going in and out, friends and strangers alike,  and to be hugged and even groped by numerous hot, random, drunk guys.  Gay men are so funny! 

I briefly blogged about the awkward moment with a former student, Jamie.   He's 34, short and rotund, very feminine and the son of my former department head, now retired.  When he was my student in the late 90s, it was obvious that he was gay and that he had a crush on me.

After his initial conversation-stopper, "I had the biggest crush on you!   I thought of you when I jerked off. I did that for years!", he returned many times to chat, press his body against mine and to grope.  Each time, he was a little bit more drunk and with a new line.

"We're having sex.  Tonight!"
"You've made my cock so hard!"
"I'm not taking no for an answer!"
"I want you so bad!  I've wanted you for years."
"Here, feel my fat Portuguese sausage."

In plain view of everyone, students and my new lesbian friends alike, he groped me and my cock became rock hard and (I'll admit) I indulged in some groping action myself.  In the end, I had to keep shoving him away.   I did not want to have sex with him and escaped with my virtue intact.  He was just too much:  too fat, short, feminine, young and a bit needy.  AND, he was my former boss's son!  But I caved and gave him my cell phone number.

So this weekend, I received numerous texts from Ethan, Big Red and Jamie, all wanting to spend some time with me.   I'm feeling under pressure....


  1. Considering your former student was drunk, I think you did the right thing by holding him at arm's length. You might want to accept coffee in a public place with him, if for no other reason than to tell him you're uncomfortable with any sexual situation.

    1. Yes, he was really persistent but given his condition, it would have irresponsible of me to take advance of him.... I also would have run the risk of starting some unflattering gossip about me since this whole episode was witnessed by many people including students from my school.

      But he was my student sixteen years ago, so I could have had sex with him without any professional repercussions. Had he been +40, taller and hotter, I might have even considered dating him!

  2. Your former student in the football team - imagine how many times he was groped! But you are not going to say no to Big Red, are you?

    1. No, and I'm feeling guilty because I haven't seen him in over a week! I must text him tonight.

      It's been extremely busy with exams being written and it's hard to host him when all my kids are here. But my "Love Nest" will be ready soon and I had host men anytime I want. :-)

  3. It's so cool working public events! I can't wait for VA Pride in September! Glad you had a good time, even with the shameless groping. And your self control set a good example for the young folks there.

    Peace <3

    1. Yes, I LOVED my volunteer time!! Well, he was a drunk, horny young lad so I won't hold it against him. And I rather enjoyed the groping, truth be told! How could he control himself, poor boy, when faced with a hottie like me! LOL

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