Sunday, June 16, 2013

Sauna sex

In gay circles, "sauna" or "steam bath" has long meant a place to go and have casual sex;  a brothel.  But in countries such as Finland, saunas have no sexual connotation at all.  Culturally, they're regarded as nearly sacred places where families can seek not only physical relaxation but mental and spirital healing as well.

From the first time he came to my house, Handsome Goateed Guy has asked to have a sauna together and last week, the stars lined up so that we both were available and all the kids were out of the house. Initially, I wasn't as keen on the idea as I'd never considered my sauna as a sexual place.  I would have much preferred him in my bed but it turned out to be a very sexy, sweet encounter indeed.

Although we've been together numerous times, it was the first time we'd talked at length. Nice!  I learned more about his background, family, jobs and gay history.  He's a quality person, low-key and drama-free, committed to his family and with a core of life-long friends.  He's much more of  a blue-collared guy that I had originally thought but there' s nothing wrong with that!

We sat beside each other, thigh-to-thigh, talking and giving each other hand jobs but without trying to cum.  It was very hot, sexually and in temperature, as our skin became more sweaty and slippery. 

Later, we took turns lying down the bench;  I lathered him up and caressed every inch of his body from toes, inner thighs, ass crack, pits to his neck.  Because it was mid-afternoon, the room was brightly lit and I got to see all of him clearly;  he's a fine physical specimen indeed!  Normally, I'm with men either in the dark or partiallly wrapped in bedding so this was a first for me, caressing a naked man in clear view in front of me.

But the problem with saunas is that the heat is exhausting and makes it difficult to maintain an erection.  Later, we moved up to the main house where all I wanted was sleep!   But we had a sweet sesssion in bed.  He's a fantastic kisser and cuddler but in the end, I was too tired to cum but he did.

In the afterglow of our sex, he took great care to give me his schedule for the next month;  his work days and when he's off or out of town. "When can we do this again?"  I've never see a guy more anxious to get together with me ..... there was none of the usual "playing-hard-to-get" games or pretending to be too cool which is so common amongst gay guys.  It's very sweet and funny!


  1. It sounds like you found someone who just might have 'LTR' possibilities. And, if not that, at least a quality guy to spend time with, and be a great friend to.

    1. Yes, I've considered that possibility. Although I am in no way ready for an LTR (or barely ready for dating), if he did ask me to go on a hike or something, I would say yes. But right now, I wouldn't ask him out. So far, I would say he is nearly perfect, personality-wise.

      He is also completely perfect physically and sexually: about one inch shorter than me, a passionate & skilled kisser, handsome, very fit, lean & furry torso, sexy thighs @ ass and a beautiful, fat cock which is in perfect working order.

      Our first several encounters were extremely hot but we scarcely exchanged a single word. Now we've had conversations and have gotten to know one another a bit.

  2. One of my intentions is to visit a sauna soon but I have heard they can be scary places.

    1. Hi Teddy!
      If you went to a gay sauna, I predict that you would get LOTS of attention, based on your profile pic of your sexy torso.

      I've been to Steamworks in Toronto several times. I blogged about my first experience here.

      Yes, I was scared shitless; it was such a foreign place, I might as well have been on another planet. Now I'm quite comfortable there but I have yet to hook up with anyone. I'm content to watch and to try to figure out the "code" or whatever behaviour is needed in such a place.

      By the way, I've added your blog to my blogroll.

  3. When I built a retirement house for myself and Fritz it was agreed that there would be a built-in sauna with a window as much like Finnish saunas as possible. We enjoy it alone together, and often with friends. Our shower is placed next to the Sauna for cold plunges whenever people want. The progression is frequently sauna-shower-bedroom.

    This guy sounds like a keeper, not necessarily for a lifetime relationship, but certainly for a nice ongoing sexual involvement because it sounds like there is a good level of sexual compatibility.

  4. I would not know: I don't last more than a few minutes in a sauna. What a wimp!

  5. As Will (above) said, saunas can get overwhelming and cold-shower in the near vicinity helps. Same goes for steam rooms. You can get all hot and sweaty and then strut your boners to the shower to cool down, and then return to the sauna. It doesn't necessarily have to be in a gay bath house either; between the military and the local gyms, I've seen more sauna and steam room hand jobs and blow jobs then you can shake a stick at. I've also gotten my fair share in both.

    Anyway, this guy sounds like he could turn out to be a very good friend.

  6. never had the guts to do the Sauna thing :-(

  7. Dealingwith sex in the sauna.....I had an erection on the fellow who was with me...I was totally surprise he couldn't get a hard on.....With the heat an all my erection was short live...... He finally totally me he had ED problems....and life went on...

  8. Another bc dude at 57. My recent experience sounds like yours. -yesterday Not sure yet if a good or bad thing although now don’t have to hide it


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