Monday, January 16, 2012


Who knew that having a gay slut phase took up so much time?  It's been all-consuming, but very rewarding.   My first week getting of my feet wet in the online hookup scene has been very exciting, by my standards, anyway.

My experiences so far have left me very confident in my desirability, both physically and with respect to my personality, as viewed by other gay men.  In the past year,  I've received many, much-appreciated compliments from my blog readers based on the many half-nekkid self-pics I've posted.  However, it was still a shock pleasant surprise to receive a similar reaction from gay men "in the flesh."

This pic shows my preparations for the upcoming week(s) .... I have feelings of excitement, anticipation and trepidation.  I must have courage!  There is no turning back now!!

Here is a small sampling of the gay sex-themed books to be found at our public library.   Not bad for a smallish, remote, blue-collared town!    Would public libraries in some of the more conservative parts of the USA even be allowed to have such a collection?  By the way, I know this 1992 edition of The Joy of Gay Sex is somewhat dated, especially in its discussion of HIV/AIDS.

I'm sure this Andrew Christian Freshman Car Wash advertisement has been viewed by every gay man the world over, but I had to include this uncensored version. It is so much hotter than the edited YouTube version.   I got very aroused watching this.... it's insanely hot!!  I loved the jiggle action, the soap dripping off cocks and the sexy models fondling each other.   I only wish I was there to watch the fun in person.
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  1. Buddy, it appears that your library has a couple other tangible items, at least from your photo. Is that lube, condoms, and WTF? A backdoor toy? Hahahaa. We'll need a detailed report.

  2. Make sure you read that all-time classic: "Douching for Dummies".

  3. and make sure you get your Gardisil vaccination. HPV infection rates are as high as 90% for gay men who live in urban centres (and HPV is rarely disclosed by gay men, especially those on Internet hook-up sites). Do it, or risk a future that may include anal cancer

  4. damn that vid is bulge-inducing...wish there was a little more grass on the playing fields...

  5. Wow. My car sure looks dirty. Where can I find this car wash?

    I think you make a good point that many small town libraries in the U.S. would have either removed these books, or never have thought to get them. But, that really depends on the town. I grew up in a Midwestern town of 13,000 and it was very progressive. Some of these social issues were on the radar screen in the '80's from what I recall.

  6. anne marie in phillyJanuary 16, 2012 at 5:50 PM

    O...M...F...G...that video is f-ing HAWT!!!!!!!!!! spouse was watching my facial expressions during the video; he could tell that I was thoroughly enjoying myself. "wiggle wiggle wiggle yeah...I'm sexy and I know it". oh buddybear, I love you!

  7. add to your boy scout kit: a few towels and poppers.

  8. Jack, yes, that is a butt plug to help me prepare to be a bottom. All I can say at this point is this: we're working on it!

    Cubby: I laughed out loud when I read your comment, surrounded by colleagues at work. I obviously couldn't answer their question, "What are you laughing at?" I normally have zinger to send back at you but even I can't top that one.... although I did top something else tonight.

    Don: thanks for the great health advice. I'll look into it ASAP.

    Minn-man and anne marie: yes, the video is so hot, even if the guys in the picture don't have any body hair..... too bad!

    Mack: good to hear from you!

    Ur-Spo: I discovered the need for towels too late.... it was a gusher! I've never done drugs and wouldn't have considered poppers. Since you as a doctor suggested them, I now might consider poppers. I am a bit surprised that you suggested them, however. Is there a concern mixing medication for high blood pressure with poppers?

  9. Poppers tend to drop the blood pressure a bit, but not that much !
    Think of poppers as 'hamburger helper for the boidour"


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