Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Gay Hookup Sites

I've set up several profiles on online hookup sites with the goal of having regular sex with men.   I had no idea being that a gay slut would take up so much of my time, and these are just the preliminaries!

There are 80,000 people in my town which is located in a vast wilderness area.  The "locals" include guys who live in a 200 mile radius who often come to town for the weekend.  So, at most, the total pool into which I can dip my gay bait is is 100,000 people.  Online options include:

  1. Craigslist.   In Canada, Craigslist was banned from accepting personal ads as it was believed they were being used for solicitation.  Therefore, Craigslist is out.

  2. SilverDaddies.  The guys are divided into two categories:   the "Daddies"  in the age range of 50 to 80 and their "Admirers" in the under 40 crowd, with lots of guys in their 20s and 30s.  Locally, this site is not very active with just 12 - 20 guys listed but many them in both categories seem very appealing indeed.     No one has yet contacted me and I've been too busy to message any of the guys, but this one has some potential.   It is refreshing to be "too young" for once, since many are looking for guys in the +55 age range.  

    Someone needs to tell these guys that a full-frontal, open-crotch shot is not the most flattering look for a fat 70-year-old man... it's like being stabbed in the eye.

  3. Bear411.com.   Many of the men on this site are absolutely gorgeous bears, otters and cubs.... the sort of men that I post on my blog.   They are just so appealling!!!    Sadly, there are only about 5 - 10  men listed from my town.  I've been swamped with messages and compliments from handsome men from all over for two reasons:  (1) The "Fresh Meat Syndrome" meant that my profile was listed in the "New Members" section and (2) I included in my profile many of the bare-assed pics which I've posted on this blog.  They've been very well-received by the boys!

  4. I've chatted extensively with several guys from town and have received some fantastic advice on the local scene and gay hookups in general. I had one coffee date with an experienced hottie.  More on him in my next post.

  5. Adam4Adam.  I already had an A4A profile from last summer. It was how I met Hottie Nurse and Stoner Dude.   There are only two older, local guys on the site who are active,  They look as appealing as some browning fruit which has been sitting on the supermarket shelf too long.....  a strong whiff of desperation!   Pass! 

  6. squirt.org.    This site lists over 1,000 guys from my town.  Wow!!  I set up my profile with plenty of bare-assed pics and was instantly swarmed by all manner of lurkers, like circling vultures.   While some of them looked appealing (and many downright scary), I was instantly overwhelmed and changed my profile to another major city to stop this activity for now.    NOTE TO SELF:  If a guy who lists "fisting" and "water sports" in his profile sends you a message, don't respond!!!   

  7. Plenty of Fish.  This is by far the biggest site as it lists heterosexuals as well.  In the first 6 hours, I got messages from ten guys in the 35 - 58 age group, most married, needing "absolute discretion", closeted with kids and unable to host.   Again, the fresh meat syndrome, but this site doesn't allow bare torso pics so it was the words in my profile which attracted the guys.  I wrote:
 I've been married for 20 years. My wife and I separated one year ago when my wife found out (and I admitted) that I was gay. I had a growing realization that I liked guys starting in my mid to late 30s.

We are progressing steadily towards an amicable divorce and the time has come for me to experience my gay side with other guys. It has been a fantastic adventure so far and I want to savour my exciting new life. My mood is now celebratory... I finally figured out myself after all these years!!

Ideally, I would like to be with guys like me, 40ish and reasonably fit, who would like to explore their attraction to men. Age is not a consideration and believe me, I would never turn down a guy in his 20s or 30s! The man I am with will have to understand that I have very little experience in being intimate with men, as I've only had two hookups so far. But I am very eager to learn and to experiment!

Absolute, unequivocal discretion is guaranteed, especially if you are still married and closeted. I fully understand how tremendously difficult it is to be in that position and would do nothing to jeopardize your life. At the same time, I understand the increasing desire to have physical contact with another man experienced by a closeted, married guy. You have my complete understanding and sympathy.

Since listing, I've been actively chatting with several appealing, apparently-sincere guys and have a coffee date lined up at a swanky bistro for Thursday evening. I'll keep you posted!


    1. Hahahha, I loved this:
      "accidentally looking at one of these pics is like being stabbed in the eye."

      Keep us posted Buddy Bear. I love hearing about your adventure! By the way, what happened to #4 and #7 on your list?

    2. Thanks Jack!! It's like those images will be burned onto my retina forever. As to #4 and 7, I was having trouble with the HTML formatting of the list, that's all, now it seems to be fine.

    3. Don't forget about BearCentral.com, although it's not really a hookup site. It's more social/chatting, if you're into that. I'm going to check out Squirt's fisting section now...

    4. Squirt just seemed like guys who were out for exhibitionistic sex in my opinion - like where to do it in public.

      There is also daddyhunt.com, but I'm not sure whether it is in Canada.

    5. There is also Manhunt.net which you could try. It all depends what your goals are for your internet dating experience. There are some genuinely nice/sexy men out there however they are the exception. The asynchronous nature of the Internet means that it can be vehicle for falsehood and personal risk. Why not go for quality sex rather than quantity? And don't discount men that are older than yourself, they often have a lot of experience to offer (without stabbing you in the eye).

    6. anne marie in phillyJanuary 10, 2012 at 5:23 PM

      go for it, buddybear; you deserve it! just be safe so that we have your friendship for many years to come!

    7. bearforest.com and daddyhunt does work as well in canada

    8. Cubby: When searching for fisting partners, be sure to to select "extra large hands" on the squirt search engine... you want to get your money's worth, don't you?

      Mike: it's always a pleasure to hear from you! Thanks for confirming my initial impression of squirt.

      Don: Thanks for the great advice! In my 20s, I only went out with women older than myself In fact, my wife is seven years older than me. I would never rule out ending up with an older guy ... all my contacts so far have been with older guys.

      I certainly am expecting quality sex... I won't just jump into the sack with anyone! I'm not in any way desperate or needy.... and I value myself.

    9. OMG- you've being pulled into the online gay hook-up vortex! Run! Run! Run! ;)

      BTW, the last pic is from a foreign film from Argentina - it's very good - although the name escape me right now.

    10. Dr. Spo: Scruff would be my number one choice... just my kind of guys, I think. Sadly, I don't own a phone which will support Scruff and I won't get getting a I-phone anytime soon.

      I wonder if there is any way around that? I would consider getting a pre-paid or disposable phone in Canada with the correct operating system to support Scruff. Does anyone know if this is possible?

      RG: Yes, it's a scary new world and at times, very disturbing! I still can't help but think that I will meet Mr. Right in person, by volunteering with our community LGBT organizations.

    11. Plan B is such a hot movie, that's where the last pic is from.

      the Hookup world is like a drug once you get into it.

    12. Hey Jared, I've added your blog Closeted in College to my blogroll... very hot!! I admire you for exploring your sexuality at such a young age.... you are far more experienced than me, and I am 30 years older!

    13. @Jared - Thank you! I couldn't remember the name of that movie to save my life! LOL

    14. I'm happy one site calls me an admirer and not a daddy. Makes me feel 40 again! ;)

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