Friday, January 6, 2012

'306' - a short gay film

For me, the most exciting thing about blogging is the fact that visitors from around the world read my blog and look at my pictures. About 70% are from the United States. Recently, my Canadian traffic has increased somewhat when I listed on Queer Canada Blogs  Cool! I'd like to get more Australian readers but I'm not sure how to accomplish that.

Recently, I received a e-mail from Hilde Orens, a Belgian producer, writer, author and blogger who lives in London. She wrote:

"I wanted to send you a link to a video, a short gay film (not porn) .   It's called '306'; written, directed and produced by film maker Elliot London. Set in Chicago, IL, this 11 minute short film shows a day in the life of a young man. Without a single word spoken, '306' is full of emotion and shows us exactly how Eric (played by Brian Estel) feels at all times. Beautifully shot and great acting."

I loved the video and found the main character just adorable.  (Edit:  I meant physically adorable in the first half as we watched him get out of bed, get dressed, go to school and shower.)  I felt some tension as I wondered what he was so pensive about, like something bad was about to happen to him.

I found the violent scene at 6:10 very hard to watch and the ending very jarring.  I guess that sort of thing really does happen in real life? .... a disturbing thought. 

"306" Short Gay Film from Elliot London on Vimeo.


  1. I rec'd the same email from her, as did I suspect many other gay bloggers. I am planning on watching the short film this weekend.

  2. I found this film to be quite disturbing. As I understand it, the film is about a man who is "gay for pay" who has unprotected (violent) sex with men but also has a relationship with a woman. So he is living a life of lies and putting himself and his partner(s) at great risk. Why would that be adorable?

  3. Don, I agree with you completely; those were my exact thoughts.

    I should have been clearer in that I found him physically adorable in the first half, getting out of bed, getting dressed, showering etc.

    The unprotected anal rape scene was very disturbing. The ending was quite jarring as we get to see the innocent partner who is also being placed at risk.

  4. Thanks for sharing. I agree. It is very disturbing and puts things into perspective. Who really gets hurt.

  5. Hey guys... I am sorry that the film was disturbing to you... But its suppose to be as real as it gets. This is a story of someone sitting next to you, or even you. We have all put ourselves in difficult positions in our life... either its living a double life or having unsafe sex... Its not unheard... I feel that if the movie has made you think and talk than it did its job... Elliot

  6. Elliot: no need to apologize. Congratulations! I loved the video and am thrilled you took the time to comment here.

    Your video had an important message to tell and didn't white-wash the issue. I am a newbie to the gay scene but am discovering (from my online reading) that a great many closeted married men are putting their wives at risk.

    By the way, I am now "out" but did not screw around with men while I was married.

  7. I thought the film was exceptional! Very true to life. It says a lot about life today.

    The beginning of the film I believed it was a gay couple. Then maybe it would be a story about bullying... Maybe it says a lot about youth and how some people will do most anything to get by while in school.

    I don't think it was a rape scene... and without getting into a discussion on safe sex it is true to life.

    There were many stories that could be imagined. Without saying a word the film makes you add your own soundtrack according to your take on it.

    I say the film is well done.

  8. Jim: Thank you for your thoughtful comment. You have far more experience than I do, so I'm sure you are correct in saying that it is "true to life."


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