Saturday, January 7, 2012

Dogably Pawfect Saturday

It's another Dogably Pawfect Saturday, created by Sean of Just a Jeep Guy DC.    The combination of sexy guys and cute dogs just irresistible!

I`d like to thank everyone for all your fantastic comments after my last post.   Your support was just overwhelming!     I may have over-reacted to the PSA result which might not mean anything..... so I won't tell my parents or children about it for now.

I've had numerous  random guys contact me with their prostate cancer success stories.  One common theme was "full removal is far from the only option."

I had another blood test yesterday to measure the ratio of "bound PSA" compared to "unbound PSA" which should provide a more definitive result.  We'll see how it goes!   However, I do remain quite concerned about some symptoms "down there." 

My son (pictured above) and I went cross-country skiing today with our two little doggies. We go to a nearby Nordic skiing centre with some 50 km (30 miles) of groomed trails. We are very lucky that dogs are permitted on about 10 km of trails, off-leash.   When the dogs figure out where we're going, they just go wild with excitement.   They just love it!

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  1. An entire site of hot guys with cute guys? Why am I just learning about this now?

  2. Heart-warming pics - love 'em all, and all that's in them.

  3. skiing witht he dogs looks like awesome fun! enjoy.


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