Saturday, December 3, 2011

A dogably pawfect Saturday

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My brother sailed through his prostate surgery and today, seemed comfortable and very relaxed about the whole thing.  The men in our family are very stoical!  The cancer was of the slow-growing variety ...  good news indeed.  I will see my doctor next week to discuss my own prostate health.

Today, I'm joining Sean at Just a Jeep Guy DC in his feature called "A dogably pawfect Saturday."   We are a family of dog lovers and usually have two or three dogs in residence.  Since our separation, our dogs have mainly stayed with me while the kids switch back and forth between households.

Two months ago, one of our little dogs became critically ill with severe neurological symptoms.   The veterinarians could not pinpoint the cause but speculated it was meningitis, encephalitis or a case of poisoning with some toxic substance.  Within a day, he lost most of his senses and bodily functions and seemed near death.   He was on massive doses of antibiotics, steroids and another drug for nearly a month.  Now, he has fully recovered both physically and mentally.

As I blogged about this sad event, I was overwhelmed by the sympathy and support from the regular commenters on my blog.  Thank you again!

Here is a video clip of our two little dogs running in the forest behind my house several weeks ago.  We've since had a dump of snow and temperatures in the -20 C range. The second dog to appear in the clip (the black and tan curly-haired terrier) is the dog who was ill;  the first dog (the brindle terrier with smooth hair) is his brother from the same litter.


  1. Glad to hear the good news on both fronts. I hope your brother and the dog both continue to do well.

  2. Sounds like things are going well. 2012 should be your year then. Bout time.

  3. Those puppy pictures are killing me. My best girlfriend just got herself and her family a puppy last week and I'm so jealous!

    I want a puppyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!

    (...and get laid too)

    (...but that's entirely different story)

    (Damn landlords who doesn't allow puppy in the appartment!)


  4. anne marie in phillyDecember 3, 2011 at 2:50 PM

    RG - {{{{{hugs}}}}}

    wook at da widdle puppies! you have such cute dogs, buddybear!

  5. Skier: I certainly hope that 2012 will be "my year!" Right now, I'm just incredibly discouraged at our difficulties in selling my house.

    Jon: Too bad about the ban on dogs. I hope your landlord doesn't have a ban on you getting laid in your apartment... that would be going too far!

    anne marie: Thank you! I should post a picture of them as newborns with their two brothers. We had a litter of four male puppies born in our home. Exciting!

  6. Now that I own a dog, I've been become so sensitive about dogs. Hearing of a loss, or (worse) an abuse makes me go off the deepend with emotion.

  7. I know it is very discouraging right now. But it will sell. You know it will (from other posts) it will just take time. Considering everything else you have dealt with this year, it really isn't a big enough thing to cause ulcers or staying up nights.


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