Sunday, December 25, 2011

A Nekkid Merry Christmas

Yes, these two pictures are me in all my chunky glory. 

Recently, there have been many online pics of hot naked guys wrapped in Christmas lights, such as these Christmas hotties.   I thought it looked way cool and decided to give it a try myself.

After eleven months, my blog has just passed 50,000 visitors.  Wow!!  I'd like to thank each of you who visits my blog,  whether you are a regular commenter, online friend, lurker or one of the great many who just come to look at the pictures of sexy men.  Thank you all!

Thank you for your unfailing support, fantastic advice and concern expressed in comments and in private e-mails.   I deeply appreciate you coming along with me on this journey.... it would have been a isolating and desperately unhappy experience without you.

I wish everyone a very safe, happy holiday.


  1. A very Merry Christmas to you. I am so pleased that things worked out (even if only temporarily) so that you and wife aren't fighting at Christmas. The kids will never know how lucky they are (my parents divorced at Christmas, I know)
    Oh, and I really like the second shot.

  2. Merry Christmas!

    For some reason I feel like singing a Debbie Boone (actually the only one) song. ;)

  3. Have a merry Christmas and I wish you the best for the year to come. Hopefully it will be a little less... "crazy"... I mean, that things will move in a slower and more comfortable pace.

    There is no way I could have ever pulled a shot like this. I only got a 10 seconds delay on the camera. I don't have one of those remote clicker thingy!

    Oh! Hai Sean!

  4. Thanks Skier, Sean and Jon for visiting my blog and all your kind comments over the past year.

    Jon, my camera only has a self-timer too. I had 10 seconds to set the timer, shuffle across the room with my legs bound by the wires, plug in the lights, switch off the room lights and then get in position. I'm amazed that the pics turned out as well as they did! I really like them.

  5. Hahahaha BB, that pic is great, as is the story of you hobbling over to get in the shot when the timer fired.

    It may be Christmas, but I believe you are firmly entrenched in your Gay Spring.

    Happy Holidays man. I love your spirit!

  6. Have some lovely festive days, BB - and here's to a 2012 being a remarkably positive year for you, and one where you can continue to entertain us and help you to bear any troubles which may come your way (though I do hope there are very few of these). Very best wishes.

  7. Wow! Really cool pics!

    Merry Christmas, Buddy Bear!


    Merry Christmas!!!

  9. I agree with Mike, you look nice in the pics! ;-) Merry Xmas!

  10. Mike and M@rvin: thanks guys! Speaking as an old fart, it is a real boost to my self-confidence to receive compliments from hot young guys such as yourselves. It's taking a bit of getting used to.

  11. If nothing else tells the tale, these two pictures say that you are ready to go out into the world as a fully prepared, fully functional gay man. I love your sense of over the top fun. Have a very Happy Christmas -- and don't get singed by any Cristmas lights!

  12. anne marie in phillyDecember 25, 2011 at 4:17 PM

    oh my stars...wish I could find THAT under my tree! thanks, santa, for decorating BB for my viewing pleasure! and to all a good night!

    confidential to BB - you're sexy and you know it (to quote a LMFAO song); ask your kids if you don't know who LMFAO is.

  13. Very nice!! Merry Christmas to you!

  14. The decorations are well hung.

    Merry Christmas!

  15. A very Merry Christmas to you.

    I love the nekkid lights look! It's one of my favorites and you do it oh so very well! Thank you.

    I wish you a most wonderful new year.

    Coreys' Dark Corner

  16. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! :)

  17. Merry Christmas to you. I wanted to let you know that I understand totally what you are going through. My divorce started 18 months ago and is finally almost over. Hearing that somebody else is going through the struggles and trials has helped me tremendously. You are very lucky your wife will talk to you. Mine refuses anything but e-mail or text messages. I am ready to move on, i doubt she ever will be. Thanks again and good luck to you on your journy!!!

  18. Thank you, everyone,for commenting!

    Will: Thank you! My colleagues like my "over the top sense of fun" too. They're constantly commenting about how much happier I am since my separtion.

    anne marie: Guilty as charged... yes, i do think I'm sexy but I don't go around talking about it. It comes from happiness and self-confidence, NOT having six-pack abs which I do NOT have.

    Kelly: it's always a thrill when you comment. You're the granddaddy of bloggers, in blog age, not your actual age.

    Will J: You're funny! It's great that the decoration are well hung because, sadly, I'm not.

    CoreyJo: Thank you! It always amazes me to find out who is reading my blog. Loved your, hot, hot...and added it to my blogroll.

    Dan: thank you! I keep meaning to e-mail you.

    BosGuy: Hey, handsome, thank you!

    Anonymous: It gives me the greatest pleasure to hear that my story has helped you. Thank you for telling me. I hope your wife does "move on", for her sake and for the rest of the family.

  19. Hello, your photos are great.. I can appreciate your situation, even if you had not been married this is the time of our lives to become more "selective" regarding our relationships. Firstly, your children are an important aspect of your life. I am a bit older than you and lost my finest relationships (friends only), to AIDs. I have tried to meet guys strictly as friends and found many "users", shallow individuals and not really anyone worthy. Its rough being a bit alone, but it's far better than having your bank account sucked dry. I have had a lover (god bless) for 39 years, but we depend on one another for so much it's a wonder we have not become completely crazy..
    Blessings and the best of luck to you...


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