Saturday, December 17, 2011

Dogably Pawfect Saturday

February 2011:  Our little dog to the left looks terrible as 
he doesn't get a haircut from September to April each year.  
He needs as much hair as possible in our frigid climate.  His 
brother, to the right, needs a doggie coat to manage outside.   
He sheds his fur and so doesn't seem to develop a sufficient 
winter fur coat on his own.

It's another Dogably Pawfect Saturday, created by Sean of Just a Jeep Guy DC. I find the combination of sexy guys and cute dogs just irresistible.

My daughter flies home today for the holidays.  She's been at second -year university over 2000 miles away, so her visits are few and far between.

It'll be fantastic to see her again and have a cooking partner who is as interested about it as I am.   She'll want to spend time at my waterfront house (with me) as she just loves it so.  Her little dog will be so excited to see her.... that's him on the right, in the picture above.

My other daughter and her friends went skating yesterday evening and I tagged along as well.  It was -20 C (-4 F).... pretty darn cold especially when you factor in the howling wind!   We will be halving a "warm spell" this week so the daytime temperatures should be approaching the freezing point.  Balmy!

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  1. I love men & I love canines... what a terrific post. I want to kiss them all!

  2. Oh to be the drop of water on that tongue!

    I can never decide if I like Tramp shaggy or with a summer cut (it reveals the black stripe down his back).

  3. All are lovely but the two bearded men with their dog between them stole my heart.

  4. I love photos of men and their pups
    4 below? yikes!

  5. Never thought I'd envy a puppy!


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