Monday, December 5, 2011

Five on the fifth: winter weekend

Steven Chapman says:

"Take 5 photographs on the days leading up to the 5th and publish those on your own blog and then add the link to my blog,  State of the Nation UK so that others can see your images.

This month's theme is WINTER WEEKEND.   We've had a week of temperatures in the -10 to -20 Celcius range (at night) and a scant six inches of snow, so it finally seems a little bit wintery here.  Winter is my favourite season as all the recreational activities which I enjoy the most are winter sports.

On Saturday, my little dogs enjoyed skittering on the ice on a little pond behind my house.   I love the action in this shot.  Too bad I dropped my camera in the snow and smudged the lens.

Sunday:  Ice Capades, here I come!

I get the greatest pleasure when skating on natural ice in a beautiful setting.  We get very few opportunities to do this as the pond ice is often too cracked and bumpy for skating or it is soon covered with several feet of snow.  About three centimeters of snow fell overnight, but the skating was still great.

Sadly, I skated alone as both kids were at their mother's house, so these are both self-timer shots.  My kids and I will skate a bit next week after school and work.

I plan to skate as often as possible as time permits.   I could use the fresh air and exercise and I just love skating in the outdoors.   
My son and I went to my waterfront house for the afternoon.  We moved some of my stuff out and brought some of my wife's stuff to her new home. 

Had I snapped the picture about two seconds sooner, this would have been a picture of a buck (male deer) with an impressive rack of antlers. He was eating the dried apples still clinging to the tree in my back yard.


  1. Bbbbbbrrrrr... it looks cold!

  2. I love the picnic table picture. Something about it just seems right. As for the deer, I can tell you that they are not rare here. We have had a "pet" deer for many years. I call her gimpy because she is actually missing her front left foot. That is how we know it is the same deer. She doesn't even flinch when we come home anymore. It did throw her a bit 3 years ago when I bought a new car though. One year, my son yelled "dad, come down here now" and there she was in the front yard not 15 feet (5meters) from the picture window with her latest beau and 2 spotted fawns. It was beautiful. Too bad I didn't have a camera handy.

  3. Nice pics. Love the dogs on the ice.

  4. Looks like you enjoy winter. :)

    I remember trying to skate on a friend's frozen pond when I was a teenager. Not successful :D

  5. I loved skating outdoors when I was a kid in the NE US. Fond memories. I used to wait until dusk, grab a camping lantern and shovel, hike out into the woods where there was more or less a frozen marsh, hang the lamp in a tree and shovel off a big spot to skate. Alone. It was wonderful.

    Since then I've lived in warmer climes and have not had the opportunity to skate.

  6. anne marie in phillyDecember 6, 2011 at 12:13 AM

    ear flap hat - check
    ice skates - check
    snow and cold - check

    must be canadian, eh? "take off for the great white north!"

    srsly, dear buddybear, these are some FANTASTIC pix; the little dogs on ice made me 2a...

  7. Wow, these are really impressive - AND it's still only the first week of December - AND you're not wearing gloves! Your skating doggies grab my attention. I don't suppose they're in any danger seeing that the ice can bear your weight too.

  8. Jim: Texas wimp! :-)

    Skier: we've had more deer in recent years because of our milder winters but they were unheard of when I was growing up. A few years ago, a caribou wandered through our yard and I got a picture of it. That was an EXTREMELY rare sighting.

    WCS, Mike: there is something very special to me about skating on a natural ice in the wilderness. I'd never skate on artificial ice in an area... not at all the same!

    NewLeaf and anne marie: I loved how the dogs feet are in the air. I must try that again with a clean camera lens.

    Raybeard: We've had overnight lows of -10 to -20 C so the ice is plenty thick enough to be safe. In another month, it will be over a foot thick. I took my gloves off to operate the camera self-timer.... it was too chilly out to go without them.

  9. And I was moaning it was a little chilly this morning!

    UK doesn't come close at the moment.

  10. Is it safe to skate alone like that?

  11. Anonymous: thank you for your concern but don't worry! It is just a little pond and probably is only a couple of feet deep at the most. Also, there was plenty of ice thickness (about six inches).... you could probably drive a car on it.

    I haven't been skating since. Right now, it's about -22 C with a howling wind.


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