Thursday, December 1, 2011

Anyone want to buy a house?

 November 30th marks the end of the Movember fundraiser for prostate cancer, so tonight, my moustache is coming off!   My moustache is about 50% gray but otherwise resembles the one in the picture but a bit shorter.  Too bad you'll never get to see it!

In fact, I sort-of resemble that hairy-chested hottie ..... just take away the square, clefted jaw, smooth skin, pretty face and hair (I now sport a buzz-cut.)  You'd also need to add bigger bags under his eyes, dark under-eye circles and about 30 years' worth of wrinkles.

On a serious note, my 52-year-old brother is having his prostate cancer surgery tomorrow, so we are all anxious about that ... that's for sure and my mother is a wreck.

After much discussion and delay, we've decided to lower the asking price for our house to something more realistic.  We've had several groups per week look at it and one ridiculously-low offer but no serious nibbles yet.   The house was appraised at nearly double the median house price in our town so there are considerably fewer buyers who can actually afford it.  Also, it is not everyone's cup of tea to live a little ways out in the country  (a 12 minute commute!), who has a large enough family to warrant the purchase of a house of this size and who would want to snow blow a 200 foot long driveway in winter.  

The real estate market is still booming here but the bidding wars only occur with homes around the median price range in nice neighbourhoods located right in town.   Everyone we know is very confident that our house will be snapped up (beautiful home, spectacular location.... ) so I'm hoping that this lowered price will get us some action.  Once we get into the depths of winter here, the housing market slows down considerably.

I am so anxious to move out to my new waterfront home.  I am also a quite concerned about making ends meet when I do assume ownership.  By next year, I will be paying off the small mortgage and probably a bit of alimony.  The biggest expense, by far, will come from having two kids attending university out-of-town.  Big coin!  I'll cross that bridge when I come to it.

I'll be really brave and post this picture of me standing in my new front yard.... pretty spectacular, eh?   Apart from a few coastal islands, the body of water I'm facing stretches over 100 miles to the nearest shoreline so the water is rarely this calm.  At times, the waves can be taller than I am.  While I don't want to reveal my exact location, I can say that this body of water is geographically unique in the entire world and my property is one of the nicest on this stretch of coastline.  Very special! 


  1. There is water in the photo? All I see is a man with a cute butt (and more).

  2. First thoughts and prayers are for you mom and brother. I can also understand the problem with your sale. My house would have the same problems. Or close to it. Thankfully, I think my wife will want to stay in it. We did just sink money in on new windows and granite countertops. Years ago, when I wanted to move, she said she couldn't leave the house. Here's hoping that stays the case.
    As for the pic. I think I could dig up one of my old photos and it might resemble him. Sure it was when I was 25 and no hairy chest, but the hair on the head is very close to what mine was. Ah to be young again.

  3. I wish your brother the best. My thoughts and prayers will be with him. Geographically, I don;t know where you are you located but water and snow two of the most beautiful aspects of nature combined. Congrats on such a beautiful place. Nice photo.

  4. anne marie in phillyDecember 1, 2011 at 4:49 PM

    I second will! and I would SO hit that hottie at the beginning of this post; he would be weak in the knees by the time I was through with him!

    my thoughts are with your brother.

  5. Everyone: thank you for your best wishes regarding my brother. His surgery was today, actually, as I wrote this post yesterday. He had to spend 5 hours in recovery as his blood pressure became very low but otherwise, it seems to have gone well. We'll visit him very briefly tomorrow.

    Will: thank you. That's my favourite "look"... black boots, jeans and black tee. The disheveled hair is now gone as my daughter gave me a buzz cut yesterday.

    Skier: I've lived in this house 22 years but right now, I'm very ready to leave it. It a house for a past which no longer exists.

    AWILTAGM: thank you! It's a spectacular property... just imagine what the sunrise looks like across the water. I just hope I can afford to keep it after our financial settlement is finalized.

    anne marie: Thank you! You are my most faithful commenter. I love you for it, gurl!

  6. prostate cancer is one of my main medical missions; I hope your brother does well, and he/you advocate for more men to be aware, get tested and help eac other out.

  7. I'm glad your brother made it through his procedure all right. I wish him a speedy recovery. One of my coworkers underwent similar surgery last August and is "back to normal" now.

  8. I don't know why, but somewhere I got the impression you were around Prince George... but that photo obviously proves that an incorrect guess! Still, it's beautiful. It's nice to live somewhere where you can feel the sense of "place."

  9. Seems to me, you being so isolated and such, you could bring a "boy toy" home in the summer, lay a blanket out, and fuck by the shore - at night of course.

    I'm glad your brother is recovering well.

  10. Thanks, everyone! I'll hear more news later but but I understand he's recovering well.

    RG: Boy, do we think alike!

    I've already been thinking that I might need to take in a few gay frat-boy boarders to make ends meet next year. I'd advertise at the local university's gay organization. The boys could have their rent reduced by different amounts if they (1) went around the house in undies or (2) naked or (3) slept in the same bed as me....

  11. Hey Buddy, where is this local University. I think I may need a career change that would require college courses. Didn't think I could afford it, but with lower rent....

  12. You're definitely handsome and super sexy!


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