Monday, November 28, 2011

Wrestler bulges and a missed opportunity

Last month, the university in my town hosted a major collegiate wrestling tournament featuring top wrestlers from across Canada. For the $5:00 price of admission, anyone could watch these grunting, sweating testosterone-filled specimens of manhood at close range.

In the permanently horny condition which I'm in right now, I'd probably ejaculate spontaneously in my pants, just watching these hot young men wrestle with their cocks and balls bulging in their singlets, spandex straining over their lovely ass cheeks and thighs. I know I would thrill to see them laying their beefy hands all over each others' bodies and occasionally get a glimpse of an unplanned wrestler's erection. Imagine the fun I would have had, scoping out their bulges to see whether or not they were cut.

But, sadly, I didn't see any of this.  I deeply regret not going.   I had three reasons for not going.  Actually, the first two were excuses and the last was a reason.

#1 Excuse:  I was sore and exhausted after a difficult week at work and faced a weekend of working around the house and moving furniture. It would have been difficult with my spinal problem to sit on the wooden benches.

#2 Excuse:  I had all the kids with me and somehow, could not come up with an acceptable excuse to be absent for most of the day, "Sorry kids, you'll have to fend for yourselves today ... I'm going to go look at some wrestler's cocks wrapped in spandex."

#3 Reason:  I hesitated about going to the wrestling tournament because I'd be seen by dozens of people I know. Although I am out to my wife, kids, family, most friends and many colleagues, I am not out to the wider community in our small town.   There would have been no satisfactory answer to the inevitable question, "What are you doing here?"  It would be a natural question, especially when everyone knew that I hadn't the slightest interest in wrestling and knew none of the wrestlers.   Attending such as event, alone, drooling over the sexy men, would have been the gayest thing I've ever done... er.. except maybe for sucking cock last summer, described here and here.

It would have caused tongues to wag and suddenly, I wasn't in the mood to deal with it.   If the wrestling tournment returns next year, I promise, I'll be there in the front row!  As a consolation prize, here are some lovely wrestler bulges from


  1. Speaking of spontaneous ejaculation, pic #3, black singlet...are you f'n kidding me?!!!

    If I stop salivating for a second the next thought that occurs to me is: how embarrassing - a near full-boner, cameras flashing, his parents cheering him on...

    I think excuse #2 is a valid reason. Your reason is more of an excuse in my book. IF anyone had asked you could have said that wrestler X (hot man of your choice) is your cousin's cousin on your mother's side. Who would know otherwise?

  2. anne marie in phillyNovember 28, 2011 at 8:53 PM

    #3, with the arm arm raised - MINE!

  3. I agree with TwoLives. WOW, for a short in stature guy!!! As for embarrassing, It has been said the only bad publicity is none. If I was his dad, I would be really really proud of him. Maybe not for the erecgtion, but for the size. And he is right, #2 is more valid. Of course that will be less so with time. As for #3, He is also right. One thing I have learned in my years is that while I/You might feel guilty, I/You don't look guilty. Not as much as you think anyway. Think of it this way: Those there for the visual candy, can't say anything. Not without outing themselves. Those there for legit reasons, aren't even going to think about why you might be there.

  4. Two Lives: The guy in Pic #3 has been all over the internet. There's a lot of photoshopped images out there, but I think this one is for real. Good advice about my "cousin's cousin"... I'll remember that for the future.

    skier: excellent advice about feeling guilty versus looking guilty! I've lead a pretty innocent life (for the most part) so I've rarely had anything to feel guilty about.

  5. Wow! Some of those guys pack that kit!!!!


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  6. so what if you are seen by others - why are they there?

    1. Well, now I wouldn't care as I am very "out" in every aspect of my life. But it wasn't the case at that time; I was trying to be discreet so as not to further anger my wife who was going through a difficult time with our separation / divorce.

      The other people attending would have been fellow teachers who were involved in wrestling as coaches or parents of competitors who I might know.

      I plan to attend the next wrestling competition with no worries about being seen or what anyone might think.

    2. Hope you have the opportunity to wrestle nude sometime Now that is hot and with a little oil applied to both bodies!


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