Thursday, November 17, 2011

Queer Meme

It's been a long time since I've done a meme, so here's a fun one from Dr. Spo.  I've eliminated a few questions as the original was very long.

1. How old were you when you knew you were gay?
It really started when I first got access to online porn. I was about 35 but it took a few years for me to acknowledge that I was really only looking the studly men.  I decided that I was "bi" about ten years later and only truly proved to myself that I was gay last summer (aged 48) with my first hookup.
2. Have you ever had sex with the opposite sex?
In the first year of our marriage, my wife and I had sex daily without fail ... often twice on Saturday and Sunday.  By the time the third baby arrived, this dwindled down to almost never.

3. Who was the first person you came out to?
When my wife discovered gay porn on my laptop nearly two years ago, I told her that I wasn't "100% straight."  I told her I was gay about nine months ago.

4. Are you out to your family?  Yes.  Everyone.

5. Do you want children?   My three kids are my proudest achievement in my life.  I would have wanted a fourth but not any more.  Frankly, I don't have the energy needed to raise a child properly. 

6. Do you have more gay friends or straight friends?
The majority of my online friends are gay.  I have several gay acquaintances but most of my real-life friends are straight.

7. Have you ever been in a sling?   No and I'm not in hurry to try one out.

8. Have you ever done a 3-way?   No, but I'd love to, but with some energetic, hot, aggressive and experienced guys.

9. Have you ever dressed in drag?   Would you date a drag queen?   No and No.... I'd prefer the rugged, outdoorsy, sporty type.
10. Cher or Bette?
I used to like Cher, but her plastic surgery gives me the willies.  It's Bette Midler all the way!

11. Been to Fire Island?  Saugatuck? Key West?  Ft. Lauderdale?  Palm Springs?
No.  No.  No. No. No. .... but I'd love to.  Are there any sugar daddies out there?

12. How many Madonna CDs do you own?  None. 

13. Name of your first love?  My wife.

14. Do you still talk to them?  My wife and I communicate most days, more by phone, text and e-mail than face-to-face.

15. Does size matter?    As Goldilocks discovered, I'd one which was not too big, not too small but just right.   (I meant my partner's cock, not his bowl of porridge.  I think mine is just fine.)

16. Biggest turn on?  Sexually aggressive and self-confident.

17. Biggest turn off?  Poor hygiene, arrogance, obesity

18. Ever been harassed due to your orientation?  No.

19. Worst gay stereotype that applies to you?   I wave my hands about when I talk in a limp-wristed way.

20. Ever been to a pride rally?    Yes

21. Would you marry if you could?  Yes I can get legally married to a man in Canada and I plan to, when I meet Mr. Wonderful.

22. Would you rather be rich and smart or young and beautiful?    Rich and Smart.  Beauty fades but dumb is forever.

23. Do you sculpt your eyebrows?    No, mine are perfect just as they are.

24. Do you trim your body hair?   No, I love my fur.  But I did shave my shaft and balls for my first hookup.

25. Ever had sex with more than one person in a day?  No, but I've done different people, two days in a row.

26. Ever been to an orgy?  No, but I'd consider it.

27. Which character in “The Women” best reflects you?  I've never seen it.

28. How may ‘ex’ do you have?   When my divorce is finalized (I hope within a year), I will have just one.

29. Do you believe in fairies?  No.

30. Do you have any tattoos?  No. I find most tattoos ugly, but if I had to get one, a nice little Canadian maple leaf would be great.

31. Do you have any piercings?   One pierced ear with a diamond stud.

32. Would you date a smoker?   Maybe, if he was Mr. Wonderful.  He would have to do all his smoking outside because of my asthma.

33. If you are male, do you know many lesbians?   About three or four acquaintances but none of them good friends.

34. Do you know anyone who has died from HIV?   No one, actually.

35.  Are you part of a gay organization?  No, but I plan to volunteer at our town's only Queer organization once I am settled in my new home in the new year. 

36. Is your gym cruisy?  I never go to a gym, but in my town, I'm pretty sure its "no".

37. Grinder or Scruff?  I wish I could afford an I-phone.  I'd be on Scruff in a second!

38. Are your best years behind or in front of you?  Having come out and ended a desperately unhappy marriage, I would say "ahead of me", despite concerns about my health and finances.

39. Ever been in love with a straight guy?  A few crushes, but "in love", no..

40. What gay gene did you miss out?
Good grooming / fashion sense.  I sometimes wear my shirts inside out at work (all day!) by accident. I often wear mismatched socks.  My hair usually resembles a rat's nest because I don't always brush it before I head out in the morning.  Nearly everything I wear is from thrift shops or is a hand-me-down.


  1. Buddy, I don't "do" meme's (there's me speaking in absolutes again) but I think 80% of my answers would match yours!

  2. anne marie in phillyNovember 17, 2011 at 4:47 PM

    ummmmmmm, some nice bear pix there! "so many men, so little time..."

  3. I haven't ever done a Meme, but I would be pretty close to yours. But the ones I am not I am pretty glad of (threesome and orgy) Both recent. Must be out of it. What is Gruff Grinder? Another one we differ is I have a recent tattoo but no piercing. I have to ask. When did you get the earring? Recently?

  4. JustAMike: Yes, I am constantly surprised how similar or journeys have been, except you are at least four years ahead, I think. You pointed that out to me in your first e-mail to me many months ago.

    anne marie: I appreciate you faithful commenting! Thank you!

    skier: Few can boast of a recent orgy and threesome. Congratulations! Scruff and Grindr are gay dating / hookup sites which only exist as I-phone apps. I've had the earring for over 25 years... before men with pierced ears became commonplace.

  5. Great meme, Buddy. I'm going to do it too, tomorrow.

  6. For goodness sake, see "The Women" what kind of gay man are you?


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