Monday, November 21, 2011


We've done a great deal of work in moving stuff between the three houses yet much remains to be done.  The important point is that my wife and I are continuing to work together in a highly cooperative, friendly manner.  That makes everything so much easier!

In the past several week, we've also had a sudden flurry of people wanting to view the house.  It's just a question of finding a buyer who is a perfect match for a very special house.
I spent over 40 years never once noticing another man's ass, at least, not that I remember.  Since coming out as gay, I've developed a keen interest in them, not to say obsession.  I have no idea why or when this transition happened.

At work, one of our new interns wears well-fitted dress pants dragged tight over his voluptous, curvacious bubble-butt.  Mesmerizing ...and highly distracting when he's at the photocopier.  It doesn't hurt that he also has beefy thighs which strain the inseam of his pants, a handsome scruffy face and a nice smile.  I just can't tear my eyes away from his beautiful ass cheeks and imagine myself kneading them as one would knead great puffy mounds of bread dough.  I'll admit, it is high time for me to get laid again.


  1. Ok Buddy, I missed it last time, but I can see you plain as day this time. You are one HOT MAN!!! And your ass!! OMG!!

  2. "I'll admit, it is high time for me to get laid again." I'd gladly help you out with that :-)

  3. Hey Cubby, I think you are right. The pic with the mirror right? Again, his style and since when has he ever cenored cock?
    Buddy, I take back what I said before. More thaan cuddling is available. I agree with idleyesandadormay. Happy to help you out. Woof.

  4. Thanks guys, for your kind comments! I took the mirror picture of myself just this morning.

    I've lost about four pounds so far, so this is what twenty pounds overweight looks like, at least on me. I'd say about two-thirds of the extra fat deposited on my belly with the remainder ending up on my ass. My "booty" really is just a lot of fat.

  5. I like to check out a man's backside; it seems to convey if he takes care of himself or not.

  6. "My "booty" really is just a lot of fat."

    Let me be the judge of that. (Please, please, please?)

  7. anne marie in phillyNovember 22, 2011 at 1:33 AM

    I'd like to smack (gently) yer arse! oh my, such fine arses we have here...(sighs)

    PS - lerve the heart placement!

  8. There is nothing wrong with your "booty". Let me bury my face in it.

  9. 20 lbs overweight? Cripes. Don't lose a pound. You'd waste away to nothing. I'll second what everyone else has said.

  10. The guy on the right in the very top picture has the kind of firm, beautifully shaped ass I love!

    You say, "I have no idea why or when this transition happened." I can understand your not remembering the when, but the why is pretty obvious;
    fully accepting your true sexuality and letting your inner gay man run free would explain your enchantment with the beauty of your fellow men.

  11. Ur-Spo: Wise, advice, I'm sure, but what does one do to "take care" of one's backside? Does this mean exercise to ensure that it is firm and perky?

    Will #1 and anne marie: thank you!

    RG: if I'm ever in Boston, that would be first on my "to-do" list.. you know that.

    Mack: Oh, all right, but 15 pounds less would be perfect. If I started running again, this extra weight would be just jiggle city and a bit too hard on my knees.

    Will #2: That's one of the best things about blogging. When I'm unsure about something, I just put it out there and some wise, experienced advice is sure to come my way. Thank you!


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