Wednesday, November 9, 2011

I Slept with a Hairy Male between my Legs

Sadly, the male was of the four legged variety rather than one with three legs.  This is my oldest daughter's little dog, the brother of our other  little dog who was gravely ill last month. (but has since had an amazing recovery.)  My daughter is at university thousands of miles away so her doggie takes turns sleeping with other family members. 

He only will sleep under the covers between my legs with his head pressed firmly against my bulbous groin region.  Sweet!   Instead of cuddling with a dog, I so look forward to one day cuddling with a nice, furry man who loves me.

The viewing of the house has been slow, to say the least.    I think we need to lower the price a bit but so far, this hasn't happened.  We are at a critical stage in our division of assets so I don't want any arguments to jeopardize our deal.  Next week, we are to visit a lawyer to transfer the deed of our waterfront home solely into my name and finalize the deal on my wife's new house. 

Since our other house hasn't yet sold, I will have to arrange financing to buy my wife out of half of its value... and we've agreed on a reasonable price.   My wife feels that we can manage the payments on all three houses until we get an offer..... Hmm..... maybe, but not for long.  Stressful!

(I wish that cute guy was
French-kissing me!)

She also apologized for forcing the sale of our house before it was truly ready to sell and before my daughter and I wanted to move.  After two years of turmoil, she just needed to get settled.  

I said that I could understand that.  The apology was nice, but her constantly changing her mind over where she was going to live a lot of turmoil and stress.  I also said that she had better be prepared to accept a lower price for it because of the forced sale.  

She also said that I could meet with a realtor of my choice to prepare to list our house, should we decide to do this in a few weeks.  A another little bit of progress!.  I'm not to keen to fork out $25,000 to a realtor but if that's what we need to do to sell it, then a man's gotta do what a man's gotta do.

We're still thinking about it.  We just need to keep pushing ahead.  There's no turning back now!

*My weight:  191.0 pounds.

*I plan to post my weight as a record to myself  and to provide a bit of online motivation.
For RG:


  1. Boo. Your title had me excited. Although, RG's not my type.

    Glad to hear the doggie's doing better.

  2. You're tantalising us with these crotch shots! Hope you're keeping well.

  3. anne marie in phillyNovember 9, 2011 at 7:28 PM

    ummmmmmmmmmmm, nice! lucky doggie!

  4. Mack: I'm like the little boy who cried "wolf" too many times. When I really do post about sleeping with a sexy man all night, no one will believe me.

    The last pic is French porn star, Francois Sagat; he's not my type, either, but my blogger friend RG (dulce y peligroso) gets all hot and bothered by him.

  5. DTaylor: Yes, I'm a shameless tease and flirt, at least online. In the right setting and with a receptive audience, I can be the same way in real life as well. Thank you, I am doing well.

    Love 'ya anne marie! I think that picture looks rather nice!

    We're the lucky ones to have such dear little dogs living with us from the moment of their birth. Sadly, their mother passed away two years ago leaving a big gap in our household.

  6. Posting your weight is a good idea, for it will 'hold you accountable' knowing we are watching - you are more apt to keep going.

  7. Posting your weight is a good idea - we get to tease you mercilessly, but with encouragement. LOL

    Thanks for the pic. Of course a handsome Frenchman would have a French Bulldog!

  8. You got a big package, but when will you deliver?

  9. Cubby, I'll deliver when you are ready to receive.


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