Saturday, November 19, 2011

Moving Day

This week has been insanely busy.  My wife and I exchanged many e-mails and phone calls finalizing the division of our "stuff"... and boy, we have a lot of it!  We've got antiques, leather couches, appliances and "big boy's toys" coming out the wahzoo.   I can say there wasn't a single item we disagreed on.  I was frankly astonished by my wife's kindness and thoughtfulness throughout.

I haven't seen behaviour like this since we were newlyweds.  Sadly, it's too little, too late.  She's burned too many bridges with former friends, neighbours, my entire family and even (to a much lesser extent) me and kids to ever fully recover in their eyes.

Today, the big move begins.  Much stuff from the waterfront house is being moved to my wife's new little house in town along with selected items from the house which we are selling.  I will have no involvement with this part of the move at all... the doggies and I will be doing a disappearing act.  On Sunday, I will be moving a great deal of my stuff, most of it in storage all over the place, into the waterfront home.

I won't actually live in the waterfront house until our other house sells.  We have concerns about it being left vacant while it is up for sale.  Potential buyers continue to look at the house at a slow but steady pace.  The response has been very positive but so far, but the "perfect buyer" is elusive.  Our house requires a family with children who are willing to live out in the country and are very well off, as the house is a bit "high end."  My wife is very confident that we are close to a sale. I'm very much less confident about it, but time will tell.

Nothing else to report, so how about some eye-candy?   All pics from


  1. Every time I read your updates I'm still surprised at how fast and how well your divorce is coming along. I hope things go well for your wife's move today and continue to go well for you. Soon you'll be ending this chapter of your life and beginning a very exciting one ;-)

  2. I agree. Moving day was VERY hard for me, but seem to be holding up nicely. Good for you.

  3. anne marie in phillyNovember 19, 2011 at 7:52 AM

    the one in the wet whities looks promising!

    another mountain climbed, smooth road ahead for a bit. go buddybear!

  4. yum, like those thick guys in the post. hey good luck on selling your house, sounds like the transition is moving along. later

  5. Thanks, everyone, for commenting! My wife's move seems to be going smoothly except for a flat tire on her car. As with every crisis, she couldn't deal with it so phoned me immediately. I went in, put on the spare tire and had the puncture fixed.

    I came back home a minute ago, alone, but with the little dogs. I am presently feeling much more sad than I expected. The house is so so quiet. The worst part is seeing that most of the kids' bedroom furniture has been moved, although several beds remain in the house. It really is no longer our family "home."

    The kids and I felt it was important that both of them spend the first night together with my wife at her new house. After tonight, they assured me, they will be switching back and forth between their two homes as before.

  6. Moving can be very stressful but it appears that you have thought this through and I wish you an easy and speedy move tomorrow (Sunday).

    I also want to wish you luck with the sale of your home and hope that in this instance your ex-wife is right that the perfect buyer will be forthcoming (and quickly).


  7. Glad it's going well. Good luck with sale! And... where can I sign up for a "delivery?" LOL

  8. Transitions can be very difficult - I'm glad this one is going relatively smoothly. Moving 20+ years of memories can't be easy.

  9. Thanks for all the supportive comments, guys!

    Yes, it is very sad moving out. Our house now looks like a "model home", with most of the major pieces of furniture in place but nothing personal in the closets or on the shelves. It was in this house that the three kids were conceived and raised for their entire lives so far. My wife even says that we had a great many good times in our marriage, in this house in particular.

    It's time to move on to our exciting new lives.. and we are both committed to doing just that.

  10. Yes, how about that eye candy! Always a nice way to end a blog entry.

    Goo luck in the house sale and transitioning to our new home. Just one question: will your running over to bail your ex-wife out of life's little emergencies continue indefinitely, or will you begin to withdraw from that and simply make a life on your own?

  11. I've been bailing her out very much less in this last year of our separation. She really does want to "make it on her own." I expect she will occasionally ask me for help even after we are divorced. I won't become a doormat and she wouldn't want that, either.

    Our interactions have been so cordial and cooperative lately that there is no reason for me not to help her in a crisis ... just as I help out my other friends. This sort of thing may only happen a few times a year.

    Although I don't blog about it, my wife shows me the same concern and consideration. For example, she was instrumental in expediting my MRI and other medical treatments when I had my spinal problem last June.

    One issue is that the kids are often on the scene when these problems occur so when I am helping my wife out, I am also looking after their safety and well-being. The kids are often called upon to help their mother out (much more than your average 15 and 16 year old) so that in turn reduces the help that I am asked to provide.


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