Friday, November 11, 2011

Sexy Talk with Explorer Jack

Yesterday, I had the greatest pleasure in talking to Explorer Jack who documents his sexual adventures on his blog One Hookup at a Time.  Very exciting!

We've had a brief online friendship, reading and commenting occasionally on each other's blogs and sending the odd e-mail. A few days ago, Jack proposed that we record a conversation to post on our blogs.

We agreed in advance to limit our recorded conversation to several minutes in case the readers of our blogs have short attention spans.  Jack was so charming and funny ... I would have wanted to talk to him for an hour.

We also planned to ask one sex question each which was the greatest fun of all.  There is so much more I want to ask him, all sex-related of course

Jack is a most remarkable individual.  He's the same age as me (late 40s) and works hard to maintain his slim,  killer body ... a rarity for guys our age.

What is more unbelievable is that he only started hooking up with guys at the age of 47 and has quickly become the Hookup King with hot guys of all ages, even young 'uns.  He just blogged about his 64th hookup in (I think) about two years.   I admire him for his courage, drive and sexual energy.  Inspirational!

NOTE:  the sound quality on my end of the conversation is terrible!  Sorry about that!  I promise we will iron out these technical difficulties for our next sexy talk.

Sorry!  Video has been removed.  You snooze, you lose!!


  1. I like Jack's sex blog. I'm a fan. Your story and his are so similar, it's kind of freaky. For the longest time I thought you and he were the same person. I thought he was your alter ego. There are a number of bloggers I read who have two blogs - a regular one plus a secret sex one. I figured you were doing the something similar, and "Jack" authored your secret sex blog. But this video proves beyond all doubt Jack it a whole separate person.

    Jack's a hottie! And your voice is as sexy as ever. I was listening hard for you to say the word "about". I could listen to you say that word to me all day long and be in heaven. LOL

    This was a fun idea you had with Jack. I'd like to see you do this with others.

  2. Cubby: Thank you! The idea was entirely Jack's. I just had so much fun talking to him; he's just the coolest guy ever. I loved the concept and certainly plan to do it again, I hope again with Jack and maybe others. Dr. Spo?

    Yes, there are similarities between Jack and I, although I know very little of his story before the age of 47. I wouldn't think that he'd been married for 21 years and has three teenagers like I do.

  3. This was a neat idea. It was a little hard to hear you, but BTW, I could pick out your Canadian accent ;)

  4. Buddy Bear! I'm blushing because of your Gushing! Thanks for the compliments. I would really like to pull down that video and have a do over, as the quality of the recording does NOT DO JUSTICE to your voice.

    I'm sure your readers will also be jealous of me to know I was looking at a photo of you while I was talking to you, so I felt like I got the whole package. (not THAT package!!! Hahahah)

  5. That was fun! And new - at least to me. I'd love to see some follow-ups.

  6. anne marie in phillyNovember 11, 2011 at 3:33 PM

    I'd love to be in bed with 2 guys alas, I don't think it's ever going to happen in reality, only in dreams... :-(

  7. Ah fun thing to do but I couldn't understand what you said. You should pull this out and do again as Jack suggested.

  8. Yep. Definitely a gay voice. G.A.Y. LOL Just kidding..I'm a kidder....

  9. Thanks for commenting everyone! Yes, we'll definitely have to do another Explorer Jack / Buddy Bear interview, once the technical problems are solvled.

    RG: funny guy!!

  10. You know, you can just call me, and I'll talk dirty to you real goooooooooood. ;)


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