Wednesday, December 7, 2011


Wisdom teeth, that is....  I was referred to the only oral surgeon in my town recently to get a wisdom tooth removed. Routine procedure, right?

The surgeon was concerned about the radiation treatments I received on my jaw and neck as a cancer patient 29 years ago. The 5700 rad dose of radiation, he felt, would have caused  "radio-osteonecrosis" of my jaw bone and severe damage to the capillaries and nerves. This could lead to a dangerous, uncontrolled bone infection if the wisdom tooth removal didn't go well.

He is recommending that I go to the nearest major Canadian city such as Calgary or Vancouver and to receive six weeks of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (one hour per day, five days per week) and also have the oral surgery done there. WTF!!! I've never heard of such a thing.  I don't have the time or the money for this!

I'd assumed that HBO was all quackery or the latest fad, reserved for the likes of Michael Jackson and Tim Tebow (shirtless pic).    But apparently, it is a reputable medical treatment for bone infection.  Who knew?

I am going out of town to get a second opinion from another oral surgeon and will be asking my family doctor about it tomorrow.   There's no need to rush into anything.

If I do go, I need six weeks accommodation in an expensive city which I cannot afford.  Hmmm..... I wonder if there is an older, experienced gay sugar daddy in one of those cities who can help me out.   Free room and board in exchange for six weeks of sexual favours?  I'll even do all the cooking, nekkid.  I'm in!


  1. I'll take the guy in the top photo, please. Thank you.

    Hope you get a better opinion. Good luck!

  2. LOL! We all want sugar daddies don't we??? I sincerely hope all works out for you! Good luck!

  3. Oh God, BB! You read my mind. I wish I had a sugar daddy doctor, and a sugar daddy dentist and a sugar daddy mailman, and a sugar daddy plummer, and... ;)

  4. anne marie in phillyDecember 7, 2011 at 6:46 PM

    I too like pix #1...but pix #3 is wearing a cock ring, which is a turn-on for me!

  5. HBO is also a treatment for severe burns as well.

    Now, please have these all the fine gentlemen wrapped and sent to my address. Charge my account. I'm feeling particularly slutty today.

  6. Everyone, thank you for your best wishes! Maybe some time away is just what I need. I'm sure the finances would work out, somehow.

    The problem would be to find a sugar daddy like one of the hotties pictured above .... someone close to my age (or + 10 years.)

    Another problem: I understand that men of that age are mainly interested in much younger men, not a middle-aged fart like me. In turn, I wouldn't be interested in a 70-year-old sugar daddy. Sorry!

  7. Oh dear - I quake at just the thought of going for a standard dental appointment. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you with regards to your oral health as well as your house...

  8. I smell a rat : it sounds great nonsense and "CYA" or " I dont want to treat you"

  9. Urspo: thank you! My MD (who's young, sensible and very intelligent) searched the medical literature and found scant evidence that HBO treatment does anything at all in cases like mine. What "rejuvenation" of the tissues & bones is possible 29 years after the radiation treatments? I didn't think of the "cover your ass" comment --- very astute.

    I see an oral surgeon in another town in one month. His assistant passed along his comment that he has "heard of HBO." This suggests to me that he's never had a patient who has had the treatment.

  10. I think the first oral surgeon is maybe afraid of trating someone who has had ANY radiation. A specialist might be in order, but I think I would look for one who has dealt with a radiation background.


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