Sunday, September 29, 2013


Who knew that a post on cut/uncut cocks would provide such a lively discussion?  Just check out all those comments!  Thank you guys (and the one gal!)

I have much to say about me never cumming during a blowjob. But at this moment, I am feeling a little stressed-out and anxious and want to defer that discussion for another day.

What I know for sure:  I will never be comfortable enough to "let loose" when some stranger takes my cock in his mouth, especially when he's a cock-sucking virgin.  Most of the 22 year old hotties or closeted 40-ish married men I hook up with are quite inexperienced and don't know what to do with a hard cock. 

I'm highly romantic, sensitive person, and yes, I'm a Cancer.  I have always known that I need to some emotional connection with the man I'm with;  some sense of commitment, trust or familiarity, some feeling of affection (or even love) before I will have a really good experience while receiving a blowjob or giving / receiving anal sex.

I'm anxious about several things which have been building up:
  • My daughter away at university is having some difficulty for the first time, mainly with a sleazeball landlord and also with one of her courses.  But there's only so much a parent can do from thousands of kilometers away and anyway, my ex-wife is now "doing battle" with the landlord so that should help.
  • My stack of unmarked work is piling up and I really, really need to attend to it today.
  • I am tired of living in a construction site and if I don't finish within the next month, I'll have snow drifting into my living room along with the chipmunks and squirrels who are presently running in and out. 
  • I have some follow-up appointments on Monday morning and I'm hoping for the best regarding my spine and prostate
  • I forgot to prepare the lessons for my supply teacher before I left school on Friday, so I'll need to leave for school at 7:00 am tomorrow to do all the required set-up. 
  • THE BIG STRESSOR:   Due to our marital drama, my wife and I did not file taxes for four years, so last June, my wife prepared all our taxes for 2009 to 2012, inclusive.  A monstrous, highly complex task!  
Three of the returns were fine but I just received a six-page notice from Revenue Canada asking for more information to review the accuracy of my 2011 return.  The information requested includes proof that we were living apart, details of our separation agreement and the dates which the various kids lived with me. 

I can't remember what I did yesterday, let alone two years ago.  All this information is due within four weeks and if it doesn't go well, I might have to pay another several thousand dollars in tax.   I just feel sick about this latest complication.

Although I was loathe to do so, I was forced to ask my ex-wife for help since she prepared the returns;  all I did was sign them.   To her credit, she not only offered to help but arranged to send all of our tax information to her sister-in-law who is a partner in one of Canada's largest accounting firms.  That was a huge gesture on  her part for which I am deeply grateful.

But how about ending on a positive note?  For the moment, it's a glorious Fall day here, very cool but with a brilliant blue sky.  Fierce winds which have whipped up a pounding surf which I can hear all the way into the house.  Exciting!   And here are some pics of some sexy, masculine guys to brighten my mood.


  1. You've had a lot going on, I can understand why you're stressed. And a notice from the tax man cannot ever be a good thing. I hope that is resolved quickly and to your favor. I'm sure it's just a documentation thing, I can't imagine your ex-wife falsifying anything intentionally. It's great she's helping to resolve it all.

    I just shook my head at the "sleazy landlord" bit. That's too bad. But I guess there are many just like him here, based on what my college age friends have told me. Seems to go with university student living arrangements. I hope that and the course issues are also resolved quickly.

    Now get busy marking papers! HAHAHAHA Those students want to know where they stand! ;-)

    Peace <3

    1. Thanks, Jay. I was in no way suggesting that my wife did anything inappropriate with our tax returns. I know that her tax expert sister-in-law will provide us with wise advice.

      In fact, we were still married at that time so all our tax returns were filed jointly. Any actions taken against my return will impact hers such as which parent claimed which of the kids as a dependent.

      The "sleazy" landlord problems aren't sexual (I hasten to add); it involves multiple problems with the building such as plumbing from the third floor persistently leaking onto the floor where my daughter and friends have their rooms.

    2. Oh I definitely wasn't suggesting that your ex did anything nefarious! Sorry if appeared that way!

      I know the kind of landlord you are talking about. We call them slumlords. Unwilling, or at least ridiculously slow, to make necessary repairs, leavig things undone, just letting the property fall into general "slumness" if they can get away with it!

  2. long distance {{{{{hugs}}}}} and smooches to a stressed buddybear!

  3. lots of anxious things yes.

  4. Thanks, Dr. Spo! I liked the Anxiety Monster on the download. I rarely worry about things I can't control, but my emotional are still quite raw after the horror of the past (nearly) four years, my coming out, separation and divorce drama.

    When I have multiple items which are of concern, it is more difficult for me to shrug them off.


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