Monday, September 9, 2013

Hottie Veterinarian

Not much news to report here! 

Over the past several months, my little dog developed a bump on his paw which grew steadily until it was the size of a walnut.  It might have been a giant blood blister, a fat-filled cyst or a swelling from a spider or tick bite.  Nasty! 

But luckily, it was loose and not attached to any bone or ligament. But it needed immediate attention as it was getting larger by the day.

The on-call veterinarian looked exactly like the hottie pictured at left; mid-30s, slim, olive skin, smouldering grey-green eyes, of Portuguese descent and looking delicious in a dress shirt and tight(ish) dress pants. 

And.... he was a former student!  Coincidentally, he was from the same class as the former student who groped me at the Drag-a-Palooza during our Pride Week. 

It's always great to see a student enjoying success in life.  I was especially pleased that Dr. Hottie was self-confident enough to call me by the shortened version of my first name.  Many former students can never get comfortable in calling their teachers anything but Mr. _ _ _ _ . 

I must admit, my mind was racing with "impure thoughts" as we leaned close to each other, struggling to hold my squirming dog on the examining table.  Had Dr. Hottiet wanted to have sex with me like my other former student (mentioned above), I would not have said "no." But, sadly, he's very straight, married with young children.
Recovering from the general anesthetic

My little doggie had surgery on Sunday ($900.. which I cannot afford. Yikes!)  and is now doing really well;  eating, pooping, peeing, hobbling around on his leg-cast and best of all, not trying to gnaw off the bandages. 

On the hookup front, I haven't logged onto for several weeks now and in fact, haven't even entertained any of the numerous Grindr boys who have asked to share my bed.   There are several reasons for this;

1.   I was tired of being messaged by all the older (60ish), fat, married guys who were wanting to "experiment" with a man.  I think: "Dude... you want to cheat on your sweet wife after 35 years of marriage?  You should have figured this out long ago." 

Again, my terrible double standard is at play here:  I have some sympathy for the closeted married guys in the 35 -45 age range but not the older ones.
2.  The construction of the Love Nest is in full swing and it's the only place I can entertain privately.  The installation of wiring, computer network cables, insulation, vapour barrier and sheet rock all need to be done ASAP, before the cold weather sets in. 

It's a hassle and a waste of time to be hauling the mattress in and out of the room every time I want to have sexytime with some guy.  They'll wait for a few more weeks.
3.  Two of my kids have been living here full-time since Labour Day .... there's something going on with them and my ex-wife (ie:  conflict) but I don't know what. They both seem to be avoiding her. 

I could entertain in the Love Nest after dark but I'm pretty tired that late in the evening.  Some of the young men and I are planning a sleep-over but if the kids were in residence, it would make our morning routine a bit awkward!  Again, the hot young men will have to wait... and I know they will! 


  1. One thing I like about you (of many, let me add) is your confidence in your attractiveness and sexual skills that allows you to opt out of the sex scene for a while when necessary without concern that the guys won't be there when you jump back in. Seems to me you're in a very good place these days.

    1. Thanks, Will! Yes, I'm pretty happy these days.

      It was you pointed out to me some time ago that there is an inexhaustible supply of horny men out there, with new ones emerging all the time. So, yes, there will be other men.

      But the thought did occur to me that I shouldn't be complaining so much about having too many offers for hookups.

      For sure, I won't be as in demand when I'm 55 or 65 ... in fact, the offers probably will dry up completely! But I am also very hopeful that I will be in a LTR with my special guy by the time that happens.

  2. Gotta argue that those older married guys "should have figured this out long ago." There are plenty who are Bisexual and just want the occasional male hook-up for some fun.
    However, I would suggest that they hit the local bathhouse, or attend the local Jacks group rather than trying to hook up on squirt or other such app.

    1. You're correct! I know nothing about these older guys who try to contact me. This is too small a town to have any sort of a bathhouse and I've actually never heard of a Jacks group either.

  3. "I won't be as in demand when I'm 55 or 65"
    Well, there were a couple of 30-somethings up here in NH that were pretty demanding when I entered those age brackets. One keeps in touch, and inviting. Don't sell yourself short on being a desirable older man.

    1. Thank you, Will! You're a prince to share such a positive story!

  4. That a cute photo of the fellow on his knees and his penis hanging. Smiling at the dog..

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