Thursday, September 5, 2013

TMI Road Trip! and a squirt-less week

I trying out a little experiment; for this week, I'm not logging on to at all.   The big reason is that I'm soooo exhausted from the first week of school.  I would have no energy to hook up even if I wanted to.

As well, it's tiresome to be bombarded with messages every time I log on from guys who I've already told very clearly.  "Not interested."   If I ignore them long enough, I guess they'll eventually stop.

I'm also tired of the constant pressure from guys my age and older who are seeking something more serious ....  dating is something that I'm just not ready for, at least not with them.  I might regret this one day when my messages dry up completely, but I'll cross that bridge when I come to it.

But I must admit, this self-imposed celibacy is causing me to obsess about cock even more than usual so I don't think it will last long.   Now that I'm going into town every day, I am constantly ogling the hot young guys who are everywhere.

I'm thinking of going back to hooking up with the young 20-something guys. Compared to guys in their 40s and 50s, they're a lot more fun-loving, less needy and have no interest in an LTR.  

Coming off a very long road trip, this TMI Thursday:  Road Trip!  is right up my alley.  Thanks, Sean!

1.  Pilot or navigator.  Although I'm a good navigator, I much prefer to drive unless I'm with someone who drives more safely than me, such as my middle daughter.  

I've had some harrowing experiences with my wife at the wheel early in our marriage.  She's highly A.D.D. and would multi-task while driving down the highway at full speed, holding the steering wheel with her knees while she flossed her teeth, filed her nails or reorganized her purse.  After that, I did all the driving.

2.  Were you ever able to read a map?   I have loved maps from an early age and still prefer them on long car trips.  It's impossible to get "The Big Picture" using a GPS.

3.  Can you sleep or read in a car?  I never read in a car as I get nauseous, but I can occasionally have a little nap if I trust the driving skills of the person at the wheel.

4.  Driving in the snow is a lot of fun!  It's one of my favourite driving things to do which is a good thing considering the climate in my part of the Great White North. 

5.  Music, talk or audio books?  Audio books?  Never!   But I really enjoy chatting with whoever is in the car with me, usually a family member.  

Otherwise, I listen to CBC radio in the car.  If the CBC is not available, I listen to the radio:  classic 70s rock or 80s country:  George Stait, Garth Brooks, Alan Jackson and the like.

6.  Pack a snack or road kill?   I start out the trip with healthy snacks but after days of travelling I go for the comfort of greasy McDonalds' burgers, fries and ice cream.  By the way, I have cooked and eaten road kill (such as game birds), but only when I killed it myself with  my car and knew it was fresh.

7.  Direct or scenic route?   I love the scenic route for a meandering Sunday drive.  If I'm driving with a purpose and a time constraint, it's direct all the way.

8.  Car games?  Never.

9.  Can you fix a flat?  I've changed flats countless times and have trained all my kids to do so as well, although my daughters are not quite as keen on doing it. 

10.  Have you ever picked up a hitchhiker?  I have never hitchhiked myself, but I pick up hitchhikers on the Trans-Canada highway every now and then.  I feel perfectly safe doing so.  There are a lot of them on our remote northern highways and picking up hitchhikers is still a "done thing." 

But I only pick up male hitchhikers and mainly dudes who are young and hot.  (my old double standard kicking in again!)  Also, I would only pick up a hitchhiker if he looked clean and did not seem like a street person.   

Rest stops?  I'd hook up in the cab of a transport truck if the opportunity presented itself but I'd be too scared to hookup in a seedy rest stop.  I have my standards!


  1. I'm currently a little overcome by that incredible bearded silver daddy in the first picture -- one of the most spectacular men I've seen come from the web porn treasure trove.

    I share your love of maps completely. While I adore driving and much prefer to be behind the wheel, on those occasions when I do navigate, I'm all over the maps. I have a collection of road maps of just about every state in the U.S. and of Canada from about Toronto east, so that I always have one to pull if a road trip comes up unexpectedly.

    1. Yes, that silver fox has it all: slim, toned body, beautiful cock, beefy thighs and (I hope) a lifetime of experience in giving pleasure to men.

  2. Road kill was meant to be a cute way to say greasy fast food not actual road kill! That said, I'd have no problem doing the same as long as it was chicken or turkey. :)

    Standards? Like garden sheds? Just kidding.

    1. I'm sorry, I was clueless about that "road kill" reference. I live in quite a redneck, rural area and I would never pass up the opportunity "accidentally" hit a partridge or ruffed grouse wandering across the road. We cook them up immediately for lunch for a great gourmet treat!

      My son told me that he was out with some friends recently on a rural road. He ran down a partridge, cleaned it and cooked it for their lunch. A chip off the old block!

      And Sean, In DC, I think I showed you the pic of the 'garden shed dude'. A sweet Italian young'un, construction worker, lean, furry torso, handsome, huge cock. Believe me, he falls very much within my "standards" of men I'd like to hook up with. LOL

    2. Nah, I'm a redneck and happy to be one. Roadkill IS roadkill! HAHAHAHAHA

      Sorry, Sean, but you gotta get outta the city every now and then! HAHAHAHAHAHA

      Love ya, dude! I did it, too, at!

      Peace <3

  3. that first pix makes me go weak in the knees! what a hunka hunka man meat!

  4. Cool post! Loved it! Again, we have a lot in common...see my responses at!

    That first picture...HOLY CRAP!!! What a DICK!!!

    Peace <3

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