Friday, September 13, 2013

TMI: Over the Rainbow

TMI Thursdays are a regular feature from Sean the Jeep Guy.   :-)   By the way, today's pics are completely unrelated to the topic of this post, but I think the men wearing boots are sexy as hell.... including they way I feel when I wear them.  

And here's a teaser:   I've been contacted on AND grindr by a 22 year old university student with a boot fetish who is highly motivated to get together, as long as it involves me and my boots.  But there are many complications.... details to follow.

1. How much do you love and how many times have you watched The Wizard of Oz?  I've never seen it, at least not completely. Throughout my entire growing-up period, we only had two TV channels and rarely went to the movies.

In my mid-20s, a colleague was horrified that I had never seen the Wizard of Oz.  She loaned me her VHS tape but I don't think I sat through the whole thing;  it just wasn't my cup of tea at all.  But I'm sure I'd like to watch it now!

2. Do you think that Dorothy was a scared and lost little girl or was she really a murdering little bitch?  .... Although I don't really know the story, I'd vote for scared.  I never use the b-word.

3. Will you be off to see The Wizard of Oz when it's on the big screen in iMax 3D?  It's coming to my town so I'd consider it.  But it would really suck to have to go to the movies alone.  Maybe it's time I invited a man on my first gay movie date.

4. Have you ever been to Kansas?  I've been to sixteen States but never Kansas.  I'd love to drive through one day on my way to Arkansas to get a tattoo from Erik.

5. Wicked is______  something I could be, quite easily.  But just in fun and as long as I didn't hurt anyone.

6. Where is home?  As a Cancer, making a home of my own is of primary importance.  Although I've made homes in many places and love visiting big cities, the Canadian north woods is where I belong.

7. Who would you like to drop a house on?  I'd consider dropping a house on all gay-hating politicians, religious zealots and commentators, especially the self-loathing, closeted ones.

8. How would you "pass the day away" before seeing The Wizard "In the Merry Old Land of Oz?"  Probably at home as usual, working on one of my many do-it-yourself projects.

9. What's your wish when you put on the Ruby Slippers and click your heals three times?  I'd wish for a sweet, kind Mr. Right who loved and appreciated me as much as I loved him.  Oh.... and maybe win a modest sum of cash so I could clear some of my divorce-induced debts and travel more often.

The Scarecrow, Tin Man and The Lion - Do, Dump or Marry?

I'd do the Tin Man for sure because he'd be nice and hard.  I've been with several men recently who weren't as hard as I would have liked.   But in the long term, I need a man with a big heart and Tin Man doesn't have one. 

I'd love to cuddle The Lion and marry him.  I love men with a bit of fur and together, we'd find the courage to do anything.  My only concern that he'd be too needy and clingy.

I'd do the scarecrow with the hope that he 'd fit the stereotype of "hung, dumb and full of cum."  But for an LTR, I need someone who is funny, smart and able to hold his end of a conversation.   I'd find it boring being with a dumb person, no matter now hot he was.


  1. I was removed in shame from TWoO as a four year old who was very scared of the Witch and who went on a crying jag. My father, ex-military, told me to stop and when I didn't (couldn't) he got furious and took me and my mother out of the theater. He didn't tolerate boys crying or showing their emotions. Like you, I've never seen the movie all the way through.

    1. Thanks for sharing that great story, Will! That's yet another thing we have in common; that is, never having seen TWoO all the way through!

  2. Great answers. Love the North Woods. Outdoors is my kind of fun. Great pics, too. Love a man in boots. - Uptonking from Wonderland Burlesque

  3. See the Wizard of Oz, then find "Dark Side of the Oz". I'll let you Google it. I think you'd like both!

    Peace <3

  4. Kansas is rather flat, but they have nice sunflowers.


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