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Men kissing men

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Right from the first moment of my first sexual encounter with a man, kissing has been of primary importance to me, both as an expression of intimacy and as a means of arousal.  I've mainly kissed other men in private because in most parts of  prudish Canada (and I assume the USA) the sight of one man kissing another in public remains a big taboo.

Quite a few men won't kiss another man during a casual hookup, regarding it as too intimate.   Everyone should have to the right to their own preferences, of course, but it does seem odd to me that those same guys will then take a total stranger's cock and/or balls in his mouth (or stick his cock into their's) and not regard this act as "too intimate."   Just sayin'....

Except for when I'm giving a backseat blowjob to some anomymous (usually married) guy, I expect to be able to kiss the man I am with and generally will not hook up with a guy who refuses to kiss.  But it's not usually an issue since I discuss all this in advance of meeting in person.

Another issue which has come up recently (and resolved) has been the use of tongue during kissing also known as French kissing.  To tongue or not to tongue? 

I love French-kissing as long as it doesn't involve having a tongue jammed down your throat.  The object is not to test your gag reflex but to play "tag", touching the other guy's tongue briefly and then retreating and inviting him to respond in kind.  

I like to lightly sweep the tip of my tongue over the other guy's lower lip.   I also enjoy playing "capture" on a guy's tongue when it darts into your mouth, holding it there for a brief moment by lightly sucking on it.   Sweet!

I wonder what anyone else thinks about kissing?


  1. I think about kissing men a lot and think about it, as I believed we've discussed before, in very much the same terms as you. I do it a lot which is even better.

    As to men kissing in public here, it very much depends on where. Last summer Fritz and I were driving down the West Side of NYC to see a stunning gay-themed British import play called Cock. We stopped for a red light at 42nd Street and saw two young, very hot Hispanic boys on the curb with their arms around each other, talking and kissing. Real kissing, not a peck here and there. They were passed by throngs of people: nobody looked freaked or said anything, but there were one or two smiles. Elsewhere in the city, men holding hands or walking with their arms around each other's waist is very common. Same for Boston and San Francisco. Now these are all very liberal, cosmopolitan towns. Massachusetts may be the most liberal state in the U.S. or one of the three most liberal at least. I wouldn't expect to see any of what I've described in small town America.

    1. I'm sure we've discussed kissing before but my concern this time was the use of the tongue or not.

      I love hearing your great stories in your comments! Thank you!!

    2. Only just saw this. I agree with most everything I've read here. I've been kissing guys (and gals) for over sixty years and I still find it the best way to connect with someone.

      The very best kiss includes tongue, and invariably leads to arousal. So I limit the tongue to foreplay.

      Will, I live in the Northeast in a small city with a university and two colleges, and while it's less common to see than in NYC or Boston, it's not uncommon to see men of all ages kissing in public. Small town America may not be liberal but it can be very tolerant of differences.

  2. Can you really call it kissing if no tongue is involved? I'm not sure I'd know how. I have my own basic style (?) of kissing but the secret to being a great kisser (and I am often told I'm one of the best) is to take your style and adapt/blend with your partner and his style. When two talented kissers meet (and if you haven't kissed an Italian Man I feel so sorry for you) then you have real chemistry.

    I think most of the men who don't kiss are the one's who feel that it is more a sign of being gay then any other sex act. Gay for Pay? Convicts? They never kiss and neither do most men not ready to come out to them selves.

    1. I'm glad you said the first sentence; it's exactly how I feel and will provide me with a bargaining chip. If you're kissing without tongue, you might as well be kissing your grandmother!

      I love your comment about adapt/blend your kissing style with your partner's. Also, I really found interesting your comment about "in-denial" men refusing to kiss. Thanks for commenting!

  3. For me the tongue should definitely be involved, but it needs to be... organically involved? Hard to find the right word for it. As with you, kissing is the key to my boner, and the gateway to awesome sex. And tongue is a big part of it. But it must be easy, unobtrusive, natural, liquid-feeling. When a guy wiggles his tongue in my mouth rapidly, or sticks it out rigidly and unmovingly like a thumb, or pumps it in and out inelegantly, it completely ceases to be kissing and becomes I-don't-know-what. Vive la difference and everything, but that kind of thing totally ruins it for me personally. The best kissing is when you kinda can't even tell what your tongues are doing but you really freakin like it and want more. The kinds of things you describe are all things I do and have been done to me and they're awesome, but there are equally many things you can do with lips-- brushing them lightly, sucking them, even licking behind them. The variety of motions involved in kissing are key-- you should experience them all. But many guys out there are totally one-note with the tongue, and that's a huge turnoff.

    But good kissing? Mmmmmmaaaannnn. It's the best part of sex, better than the orgasm, better than everything, because can just go on and on. With a cute guy I can be happy just being up against him and making out and wanting him more and more.

    Pardon me while I adjust myself in my pants now.

  4. "I also enjoy playing 'capture' on a guy's tongue when it darts into your mouth, holding it there for a brief moment by lightly sucking on it." - mee too (on a guy, that is)! it seems to turn him on!

  5. I love kissing. I love being affectionate in general. Thanks for men kissing men link BTW. I have to saay the night my boyfriend and iwalked from my apartment to a restaurant holding hands and all was a thrill. Didn't care who saw us. Kissed in public as well. Felt so right

  6. I love kissing. I love being affectionate in general. Thanks for men kissing men link BTW. I have to saay the night my boyfriend and iwalked from my apartment to a restaurant holding hands and all was a thrill. Didn't care who saw us. Kissed in public as well. Felt so right

  7. kissing is more 'intimate' and tender, and more about 'the person'. Going right for sucking is more object related and less intimate, more about the organ than the man. So in a hookup without expectations of 'connecting' yes kissing is seen as too intimate or a waste of time.


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