Thursday, January 17, 2013

TMI Thursdays

We're having our first really chilly night (-26 C  ....  -15 F) but we still have virtually no snow.  So all the pics are of lovely men in winter.

My lawyer seems highly motivated to proceed quickly with the divorce filing.  I will sign the forms tomorrow and pay half of the flat-rate fee, around $850.   My wife is receiving a separate invoice for her share so I can't imagine her having the courage to tell the lawyer that she won't pay it. 

My coffee date tonight with my new Flirtatious Friend (mentioned in my last post) has turned into dinner at a restaurant.  It might be my first gay date!

Here are my answers to Sean of Just a Jeep Guy's TMI Thursday feature:


1.     You are sick with the flu?   Our ethnic group has a flu "cure" which my family uses for every flu we've ever had.   The method seems bizarre once it is put in writing.  Drink a jug or more of warmed, blueberry juice, home-made with our wild blueberries ..... domestic blueberries are rubbish!   This will induce vomiting (I am normally kneeling in front of the WC before I start).  Drink more blueberry juice. Vomit.  Repeat until you no longer feel like throwing up.

Retire to your bed under a pile of comforters and let the flu take it's course, drinking more blueberry juice as needed.   This might not change the course of the flu but it makes us feel infinitely better.

2.     You are in a bad mood?   I am rarely in a bad mood during which I behave badly towards others.   If I am feeling in "a mood," it just means that I'm tired and hungry.  I soak in the tub or have a sauna, eat some excellent food and go straight to bed or some other quiet location. 

3.     You are alone?  I'm rarely alone at this point in my life, so I savour my "alone" moments.  In the evening, I cuddle in bed with my little dog, watch a DVD or go online and eat delicious, usually spicy food.   During the day if I'm alone, I might go for a run or walk, hike in the wilderness, cycle, snowboard or paddle my kayak;  anything in the great outdoors.

4.      You are sad?    The fact that I don't see all of my kids, all the time sometimes makes me sad.   I deal with it in the same way as in #3, above.  But mainly, I try to make the most of the time when some of my kids are with me which is the majority of the time anyway.

5 & 7.    You are angry?   I never get angry;  not seriously, anyway.  At 19, I underwent treatment for a Clark's level 4, stage IV metastatic malignant melanoma which my doctor described as a 'massive involvement.'  In 1982, this was normally a fatal condition (it still is, in fact), but due to dumb luck, I survived.

If I feel myself getting angry, I deliberately think myself back to that bleak, hopeless year as a cancer patient.   That will usually put any anger situation into context instantly.  I go far beyond "Don't Sweat the Small Stuff."   Except for your health, I know that it is ALL small stuff.

I must admit, however, that my coming-out and divorce drama has been very difficult to keep in this perspective.

6.     Are you frustrated?   My fantastic colleagues at my school and I face significant challenges and frustrations every day.  Many of our students come from broken homes and have backgrounds of poverty, unemployment, learning problems, drug / alcohol use and neighbourhood crime.   So... we can find endless support and excellent advice instantly as work-related frustrations occur by talking to each other.  

I ease the frustrations of my divorce drama with my wife by blogging about it and by discussing them with my parents and one or two trusted colleagues, all of whom know my wife very well.
You are horny?   Wanking off to online pics of naked men used to do it for me.   But now I find it a poor substitute for being able to pleasure a responsive, naked man in my bed.  More on this later....


  1. at least the first guy has some fur to keep himself warm. the other are freezing their cocks off; talk about shrinkage!

    yep, as cancer survivors, we have been through hard times, so everything else is gravy. :)

    smooches, dear buddybear; keep warm!

    1. I wouldn't kick any of them out of bed, sweetie, but the first guy is my #1 favourite type of man. Cancer survivors rock!!

  2. I can't wait to hear all about your date!

  3. HOLY CRAP... I was never able to get beyond the fact that it was -15F. BRRR...

  4. Cubby: It went very well; fantastic, in fact! But I won`t be blogging about it (sorry!) as I think it could develop into something special. But as a compensation prize, maybe it`s time that I blogged about my Special Guy from last year.

    JF: Yes, a gay date! I enjoyed reading about your first gay date too! Very sweet!!

    BosGuy: Well, it`s not just the frigid temperatures, it`s the HOWLING wind that makes it seem at least twice as cold! But it won`t last long.... by mid-February these cold temperatures will be a thing of the past.

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