Thursday, January 3, 2013

Goals for 2013 (Part 1)

Me:  May 2012
Writing out last year's New Year's resolutions and posting them for everyone to see provided me with the incentive and courage to actually do them.  

A thoughtful and intelligent fellow blogger (and an excellent writer) Mind of Mine posted today about the benefits of publicly stating your goals.   "To gain leverage, it also involves telling people that I am doing it ...."

Most of this year's goals are the same as last years' but I'm also reflecting on my progress made.

1.   Maintain my health and fitness goals.    In the past month or two, I've lost about nine pounds of the 20+ pounds I gained during the last three, tumultous years.  I did this by carefully watching what I eat (low carb, low fat and heavy on the veggies) although I seriously fell off that wagon during the Christmas break.

As a former marathon runner, I stopped running due to my spinal degradation problem, which I'm managing very well with excellent posture, a monthly massage and biweekly visits to Hottie Physiotherapist

But it has been hard for me to find another cardivascular activity which I like.  Lane swimming is boring as hell and I only did it a couple of times last year.  But because the pool is on our local university campus, there are compensations. .... all those lovely, naked university men flopping around in the 60s open-concept change and shower rooms.  Hmmm ... I give swimming a second chance.

I have gently eased back into a "blended" regimen of running 100 meters or so alternating with walking 100 m.  This is done every second day to allow recovery time for my joints.   If my spine likes it, I will gradually increase the distance travelled by about 10% a week and hope to run in a 5 K race or even a half-marathon.  That is how I got into running marathons in the first place.

2.   Erotic Photo Shoot.   I love taking nekkid pics of myself but using a self-timer is pretty pathetic.  I am planning a session with a professional photographer (a gay man) who specializes in taking sexy, erotic photographs of naked or nearly-naked men, particularly older ones.   It ain't cheap, but it will be a present to myself when my divorce is finalized.  The shoot probably won't happen until the spring or summer. 

3. Continue to push ahead with our divorce.    My wife and I have come a very, very long way in reaching a fairly amicable relationship and a decent financial agreement which didn't bankrupt us.  We work well together in our parenting responsibilities although we do have our ups and downs.  We are at our best texting and emailing but the raw emotions, the hurt and bitterness still felt by my wife come flooding to the surface every time she sees me face-to-face. 

My lawyer and I will be signing the divorce agreement next week (my wife's already signed it.)  Then we will immediately file for a joint, uncontested divorce which might take one to three months to be completed.

Part II of my 2013 resolutions to be continued in the next post which will include my sexual, relationship and coming-out goals:


  1. I suspect that when the erotic shoot happens we won't see the results here, at least not until they've been "beheaded" if at all. But it's nice that you have the confidence in your looks that so many of us have. And good luck with the other resolutions -- admirable goals all!

  2. Oh, thanks for the shout out.

    Would you publish the erotic photoshoot on here?

  3. Will and Ian: I would not post any face shots of me at any point and full-frontal cock shots are a bit unlikely as well.

    But this photographer also takes erotic, very sexually-charged pics of men in a wide variety of poses, such as ones where the subjects are partially clothed, "peek" shots, wearing masks, fully-naked rear views and in partial shadows. I'm sure there are would be number of pictures of me which I would be happy to post here.

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  5. Seriously late, but I'm glad to see your goals posted. I never thought about how boring lane swimming must be. I thought walking on a treadmill was boring, but at least with that I can listen to music or watch TV.


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