Tuesday, January 15, 2013

freeballing + spandex bulges + wrestler bulges

Just for fun, I've created a post which I hope will get the maximum possible number of pageviews.  I'm doing this by combining the top google search terms which bring guys to my blog.  These are the top three posts in the two years of my blog:

Freeballing            17,380 views
Spandex Bulges    14,039
Wrestler Bulges    11,013

In other news:
  1. I haven't heard from my wife since our 'joint' versus 'solo' divorce-filing drama which I mentioned in my last post.  My view is that no news is good news .... wishful thinking maybe.
  2. My eldest daughter (who just acquired a used car) told me that she will be spending alternate weeks with me and then with my wife.   She told me she missed spending time with me .... a very sweet thing to say!  Before she got her car, our driving schedule was a problem.  
  3. I reflected yet again how lucky I am to have the support of my children.   But I also had to cancel Whimpering Hottie who is anxious for some more quality time with me between the sheets. No regrets, because I am confident that he will wait for me.  And if he doesn't, there seems to be a never-ending supply of young men to share my bed. 
  4.  On Thursday, I have a date with my Flirtatious Friend, probably just for coffee.  I'm looking forward to meeting him 'in the flesh' because we've been chatting on pof.com for many months and he seems like a nice guy.
Now, on to the freeballing boys and bulging wrestlers! Any favourites?









  1. Gentlemen #1 & 2. Both are quite beautifully put together, hunky guys and it doesn't take too much investigation to see that both are well equipped and actually ready, in #1's case, for some enjoyable action.

    Oh, and thank you for giving me some lovely first images of the day.

  2. #8. Really? A few fingers in your opponents asshole is really a legitimate wrestling move?

    1. It's a move which works best on wrestlers who are bottoms..... just kidding. LOL.

      It's apparently legal but there is much controversy about it. There have been numerous court cases in which a high school wrestler has been charged with sexual battery or even rape for using the "butt drag." It's a move in which a wrestler grabs a rival's butt cheek and puts fingers in the anus to get leverage

  3. Buddy Bear, wrestler bulges everytime, #4 for starters! ;P

  4. See, I don't known about the states but Freeballing, over here, is the exchange of cum from one mouth to another.

    1. I'm no expert but I think what you describe would be called "cum swapping" in the USA and Canada. Freeballing (or "going commando" for the politically correct) just means that you are not wearing underwear under your regular street clothing.

    2. I'm not so sure how "going commando" is politically correct. Everybody knows what it means. Or is it just that the word ball isn't involved?

    3. Yes, it is a gentler reference because it doesn't use the word "ball".... at least, that was the consensus during a staffroom discussion about it recently. You see, I was "going commando" as I often do at school and the rear seam of my jeans developed a split. I spent the day with a fleece jacket tied around my waist.

  5. #3 is a cutie; but he needs more chest hair. s'ok, cum to mama!

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