Saturday, February 2, 2013

Dogably Pawfect Saturday

Sean of of Just a Jeep Guy has a regular feature called Dogably Pawfect Saturday.    Here are some lovely pics of boys with beards with dogs.

I've done a fair bit of sweet cuddling recently but I can't help feeling envious of the adorable little dogs in these pictures.   I just love being close to a man;  hunky or otherwise.

There's not much to report at the moment!

1. In another two weeks or so, my wife will be served the divorce papers. The expectation is that she will sign them and pay the $850 lawyer's fee. But given her history of reneging on practically every agreement we had, I will feel extremely tense about it until the deed is done.

2.  It's been over a month with virtually no communication between me and my wife except for some fairly bitchy texts and e-mails. (from her, of course)

Then my wife phoned last night sounding warm, friendly and smiling.   Dr. Jekyll and Ms. Hyde again!  In fact, she phoned to find out what gossip I knew about a local sex scandal in our school division involving a former colleague, a 30 year-old female high school teacher (married with two children), and a male student.  Quel scandale!!   In my experience, everything goes much smoother when my wife is happy.

3.  In the last week, I've declined offers from about half-a-dozen guys on    Right now, I don't have the time, energy or more importantly, the desire, to hook up with stranger.  But I don't want to be rude or hurtful in rejecting the guys, so I tell them, "I'm seeing someone." .... although I'm not sure that's the correct way to describe my situation.

4.  Our new semester starts next week and it's been an insanely busy week.... marking dozens of exams, preparing report cards and preparing for a new slate of classes. 

But I'm very excited about my new classes which all look excellent!  It will be a badly-needed fresh start after a fairly challenging semester with my all-boys, remedial level grade 9 class, my prostate scare and my on-going divorce negotiations.  


  1. You can tell us, we promise not to tell anyone. Is she sleeping with him? What his look like? Don't leave anything out!

    1. We do know that the police came to the high school and took the teacher away. I understand that sex was involved but we don't know any more details.

      There's no further information about the male student other than he was in grade 12. This means that he was most likely 17 years old. Here, the age of consent is usually 16 but is 18 when the offender is in a "position of authority" such as a teacher. So, this young woman is in deep do-do.

      In fact, the teachers' union president came to our school (which was not where the teacher worked) to warn us about gossiping about a fellow union member. But in this small town, all the facts will emerge eventually.

      Both my wife and I know the accused fairly well because she was a colleague at each of our schools and she had been my grade 11 student about twelve years ago. We both disliked this young teacher very much because she was arrogant and confrontational with colleagues and students alike.

    2. I bet the 17 year old is a big hero among a certain circle for having nailed Ms. X. Something similar happened as a school my daughters went to and the young man was considered stud of the walk.

    3. I agree! It is every young man`s fantasy, sort of a `Mrs. Robinson` situation. It`s hard to see a young man like this as a victim of a sexual assault, given his active role during the encounter.

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