Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Wrestlers groping

I find these pictures of wrestlers groping each other just amazing.    Do these straight guys ever stop to think that they`re feeling up their opponent`s manly bits? Is there any pleasure or pain involved?

They remind me of myself .... well, except for the muscles, the aggression, the manly physiques and the skin-tight singlets accentuating their amazing packages.    I mean, I never turn down an opportunity for some "hand-on-package" action.

When I see men in public, I have an irresistible urge to fondle their bulges especially if they`re hot.  But of course, I restrain myself.... it's a forbidden pleasure.

I only get to indulge when I`m making out with a hot guy.  Even during a simple kissing session, my hand travels south involuntarily as though it has a mind of it`s own.

When I'm driving in my car with a guy I've picked up, I invariably will place my hand on his inner thigh with my fingers curling down towards his package.  When making out, it`s almost a compulsion for my hand to travel up his inner thigh to cup  his package. Then I reach deep down between his legs to caress his ass crack.  The funny thing is, I`ve never had a guy ask me to stop doing this, even the "straight" married guys. 

It`s the masculine straight guys who seem to like the ass fondling best of all and will often lift their hips to provide easier access or ask me to step it up notch and insert a finger.   It's this desire for ass play which leads me to question how straight they really are.


  1. The straight, married guys will never stop you from grabbing the ass and poking around a little bit - because their wives refuse to do it. And, as Men's Health magazine reported about 15 years ago, straight men are beginning to discover what gays have known all along: The prostate is the male g-spot.

  2. The thing is, for straight guys, especially in competitive sports, there is no sinister motive, its all about the win.

  3. Wrestling was originally done in the nude, and the positions and hands were like a soft porn job. I hear tell the ogling was part of the show. jolly good fun.
    Now, speed up to modern times. The absolute adament denial there is anything 'gay' about wrestling is so loud it is the classic 'the lady doth protest too much'. To question this evokes such ire.


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