Thursday, September 1, 2011

Nipple Action

I am over 2000 miles from home (3300 km for the non-Americans among you.) and will probably not have access to a computer for six days ....  at least, not a computer on which I could look at gay porn sites.  A timer was used to post this page and the following two posts.

My daughter and I will assist my mother-in-law after some routine surgery. I will also help my daughter to set up the house she rented in her university town .(hottie frat boys everywhere!  Woot!!)   I love to travel and am very excited about this simple little trip with my daughter!   Also it will be fantastic to get away from all the hard work and the stressful negotiations with my wife.

It's a bonus, as well, to visit with my sweet mother-in-law.  She has been most consistent supporter in the past twenty years, despite the fact that I ruined her daughter's life by admitting that I was gay, twenty years into our marriage.

Since I will be with my daughter or mother-in-law most of the time, I don't think I'll be able to have any sexytime with some hot guy during this trip as I did last month... darn!   I won't rule out that possibility entirely but it's highly unlikely that anything will... ahem... arise.

Much gay porn shows one guy sucking another guy's nipples.  The "suckee" is invariable shown with his head back in the throes of exstacy.

I don't get it.
Hottie frat boy seems underwhelmed by this nipple play.

Hottie Nurse spend considerable time sucking my nips and I didn't feel a thing.  Maybe I was standing behind the door when "male erogenous zone:  nipples" were being handed out.

During years of breast-feeding, my wife's nipples had been chewed on, bitten till they bled, cracked, stretched out and infected countless times.  At the end, she declared, "My nipples are no longer sex objects... I think they're dead!!"   (Sadly, as an in-denial gay guy, I never thought of them as sex objects at any point in our marriage either.)

I think her statement applies to my nipples as well.  Any experiences on "nipples as a male erogenous zone" that you'd like to share?


  1. I like my nips played with. They have a direct connection to my neck and privates.
    In particular, pinching and pulling (gently thank you very much) while you are kissing the nape of my neck from behind or licking my nips (hard tongue flicks work best please) while stroking my shaft with your hand at the same time.

    I'm getting all hot and bothered just thinking about it.

    No nipple clips or chains though.

    BTW, Sorry to hear that your nips are "dead" :-(

  2. My nips were "late bloomers". They seem to have come out about the same time I did.

    There is a direct connection from them to to the base of my balls... I love the sensation, but I too do not enjoy "unnecessary roughness"...

  3. My nipples are hot wired to my dick. Apparently, not everyone shares this. I've discovered that not all guys have sensitive nipples. I like mine played with and since I do, I definitely like to play with other guys nipples, whether they like it or not. A guys nipples in general just excites me.

  4. I enjoy gentle attention to my nips ( no pain or torture) and I love other men's nipples. I get off on sucking and licking and tweaking other men's nips as much as I like having it done to mine. Even if you have no sensation, I'd still like to lick and suck yours, as long as it doesn't hurt or bother you, because I find men's nipples sexy and erotic, even if they don't.

  5. I think it's an accuired feeling. The first time a guy did it to me, I was like "ouch that hurts" but I can see where that pain can get resided in your head to be directed to your sex drive. Some guys have it better from the start and others like me can see that someday itau feel like that.

  6. I love nipple play. Totally makes me go wild. A little bitting doesn't hurt either... not the torture type but the sweet playful bite. Turns me on everytime!

    BTW... is the last picture yours??

  7. Thanks for all the great comments, guys... what a wealth of "nipple experience!!" I think that my problem was that I was with someone so inexperienced ... I need a nipple expert for a better experience. Any volunteers!

    Yes, the last picture is me. It was meant to be a joke... me stimulating my nipples and showing an "O-face."

  8. Nick: Wow, your first comment here! It's a thrill to have such a sweet, sexy young man visitng my blog. Thanks for the "hot wired to my dick" comment... hot, hot hot!

    I wonder if that this "hot wiring" is something that can be acquired later in life? Sadly, probably not!

  9. anne marie in phillySeptember 1, 2011 at 4:13 PM

    me want the guy in the last pix (yes, I KNOW it's you, buddybear) to pull those pants down! me wanna see allllllllllll the fur...

    speaking as a woman, I love having my nips sucked!

  10. Its definitely an erogenous zone for me, but I'm far more sensitive in other areas. I've been with guys who absolutely lose it so there is clearly differing degrees of satisfaction. My partner gets no satisfaction so I don't even look at them when we're together.

    If you are really intrigued, I've been told sensitivity increases dramatically if you pierce them. However, I prefer to have guys focus on other bits than pierce my nips.


  11. Welcome to my world BuddyBear - My nips are not connected to anything remotely erogenous at all. My neck however.....

  12. My nipples are off limits to any biting or sucking since the one time after which they hurt and were sensitive for about 2 days. I also don't like my nipples because in my opinion they are too big and show through my shirts like I'm always excited. Undershirts help a little but I think I need a male bra to smooth them out under my shirts. My eyes are up here, man.

    Love that last picture.

  13. jolly good fun, tweeting the nipples !

  14. I know a lot of guys who say their nips are 'hard wired' to their cocks, including my husband. Mine however are not. They're just the opposite. My brain interprets any touching on my nips as pain.

    My hubby likes me to chew on his. Well, demands is the more appropriate word. And it's really hard for me to do it because if anyone did that to me I would instinctively and automatically kill them. I can't comprehend how he can like it.

  15. mine have a direct link to below. hwoever I never noticed til college when I heard or saw something going on there on a guy, so I started messing with my nips while messing with myself. sure enough. had an impact. :)
    good luck with all the housing stuff btw.

  16. Hey Dan, Is this you first comment here? Thank you! It is amazing how different we all are regarding our nips. Maybe I haven't given mine a good enough road test yet.

    I've been meaning to e-mail to introduce myself properly. Soon!

  17. Hello everyone can you help me find a gay website for Nipple action? please share here. I used to be a member in chestmanintenational dot com but they dont have enough nipple action . its only solo/posing. Why cant have a nipple action video for gays??

  18. and who is your favorite Porn Actor who has the meatest / biggest nipples?

    Marcelo Lars
    Patrick Dunne
    Zandro Cruz
    Brendan Cage
    Harvey Everett

  19. I like that candid photo...As my nipples. There Like my penis.... They grow hard too.....


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