Thursday, September 15, 2011


It's been difficult making progress on preparing my house for sale.  Both our jobs are extremely demanding.  My wife's job in particular is extremely stressful.  Also, the kids' activities such as band, football and helping with homework are in full swing.   I've been on the go from about 6:00 am to midnight, seven days a week.

Since our new homes are somewhat smaller, we've sold many items, donated some to charity and thrown out much junk.  Our motto, "When in doubt, throw it out!"

To declutter our house for showing, I've stored most of my stuff at my parents' and elsewhere.   On the positive side, we;ve had extremely few conflicts about who gets what as we divide up our possessions.

The house is beginning to look great!  We still hope to begin showing it in a couple of weeks. However, we are finding it difficult to find reliable "paid help" who will show up when they're supposed to and who will do an acceptable-quality job.
A few weeks ago, I enabled "Let search engines find your blog?" for the first time.  It has been fun seeing some of the bizarre Google searches which bring readers to this blog.   To my surprise, the biggest number of hits came from the word "freeballing" and variations such as: 
  • men's short shorts freeballing.
  • college jocks freeball
  • freeballing men
  • freeballing in tight pants.
  • men caught freeballing.
  • guy freeball.
  • military prep school freeballing
  • freeballing frat boys
I apologize for these twink pics.   It's been impossible to
find freeballing pictures of hairy, mature men.
I haven't mentioned freeballing too many times, have I?   In real life, I do keep a sharp lookout for freeballing men in track pants, fleece shorts and unlined nylon shorts. It doesn't matter if it's a big cock, slowly swinging back and forth, a smaller one jiggling quickly or, rarer still, a "pointer", a cock that is sticking straight out. I love looking at them all!

To keep everyone happy, here are some more pictures of beautiful freeballing men, and a few twinkish boys. 


  1. The pic of the guy in the white shorts is wonderful :-)

  2. Some of us like twinks. So, no harm done for me :)

  3. I'll take em all. Please tell me the one in the white shorts is you. I also thought twinks had concave chests, no body fat and little musculature. These guys would be classified as gym rats in my opinion, especially the first one. Love the VPL. Thanks.

  4. Cubby: That was the first "cock shot" I ever posted on this blog (and you know that it isn't me), so I was hesitant. I'm glad you like it.

    Mack: I'm conflicted because I would really like to be in a relationship (and eventually marriage) with a guy my age, exactly the same age if possible. But the more I see of the sexy young men who are around me every day, the more I would like to have sex with them.

    Bartlebi: No, the white shorts guy isn't me; I'd never post a revealing self-pic like that! I think I'd look pretty much like that guy however, except hairier.

    The first guy is no twink, I agree. I'm rather fuzzy on these divisions: twink, cub, otter, bear ..... the honest truth is, I wouldn't kick any of them out of my bed.

  5. anne marie in phillySeptember 15, 2011 at 8:45 PM

    #2 & my bed...RIGHT NOW!

  6. I like 'em all but I REALLY REALLY hope the twink in pic #2 is interested in a long-term relationship with a middle-aged man with children.

  7. I suspect you will some day, hopefully soon, have a lovely encounter with a sweet young man. The wise ones who value the wisdom, caring and experience of mature men are out there.

    Best of luck with selling the house, but for the moment it sounds as if you're doing the winnowing-out process and the decision-making very well.

  8. Love the Pics.... And I love Twinks as well...

  9. Yeah, what Mack said. Some of us like twinks! ciel

  10. The guy at the soccer field is gorgeous. I don't normally like the young, thin jock look but his chest hair is inviting. He'll be a real fox around 45!

  11. if i was in the area i am sure i would be able to lend a hand to you in your moving and stuff. great blog.

  12. Thanks! Well, I wouldn't say "no" to a handsome young guy like you, but you seem to live in Australia! :-(

  13. Free balling... I find it comfortable....However watch other guys... It can arouse my penis too...


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