Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Our bumpy conversation last week "cleared the air" quite a bit and we were able to come to an agreement about just about every aspect of our separation / divorce.  My wife made several (financial) concessions which surprised me.  Of course, there will be a few more hiccups as we proceed, but I know these will be overcome.

Recently, we have been able to speak to each other with an honesty which we never were able to achieve during our marriage.  We are all working very hard in preparing our house for sale;  it's to be listed in two weeks.  It won't be quite ready to show, but we are all anxious to settle into our new homes.


For today's eye-candy, the theme is "jockstraps", the sexiest underwear of all.   Nothing makes me feel sexier than wearing a jockstrap;  I love the way the pouch supports my equipment and the feeling of the straps curving around each buttock.

I've posted several pics of me wearing a jockstrap: a front view in my white Bike jockstrap in the shower.  The rear view, above, was taken at the same time.   Here are both the rear view and front view of my black jockstrap, all previously posted.  

These sexy guys are wearing the same "BIKE" jockstraps as mine. 
They are just oozing sex!   Doesn't the black jocksktrapped guy remind you of Sean?

Here's a young 'un wearing the same white BIKE jockstrap.  Hot!!

Sadly, I understand (from my football-playing son) that today's young men have completely abandoned jockstraps for sport.  They all wear UnderArmor compression shorts instead.


  1. I never understood the attraction to a jock strap. I got my first one in Jr. High. Mom bought it for me. It was a small.

    That didn't bother me, all of my clothes were a size "small". I must have looked like a pale red-haired stick in that jock strap. I found it soooo embarrassing.

    I didn't yet understand that my small package might be something to be embarrassed about. It was my ass hanging out for all to see that really caused my trepidation.

    Since Jr. High I've always been "not-interested" in jock straps. I was so happy when our Jr. High coach gave us the "talk" the first week, about the importance of taking home and laundering our gym clothes every week, showering after P.E. so we wouldn't stink, and the importance of wearing supportive underwear like tighty-whiteys OR a jock strap.

    It was then I only wore tighty-whiteys to P.E. and I'm not sure where the jock strap ended up, but I've NOT worn one since.

  2. I agree with you Buddy. The bald guy on the right does ooze sexy. Being bald and a bit hairy myself, I have become partial to the the look.

  3. I love the post and I love that ass of yours. Coincidentally, two new pairs of jockstraps just arrived for me and I had to try them on. I went with 2Xist and Andrew Christian and debated about the BIKE 2 pack (I could have bought 2 2-packs of BIKE for the price of one of the other ones). After all, I wear the jock not for sport but for fashion as most gay guys probably do. Next time. I have to admit that I popped an instant boner before I even put them on, making it hard to

    I also believe that jockstraps were invented by a gay coach or gym teacher so he can look at hot muscular asses all day. What's the intended function of the straps when tighty whiteys will be just as effective in holding the cup in front or preventing your bits from jiggling around too much?

    In any case, I'll take all of the above, with the jockstraps on, of course. For easy access. Bald with scruff is hotter than bald and clean-shaven beard for some reason. I know it's blasphemous for you, Buddy, but if either one trimmed the body hair just a little (not completely shaved)...excuse me, it just got too hot and my bare ass is sweating on my chair (I still have one of the jockstraps on and should really go wash them before wearing).

  4. I have never found Jock Straps attractive. The picture of the last guy is really hot. But it is not the strap that is drawing me too him.

  5. anne marie in phillySeptember 13, 2011 at 2:32 PM

    lawd almighty, that first pix...hot, wet, nekkid...(makes me wanna holla!).

  6. I thought the same thing . . . that looks like Sean!!! And then I read your comment about him too!

  7. Thanks for commenting, everyone!

    Jack: The gay police are going to swoop down on you and take away your gay card. (kidding) Too bad your early jockstrap experience was so negative... I just love how they feel worn under dress pants or jeans.

    Nick: Thank you! **blush** It's not something I'm used to, getting compliments from a sexy young man like you.

    Mind of Mind: yes, that young guy is hot with or without the strap ... quite a bit too young for me, but if he was willing, I certainly wouldn't kick him out of my bed.

  8. Bartlebi: Thanks for the compliment; it means a lot coming from a smokin' hot guy like you. I know you will look fantastic in the Andrew Christian strap ... they are the sexiest things out there. The BIKE ones are a bit more 'plain Jane'... I got mine for $1:00 each at a discount store.

    Yes, I think jockstraps will always be the most popular with gay men. The big advantage of the straps, however, is they never give you a wedgie.

    I think they two guys in the pic have the perfect amount of body hair. I agree that some guys' rampant chest hair does benefit from a little trimming.

    The thought of you wearing your new jockstrap with a boner, bare ass sweating on your chair is insanely hot! Are you being flirtatious? Trying to drive us older gays guys insane with desire? Right now, I am hard and aching just thinking about it.

  9. My friend, you have a beautifully bodacious butt!

    But you need to burn that shirt!!!!

  10. WranglerMan: Thank you! "Burn the shirt?!!?" Wash your mouth out with soap, young man! It is a beautiful home-sewn garment with a "shirt of shirts" pattern. Read about the history of the Spo-shirt here. It has cross-crossed North America many times and has been worn by over twenty fans.

  11. Your ass just does not quit!!
    Woof! Woof! Woof!!!

  12. P.S. I hope it doesn't bother you that I'm publicly oogling you. If you want me to stop, you'll have to come here and make me ;-)

  13. You wish that I'll make you, Cubby!

  14. I don't care how many times the shirt has criss-crossed the country!

    Burn it!

  15. Grandpa Bear just looked in to say hello and let you know that you are being thought about.
    Life should be exciting for you just now, please make sure that you enjoy every moment
    There are obviously quite a number of us wishing you well and sending our love to you.

  16. Both your front and back view look pretty damn good!


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