Friday, September 9, 2011


After much discussion, we agreed upon a fair price for our country house;  I would pay half of its value to my wife and get sole ownership.  My task was to put this agreement down in writing.

A few hours later, my wife says, "Oh, and you have to pay the $40,000 down payment I made on my house."   What!  Excuse me????  Where in the  f*ck did that come from?  The law says "equal division of assets!!"

I'm sure we will work this out, but it will mean another big discussion today.   I will be insisting on a lawyer-mediated agreement before we proceed any further with our house sale.   I'm am so f*cking sick of  reaching an agreement only to have it scuttled by confusion, forgetfulness, anger or these proposed side deals.


Most of these great pics came from my favourite NSFW blog, Hot as Fuck. The first pic is amazing!  I love those beefy, furry thighs, his big balls, the open-crotched pose and the fact that he seems to be actually asleep and is not a posed picture.

I think these "partial reveal" shots are the sexiest of all.   At the risk of  sounding like a perv  (perhaps, that's because I may be one), I'm always on the lookout for accidental peeks up the leg of a guy's shorts.  With today's longer shorts, these sightings are pretty rare.

I'm often rewarded with a glimpse of boxer briefs or boxers, at the most,  but cock or balls are rarely never visible. Even if I don't see anything, there is always the exciting possibility that I could see something.   Bring back those 80s short shorts!. .


Great Lakes Guy


  1. Oops, I just caught myself leaning forward to lick that last guy's balls.

    The phrase "give an inch, take a mile" came to mind when I read about Mrs. Buddy demanding downpayment money. How you can remain so calm and not flip out, I don't know. My temper would have gotten the best of me.

    Uh oh, I can't stop looking at the guy with the balls. You don't suppose he'd mind a little Cubby Kiss, do you? Please send him to my house.

  2. I love the accidental shows as well... much hotter than the full reveal... also when a guys shoe is dangling from his foot... that's hot!

  3. yee haw! more almost nekkid manflesh! between you and d@vid's blog post...

    I think I will be having some sweet dreams tonight!

  4. I think the middle guy is you....yes???

  5. Cubby: I do flip out but only when I'm alone in the car, driving down the highway. We've talked amicably today and likely will resolve this latest hiccup tomorrow. We do need to see a lawyer, soon, as we have prospective buyers pushing to see the house...

    Thank you, D@vid and anne marie, for visiting: my favourite philly friends.

    Anonymous: NO, it's not me although I do resemble that guy somewhat. Sorry, I don't think I will ever post a pic of my cock on this blog. I have my limits, you know!

  6. Good luck with getting this done. When it is all finished celebrate with some hot guy and remember that though difficult, it has been worth it. Then remember to remind me of those words when I reach same point.

    Oh and limits have been known to change. Think of things you have done recently compared to limits of 10 years ago.

  7. I could tell you stories of working in a major retail store in the men's shoe department and guys wearing baggy shorts with boxers. I got several sneak peeks! I miss that job....

  8. Jim, thanks for sharing that! Who knew? That sounds like a gay guy's dream job. Too funny!


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