Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Out at work?


I  couldn't complete in our local triathlon last month due to my spinal problem.   As a consolation prize, here are some pics of some lovely young men with wet spandex clinging to their bulges, thighs and asses.

Two days ago, I posted about running into Mary, a work colleague at another division.  At 40, Mary came out to her husband and two kids.  When I told her that I was gay, Mary admitted that she already knew.   This was a shock because she is the first outsider who knows I'm gay. 

I'm fairly sure that my wife wouldn't tell just anyone that I'm gay.  She asked my permission to tell three of her closest friends;  she just needed to talk about it with someone!   I suspect that Mary is friends with one of my wife's best friend, so maybe that's how she found out.

My wife is worried about our 14 year old son being teased about having a gay father.  I'm not at all worried as I'm fairly sure it won't happen.  If it does, he not the sort of kid to be bothered by it.  But since I haven't directly asked my son his views on this (not wanting to rock the boat), I agreed to be discrete for now.   As we are in the middle of our divorce negotiations, I need to keep the peace.  I don't expect this "being partly in the closet" situation will last for long.

Cubby asked:  "I wonder, does everyone at your workplace know you're gay yet? I suspect the younger folks there don't give two shakes about it. I'm curious about the ones your age and older. "

I'm quiet sure that no one in my workplace yet knows I'm gay.  However, I have enough "gay" mannerisms that I'm sure that some of my closest colleagues won't be completely surprised when I do come out.

I am anxious to be completely out in all aspects of my life, especially at work.  I want to shout it from the rooftops!  I know that I would be a positive role model for all sorts of LGBT folk in my workplace, in the community and especially among the young clients we work with.

In my workplace, the majority retire at the age of 55 - 58.   There are mainly young 'uns working here including several who are out.   In fact, of the 90 people working at my division, there are only about five people who are older than me;  I'm one of the old farts!

I do not have the slightest concern about being out at work;  not one.  It will be the greatest fun sharing that big part of my life.  There will be no repercussions from anyone.  I know that my closest colleagues, regardless of age, will be happy for me and supportive, or at least neutral on the subject.

Generally, Canadian society is very positive about LGBT folks, I think.  In our line of work, my employer is the leader in our province in being proactive on the fair treatment on LGBT staff and clients.  In fact, I (arguably) believe that my employer ranks in the top two in all of Canada on its LGBT initiatives.   I'm very lucky!
This boy is barely legal, but this pic is a lovely example of wet spandex.


  1. Dang. I'm not a spandex fan normally, but your eye for hot photos has me rethinking it! The dude in the red in the first photo has an amazing butt, eh? Gee Whiz Wally.

  2. This is really far too tantalising and they really ought to do something about it - like making see-through spandex!

  3. anne marie in phillySeptember 20, 2011 at 5:18 PM

    suh-WEET! wonder what YOU would look like in one of those outfits? luscious, probably!

  4. Hi Jack: that is one bodacious bubble butt, isn't it? (see, you're not the only one who can do alliteration.) It couldn't just be his triathlon training which gives that slim, young man that magnificent ass .... it must partially come from his genetic heritage.

    Raybeard: As you know, there are many sites featuring those things. I find this sort of spandex way sexier.... just a hint of what's underneath.

    anne marie: Thank you! I look fairly good in spandex shorts or tights, more so from the rear view. I wear spandex only when I'm actually doing the sport which calls for it. As well, it is always worn with a looser top to conceal my ever-thickening waistline... an important point for a middle-aged man.

  5. I love looking at wing wongs ;-)

    Thanks for answering my question, Buddy. You're the best.

  6. Buddy, I was concerned about my sons at school as well so for the longest time, I remained discrete in our small community. I didn't know if my kids were ready to "come out as the sons of a fag". Now that the two oldest have graduated, I'm out in town too. My youngest son doesn't give two hoots as to what others say so I'm no longer worried about it on his behafl.

    As for work, I am completely out now. Let me tell you, it is soooo much easier to be out than living a double life!! I love it. I have personally revealed my sexuality to my closest colleagues, others are Facebook friends and can see who I'm in a relationship with. I now "boldly" bring Bill to work functions as my partner. No one seems to give a damn. And, to top it all off, I can openly discuss hotness of men with the girls! Life is awesome on the outside of the closet!


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