Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Bought a house ....

Things are moving along quickly here... my wife was finally successful in buying a beautiful, medium-sized home in a safe neighbourhood.  My town routinely makes the "Top Five" list for violent crimes in Canada although the robberies and assaults are done using knives, not handguns. There are plenty of areas in town where I wouldn't feel safe.

Due to our overheated real estate market, my wife had to make an offer about 10% higher than the asking price.  We think she clinched the deal by also offering the sellers an unspecified closing date since they are still looking for a house to purchase.  This gives us a little extra time to prepare one of our homes for sale.

The sale of one of our homes will  clear all our debt  with cash to spare.  I will then get a bit of a mortgage to pay my wife half the value of our second home and assume sole ownership. At this point, the division of our assets will be essentially complete.

We  probably will sell our big house in town and I will assume ownership of the our country house (it's a waterfront property), about six miles out of town. The house is very nice but needs much TLC ... but the coastline is absolutely spectacular!! We've had some very tough conversations about the price but seem to have hammered out a tentative deal.  We must put in writing, however and soon!

Now... the task is to finish packing up our big house, trying to finish countless undone projects, hiring outside labourers and "staging" it for sale. An impossible task to accomplish in four weeks, but we both are working extremely hard at it.

It's the first time in years that we've worked so cooperatively together. My wife's aggressiveness is being channeled towards something positive instead of just using it to criticize me....  a nice change.
This guy is doing some work around our house.  Poor guy...
his ass is so big that he can't find shorts big enough to fit.


  1. anne marie in phillySeptember 7, 2011 at 4:26 AM

    those guys can cum work at my house, then they can work me over!

    the guy in the last pix better watch the nails on his twig n berries!

  2. It's fantastic that you blog and can show everyone how relatively peacefully a split can be accomplished. I'm glad things are going so well for him.

    I feel bad for the guy in the last picture. It looks like he's fallen and needs some help getting up. Hopefully he is exactly the kind of laborer who will be working at your place.

  3. Will it be hard to sell the house now that autumn will have settled in and winter comming way faster than we want?
    Wish you the best anyway!

    Oh! and about that third guy, you could bounce a nail on those cheeks!!! ;)

  4. Things are coming along nicely, I'm glad to see. Are you planning a big blogger gathering up at your lake house for next summer? If not, why not?

    Oh wait, maybe you should have one in February. We can play winter games outdoors all day then dry off in front of the fire on your bear rug. Oh geez, I feel a fantasy coming on...

  5. We're aiming to list the house by the end of September... it would be impossible to be ready before then. The housing market here is still booming and everyone thinks it should still be okay in October and into November. We hope!! Also, I won't agree to sell anything until we get our agreement in writing.

    Cubby: I'd love to host a blogger gathering but it would be a very long trip indeed for everyone. I'd be happy even if you and Greg were be the only ones who could attend.

    While none of our paid help looks like guy #3, they all are attractive in their own way. Our helpers are more on the bear-ish side.

  6. hohoho
    these construction workers must be Canadians for I never see such around the States.


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